Dental Health and Diabetes: Taking Care of Your Teeth and Gums

Everyone wants a winning smile but nobody likes the sound of a dentist’s drill. If you have Type 1 diabetes, however, research shows that you may be more predisposed to certain types of gum and teeth disease.

Understanding the Honeymoon Phase in Type 1 Diabetes

The Honeymoon Phase, or “Honeymoon Period,” which can last for as long as a year, occurs when the body makes a partial recovery from its autoimmune attack.

DYF Takes Mount Whitney — The Tallest Peak in USA

This eclectic group of trip leaders would lead nine teens to the top of Mt. Whitney. Regardless of backpacking experience, the trip was a chance for us to inspire teens in the toughest stages of diabetes management. By taking diabetes to the backcountry and helping them reach the summit, we shared hope that they would never view diabetes as a hindrance in achieving their goals.

My Drug Overdose and Shocking Diagnosis

My friend was panicked as she thought I drank too much, but there were two problems working against me that night: 1) I was having a drug overdose and 2) I was an undiagnosed Type 1 diabetic.

Dancing in the Macy’s Day Parade

Herald Square was not meant to be a stage. It felt strange; instead of being surrounded by spotlights and curtains, I was standing in the middle of New York City, in nothing but a dance costume.

Advice for T1D Beginners from an Endocrinologist + Patient

My journey with Type 1 diabetes, both as a patient and as an endocrinologist, has helped me to develop some advice for newly diagnosed type 1s to thrive in their first 30 days as members of the diabetes family

A Dad’s Letter to Type One

Dear Type One Diabetes: You came into our life quickly and unexpectedly a few years ago ...


One of the many challenges of type 1 diabetes is that its effects can vary person by person. Some can feel their lows coming, getting tired and shaky. Others, like Isabella, show no sign that their blood sugar is falling to a dangerous level. In fact, Isabella is almost always giddy and laughing when she is low.

A Letter to a Newly Diagnosed Family

T1 kids have some rough stuff going on, but know that you are going to be raising a child that is so aware of her body, what makes her feel good and bad and in the long run is going to be so much healthier than most of the people she knows without T1.