Because of Lucy

Occasionally, the grief grabs hold of me.  From time to time, the resentment rears its head.  But, on most days, I stand amazed by a child who lives a full-color life despite the dark cloud of this disease.

My Mother Saved My Life

I often hear in the news stories about young people who passed away from how they describe it: “complications from diabetes.” It sends chills down my spine thinking, “that could have been me.” No matter how many gifts I give my mother, I will never be able to repay her for saving my life.

“And Me, Mommy?”

How do you let your children know that no matter how much time and attention you MUST devote to their sibling that they matter just as much? How do you relay this when your actions tell them something much different?

Finding Beyond Type 1 — This Mother’s Journey

I have had my own grief to deal with, losing the right to a healthy child. I’m softer in the heart, but harder in the head. I’ve become politicised. #diabetes on a picture of a cake isn’t funny and spotting a cookbook called Reverse Diabetes, like I did recently, makes me crazy.

Paris – When My Mom Thought She Lost Me

The door banged open and light flooded into the room. I bolted upright out of bed as my roommate groggily sat up. It was probably 3 or 4 a.m., Paris time, maybe 6 or 7 in California, where my family was. I looked around confused, then slowly realized what had happened.

Surviving the Teen Years with Type 1 — This Mother’s Secret

What I realized, though, was that diabetes had the potential to put a very significant strain on our relationship during the teen years. I knew that without education, practice and opportunities to connect and nurture our relationship, diabetes could rule and ruin our relationship.

Two Minds, One Dexcom — How my Mom and I Learned to SHARE

Diabetes is like a space shuttle — just bare with me — catapulting through my life so fast that sometimes it is hard to keep up with it. This space shuttle does not care what is in its path and if anything goes wrong, it can be catastrophic.

Elle and Coach — How a Diabetic Alert Dog Changed my Daughter’s Life

Sure, Elle and Coach get occasional stares but mostly this dog is a safety net, a friend magnet and an invaluable conversation starter. Coach takes Elle’s struggle out of the shadows and allows her to live out loud in a way that is very empowering for her and provides learning opportunities for all those who care enough to ask

Just the Two of Us

I willingly made the choice to become a single mom with T1D, but it took a lot of self- acceptance. Initially, I saw it as such an obstacle and because of years of emotional abuse coming from both internal and external sources, I had stopped believing it was something I could overcome.

Type 1 — My Fourth Child

I hope they see that a little adversity never hurt anyone, that a little empathy goes a long way, and a little malfunctioning organ called a pancreas was no match for their mommy.

Breastfeeding Twins as a T1D Mom

My superhero cape might not be visible to my kids, but my husband and I will never forget what we accomplished over the course of each day and in the dark hours of night, between bits of sleep and blood sugar checks, sometimes with empty juice boxes accumulating at the bedside.

Part One: We Knew

I looked up at Jim and said, "I can't go. They are going to need to keep her for a few days, and I can't go." He just held me, the same way I knew he would hold her.

A Mother’s Sweet Journey

I remember the phone call quite clearly. It was a Friday afternoon, and I was counting down the hours until our baby shower that weekend.

Caring for 2 T1D Boys

Motherhood, since my twins’ diagnosis, has changed in many ways. I now place so much more emphasis on what we are all eating, how active we are, how diligent I am on all my T1D care.

My Type 1 Daughter Is In Your Care

When I would hand precious Mary off to another adult — coach, field trip driver, parent at the sleepover — I would send a "Mary Is In Your Care" note ahead of time.