CW Star Unveils Teen Superheroes with Disabilities

Austin Basis details his comic book series "The Kinetix," which features a protagonist who fights crime while maintaining his Type 1 diabetes.

T1D in the Wild: Device Etiquette

There are many things to consider here – how we react to those who are uninformed about our various gadgets, and how we approach other people with Type 1 out in the world.

Representation in Media – How The Stories We Hear Become the Stories We Tell Ourselves

In the US, there are over 1.25 million people with Type 1 diabetes. In 2017, there was only one regular or recurring character onscreen with Type 1.

Real Athletes Poop Their Pants

Do athletes really poop their pants? Cat Carter talks about the terrifying incident during her half marathon.

You know you have Type 1 when …

Have Type 1 diabetes? Then you'll get it. Here are 21 ways you know you have Type 1.

The 2017 Total Eclipse Diabetic Survival Handbook

This is the 2017 Total Eclipse Diabetic Survival Handbook™, or TEDSCH. In the following paragraphs you will find all the information you need to survive (even thrive) during the eclipse.

12 (More) Things Only a T1D Parent Understands

There are somethings that only a T1D parent understands. Beyond Type 1 knows exactly what you mean ... again.

The Unicorn Frappuccino Diabetes Meme: An Appraisal

Of course, blaming memes for getting the facts wrong is like blaming a puppy for being a quadruped. Distortion and performed ignorance contribute to what makes memes funny. Expecting intellectual rigor from Internet humorists is naive, and a little sententious.

What I Never Thought I’d Do on My Run

Disclosure: I am human. I make mistakes. I have Type 1 diabetes. I also work as a RN specializing in Diabetes Education. Repeat. I am human.

The Guide to Caring for Your Aunt’s Diabetic Cat

It's that time of year again, when your aunt leaves for her annual quilting conference in Orlando, and she's asked you once again to watch over her beloved cat who happens to also have diabetes.

Diabetics After the Apocalypse

People are fascinated by their own destruction, and diabetics are no exception.

A T1D Love Story

I’ll never forget the moment Ryan tested my blood sugar for the first time. It was early in our relationship; early enough that my stomach still did backflips whenever he called or texted; so early that I still checked my teeth for food any time he left the room. In fact, our relationship was new enough that — had he been anyone else — I would not have yet shared the news that I have Type 1 diabetes.

First Dates

“Do you have Type 1?” he asks. “Is that a pump?” I light up inside. How does he know to even ask it that way? Most people just say, “Do you have diabetes or something?”

Your Disability is Hilarious

I don’t get it. I never have. The lack of understanding and insight into Type 1 diabetes is so vast. However, does that mean someone should make a joke of it? To the face of the person with the disease?

Type 1 + Looking for Love

Of all the dating stories I have, the one where I eat Skittles off the bathroom floor of a Chicago bar is up there in entertainment value for listeners.