How I Overcame Bullying

When I was getting bullied I felt very empty and alone, like I was in a world full of normal people but I was the odd one out. Nobody understood what it was like and although I know they tried their best – sometimes I felt my parents didn't understand either.

My Hero, My Mom

When most people think of a hero, they think of people like firefighters, police officers, celebrities, professional athletes, veterans, and people currently in the military. And, yes, they are all great people doing great things, but what about the quiet heroes, those that normally go unnoticed by people?

“Living Beyond” Goes To Camp

Summer Camp sessions — inspired by Dillon Reinhart designed by Beyond Type 1 — kicked off this week.

Ava August — A Pop Star in the Making

I wrote and recorded my first original song that is now on itunes called "You Let Me Fly." The song is dedicated to all of the people living with Type 1 diabetes. It is about a girl that lets her imagination "fly" her into her dream world for a day without T1D.

Children’s Advocacy and the Power of Spare Change

In November 2015, Henry and Rose Jensen, (both 8 years old), wanted to help raise money for Beyond Type 1 in its Million Dollar Campaign for Type 1 diabetes. They each brought a mason jar to their classrooms in order to collect spare change, and the class with the most change earned a pizza party.

Diabetes Camp — My Why

That seems crazy, right? How could a lifetime of managing a chronic illness be leveled out by a few weeks spent in the woods, sleeping on bunk beds, and making friendship bracelets?

Transforming a “Curse” into a Community — Diabetes Camp

Statements like “How did you get them to do that?" or "I’ve been begging them for months to try that and they refuse” are commonly heard at every session. The answer is simple: camp inspires kids by surrounding them with others like them.

Snowboard Camp Benefits More Than Just T1D Kids

Hitting the slopes at the Whitefish, MT Riding on Insulin camp - adult T1D Paul Britt shares why these snow days are so pivotal.

A Gymnast Superstar Lands on Her Feet

Gymnastics, just like diabetes management, requires hard work, commitment and perseverance. Gymnastics is my life and everyday I work through tough times until I reach the top. That’s what makes a champion.

Golf and My Type 1 Diabetes

I started playing golf when I was six years old. My dad has played golf since high school and he introduced me to the game.

Riding On Insulin – Tips for Skiing and Snowboarding with T1D

ROI puts on ski and snowboard camps for kids with T1D (and their siblings) across America, Canada and even New Zealand.

Type 1: Act 2

Type 1 has not kept me from doing anything I’ve wanted. In fact, I think sometimes I work harder than kids who don’t have T1D, because I want everyone to know this disease should never stop you from doing anything you dream you can do.

Dancing in the Macy’s Day Parade

Herald Square was not meant to be a stage. It felt strange; instead of being surrounded by spotlights and curtains, I was standing in the middle of New York City, in nothing but a dance costume.

Charli is My Angel

Although having a sister with Type 1 Diabetes has negative effects, it also has positive outcomes. Having to watch someone I love be in pain has made me mentally tough, and I’ve learned that you have to support the people you love when they are in a time of need.

Henry And Tako Taco

My name is Henry Jensen. I have Type 1 diabetes. I got it when I was five. I remember staying in the hospital for three days. It was scary and I was like "Guk! Bad hospital pizza! And when they tried to put the needle in my hand I was like "No! Don't do this!" I screamed and cried and I wanted it to stop.