Judgement in the Online T1D Community

Carter Clark reflects on both camaraderie and judgement within the T1D space online.

Rob Howe Interviews Comedian Dave Maher for “Diabetics Doing Things”

Rob Howe talks to Dave Maher about life with diabetes, especially after Dave fell into a nearly month-long coma as a result of high blood sugar.

My Type 1 Truth – Shedding Light on Diabulimia

One woman's experience with her T1D proves different than most with the addition of a serious, significant challenge. She is now determined to be sure her story is heard so that others can learn from it.

When I Stopped Testing My Blood Sugar

When I arrived I had bloods done – my blood sugar was reading at 67mmol/L (1207mg/dL), higher than anyone has ever been admitted whilst still conscious.

After They Took My Pancreas

He then took my husband aside and said he operated on the pancreas of a patient two weeks prior and the patient died; my husband should call my friends and family. It appeared I wasn’t long for life and he wanted to make sure history didn’t repeat itself on his watch.

7 Real-life tips to get through ‘Diabetes Burnout’

I found it really difficult to get through my own experience of ‘diabetes burnout’ so I wanted to share some real life tips that I used successfully to get through it.

Part Five: The Thing in Front of Me

Imagine your kid running out into the street. Imagine that. That's how it feels and that's how it is when she drops. Now imagine that over and over again.

“Endo Anxiety” and the Visit that Changed my Mind

I mentally rehearse my Endocrinologist Visit Success Plan: The only way to avoid defeat is to beat the endocrinologist at her own game. I have to openly admit how horrible I am and then I will be immune to any criticism and insults to my ego.

Honesty — How this Type 1 Overcame Diabulimia

In a fit of rebellion and rage, I stopped taking all of my necessary insulin and started keeping my blood sugars high on purpose. What started out as an attempt to avoid having low blood sugars became a dangerous eating disorder that nearly cost me everything.

I Can’t Sleep

You wonder if it’s true — that this diagnosis is not your fault. You know it’s stupid, but you feel it. How can you not about the person you grew inside of you? He didn’t ask for this. You asked for him and it feels like your body failed him.

My Balancing Act

Don’t be so hard on yourself. Dealing with any disease takes a toll on our sanity, and understandably so. I try not to judge my emotions as they arise. Breathe, acknowledge them, and then exhale.

I Don’t Want to Hate My Body Anymore

As a nursing student, I understand what the lack of care towards this disease can do to a human being. I also am well aware that no one is invincible and anyone can be taken at the drop of a hat by this disease.

Seeing Clearly

Growing up in a small home town, I was shaped and defined by the fact that I was “the girl with diabetes.” I got my first taste of what that meant at age six, when my enrollment in public school was denied because I “required too much medical attention.”