2017 Beyond Type Run Marathon Day

17 athletes with Type 1 diabetes battled the rain, the crowds, and their own sets of challenges to complete the 2017 TCS New York City Marathon!

Jennifer Stone Reveals Her Diagnosis Story

Actress Jennifer Stone talks about her diagnosis with Type 1 diabetes and her decision to join Beyond Type 1's Global Ambassador Council.

Running My Race

Having Type 1 diabetes has taught me is that it is important to keep running, and keep going even if things get tough. I am inspired by my Beyond Type Run teammates, who like me, continue to run their race fiercely and passionately without letting Type 1 slow them down.

Navigating Wellness Trends with Type 1 Diabetes

If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Cultivating a truly “well” body takes time and effort, much like tending to a garden.

Type 1: Act 2

Type 1 has not kept me from doing anything I’ve wanted. In fact, I think sometimes I work harder than kids who don’t have T1D, because I want everyone to know this disease should never stop you from doing anything you dream you can do.

Nightscout — the Technology that Changed the World We Know

Nightscout simply enables remote monitoring for anyone, anywhere as long as there is a data connection. It’s not just kids, lots of adults take advantage of Nightscout, because there's a level of discretion.

How Acupuncture Changed My Life

Having had T1D since age seven—as well as being a proud science/math geek—“alternative” medicine wasn’t exactly a natural fit. But I’m always open to new things so I gave it a shot. I started to feel the positive effects instantly.

Living the Dream Despite the Demons

American Idol alum Crystal Bowersox shares her story of life with Type 1 and how her son's arrival changed her trajectory.

To The Parents of Children With Type 1

Whatever your worst fears are for your child with type 1 diabetes, I guarantee my parents had (and have) them, too; the only difference is that I lived out each and every one of them.

Pride, Victory and T1D

The confidence with which I now own my T1D has little to do with the fancy gadgets I am very fortunate to use, and much more to do with this early and constant support of those who surround me.