Labor, Delivery + After with Type 1 Diabetes

Pregnant women with Type 1 diabetes successfully deliver healthy babies every day, but managing the blood sugar and health challenges during each phase of pregnancy and delivery can be anxiety-provoking. If you have Type 1 diabetes and are about to be a mother, learn what to expect during labor and delivery of your baby and get guidance on how to continue to care for yourself and your baby upon returning home.

Breastfeeding with Type 1 diabetes

For many moms with Type 1 diabetes, giving birth is only a small part of their story of living beyond. Breastfeeding presents its own sets of challenges and rewards for new mothers and those who’ve done it twice, three times, and more…

Type 1 Pregnancy Risks and How to Minimize Them

All pregnancies have the chance for complications, but having Type 1 makes you more susceptible to specific ones. These are the pregnancy risks to know.

COVID-19 Antibody Tests, When to Seek Emergency Care, Hydroxychloroquine + More with Dr. Anne Peters

Dr. Peters spoke with BT1 about the unreliability of current COVID-19 antibody tests, when to seek emergency care, hydroxychloroquine use and more.

The Latest on COVID-19 From Dr. Anne Peters

Dr. Anne Peters took time to check in about COVID-19 and give us her latest updates, especially pertaining to diabetes care as this situation is unfolding.

A Complicated Process: T1D and My Emergency C-Section

Hannah Brown shares the story of her pregnancy and birth of her child via c-section and the ways in which her diabetes played a role.

Real-Life Superhero: Part I

Marci Tatham shares her powerful pregnancy + birth story, during which she overcame numerous obstacles to safely deliver her son.

Real-Life Superhero: Part II

Marci Tatham shares her powerful pregnancy + birth story, during which she overcame numerous obstacles to safely deliver her son.

Giving Thanks For Dr. Lois Jovanovic (1947-2018)

Midwife Jessica Lynn reflects on her time spent under Dr. Lois Jovanovic's tutelage and shares what feels were her biggest contributions to the world of T1D.

I have been diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. Now what?

While Gestational Diabetes can represent a challenge for soon-to-be mothers, it is manageable and can result in a healthier lifestyle for many women.

The Endo that can Make You or Break You

“Be thankful that at least you got to experience motherhood for one time in your life,” those were his first words.

CGM Proves a Vital Tool in Healthy Pregnancy

The results of a recent international study showed that using a CGM system, as opposed to just a BGM, during pregnancy significantly benefited both mothers with Type 1 diabetes and their newborns after birth.

Finding the Calm Beyond

A new mom’s journey with autoimmune diseases forces her to find new levels of calm, resiliency and strength.

Type 1 and Pregnancy — Uncharted Territory

I realized that stellar as they were, the specialized medical fields spoke completely different languages. As a CDE, I returned to work in obstetrics, now exclusively with women who have diabetes. I wrote the guidelines for diabetes in pregnancy used in the public hospital system of NYC.

Introduce Type 1 to Your Baby

Building your relationship with Type 1 during your pregnancy will go a long way in surviving the ups and downs of motherhood. Pregnancy and becoming a mom has been the most magnificent journey I have ever experienced in my life.