Beyond Type 1 x Diabetes NZ – The Kiwis are Taking Over!

This week, Beyond Type 1 and Diabetes New Zealand are joining forces to present the second annual Kiwi Takeover of Beyond Type 1 social media. So if you’re seeing more than the average number of New Zealanders on your newsfeed - that’s why!

A Life-Saving Decision – Part 1

Four-year-old Braca nearly died after developing type 1 diabetes while sailing with his family in South-East Asia. Mum Kia Korrop explains why they turned back to port, as his condition worsened.

Between Now and a Cure

On the evening of September 10, 2009, the streets of Kampala were ablaze with political protests, and a "boda-boda" was weaving through the jam-packed traffic. My father was hauling me, his comatose son, to find urgent medical care.

Banting — The Man, the Myth, the Legend

Banting arrived at his eureka moment in 1922, when he injected dog insulin into a human patient. The procedure worked, and suddenly Type 1 diabetes was no longer a death sentence.

Agustín and the Uninvited Guest

Uruguay - On April 27, 2015, we received an uninvited guest who has now become a friend and lives with us at home.

Ariana, My Brave Princess

As a mother, I felt something was just not right but I truly never thought it was something this wrong. I started reading, and it all indicated “diabetes,” something inconceivable in my mind.

T1International at SNF Camp

SNF did a fantastic job with the camp and facilitated useful sessions. There were a variety of educational, motivational and recreational activities for the campers to participate in, including a special visit to a national park with sightings of countless giraffes, plus hippos and elephants in the wild!

The International Diabetes Federation and Its Vision

The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) has one vision – to live in a world without diabetes.

Ugandan T1D Warrior Turned Change-maker

When I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes (T1D) at age 19, I felt my life had hit a dead end and I would never amount to anything in life.

Traveling with My T1D Girlfriend

Unable to find a go-to web site or travel blog for specific guidance when travelling with T1D or with a T1D friend, Bradley Williams and his partner, Cazzy, decided the start their own.

Finding a Type 1 Community — Diabetes Camp in Uganda

Through Camp Tuyniza, Waromo and all future SNF camps, these young warriors find the strength to manage their condition while teaching others the T1D reality beyond the myths that surround the disease.

My Time in Nairobi

Residents of the slum began to lineup. The clinic was opened and patients were seen. Given the volume of people to be seen there was little time for breaks for the volunteers. Thankfully I had my CGM.

WWII Hero Saves T1D Lives with Home-brew Insulin

Without access to dogs, calves or cows, Eva knit stockings and sold them to purchase water buffalo pancreata. Then, in a small basement laboratory in a Chinese municipal building, the couple got to work.

Living in Denmark

The first days of being in a foreign country are always a challenge for a diabetic explorer. You are in this new place, with a new language, and completely new food.

The Unacceptable Reality: Type 1 Diabetes in Uganda

For 23 years, Robinah has managed to stay alive against many odds, but only barely. She tests her blood once a month when she can get to the clinic in Kampala, whereas most people living with Type 1 in developed countries test multiple times a day.