My 10-Year Old Can Save My Life

Anyone familiar with Type 1 Diabetes has heard the term hypo or low when discussing blood glucose levels. And, whether you are someone with T1D or someone who cares for a T1D, chances are you have been privy to the dreaded beast that is hypoglycemia.

Hypoglycemia Confessions

I would like to say that I can limit myself to 15g of glucose, but the truth is, when I have a low bloodsugar, things get crazy.

Don’t Crash: How to Manage Exercise Lows

Dive into the science behind the blood sugar drops during and after exercise so you can better understand and plan for them. 

Up All Night

It's fair to say that my wife and I go up and down those stairs at least once a night, sometimes more. He's young and growing, so his numbers are erratic.

What is Diabetes Distress?

According to Dr. Lawrence Fisher, Research Director at the Behavioral Diabetes Institute (BDI), Diabetes Distress or “DD” refers to all the fears and worries that people with diabetes experience on a daily basis. Fear of complications or the fear of hypoglycemia are examples of the types of concerns that may cause DD.

Paris – When My Mom Thought She Lost Me

The door banged open and light flooded into the room. I bolted upright out of bed as my roommate groggily sat up. It was probably 3 or 4 a.m., Paris time, maybe 6 or 7 in California, where my family was. I looked around confused, then slowly realized what had happened.

The T1D Unstoppable Theory

Just a few months after undergoing eye surgery, I was on a plane to London, cradling a single carry-on and an optimistically robust itinerary. Each of these experiences served as further evidence to support my luminous T1D Unstoppable Theory. To believe that I was somehow limited by the length of my pump tubing or the transmission range of a CGM was utterly laughable. If complications couldn’t stop me, then surely nothing could!

I was Afraid to Go to Sleep and Not Wake Up

Going through a burnout and as a result being diagnosed with depression and anxiety were my lowest point, but it’s all about honesty. My parents, my diabetes team nor my psychologists saw the warning signs because I’d become a professional liar.

What Saved My Son’s Life

As a mom to a teenage son with diabetes, I have dutifully filled his glucagon prescription for the past 11 years and have practiced using it on a piece of fruit each year after it expired. But I have never actually used it on my son. Not until this spring, that is.

Maverick’s Story

The ambulance and firefighters come but I have no idea they are here. I'm lost in a low.