At Least It’s Not Cancer…

Liz Gilmore has a few words for people who claim diabetes isn't something to take seriously.

Dear Diabetes, You’re Not Invited to My Wedding

Liz Gilmore details the steps she's taking to ensure her big day doesn't see any T1D-related interruptions.

Running Down a Dream

In 2017, Don Muchow became the first person with T1D (and only the third person ever) to complete a solo run of the Texas Capital to Coast race. He challenged himself again in 2018, becoming the first ever person to take on Relay Iowa as a solo runner.

Fundraising is Fun: A DIY Fundraiser for T1D

Global Ambassador Council member Paloma Kemak hosted her own fundraiser for T1D in her community using Beyond Type 1's DIY Fundraising Downloads to guide her.

Diagnosis Day and Living Beyond: Stephanie’s Story

It was just a normal Saturday in the Northwood Blyth household in Melbourne on the 10th of November 2002. But the next day our lives would change forever.

Runner Spotlight: Gabriela Sierra

I decided to join the Beyond Type 1 Team for two main reasons: To have a new goal that would allow me to reconnect with my training, my perseverance and my exercise ... the second reason is to educate and keep dispelling myths and stigmas, leading by example. I couldn't believe it when I was chosen and I realized that I was the only Mexican runner on the team.

Representation in Media – How The Stories We Hear Become the Stories We Tell Ourselves

In the US, there are over 1.25 million people with Type 1 diabetes. In 2017, there was only one regular or recurring character onscreen with Type 1.

13 Questions with Beyond Type Run Marathoner Apoorva Gomber

Meet Apoorva — Doctor, Diabetes advocator, Passionate to connect T1D’s and a coffee lover.

13 Questions with Beyond Type Run Marathoner Lauren Dagg

Meet Lauren – Primary school teacher in London, big fan of coffee, often sarcastic, slightly competitive, and loves a run!

Previously Healthy

The story behind one child's preventable death.

Celebrate Each Other’s Successes

I fought the fight that I had to fight. I worked hard in training, had a good race plan, and swam an incredible distance. It was unreasonable to compare myself to my teammates and it only caused me to diminish what I had done.

I Love Riding on Insulin Camps

I love my Riding on Insulin coaches. They taught me how to live beyond Type 1. I can't wait for camp this year! I even went to the mountain bike camp during the summer.

Kujaribu — “To Try”

I follow a number of inspiring organisations and individuals who constantly remind and prove to the world that we Type 1s are capable of living full and rich lives, but some days I need to take a step away from the positivity, and come to grips with my reality.

Needles and Other Ugly Truths about this Disease

This disease chases me wherever I run, it is there whenever I sleep, the reality of its dangers haunts me. It toys with my emotions as I worry one day my children may develop the disease. It threatens my parenting each time I need to be admitted to the hospital.