Insulin Delivery

For people with Type 1 diabetes and in some cases those with Type 2 diabetes, insulin must be injected and infused into the layers of fat under the skin. There are quite a few different ways to deliver insulin, each with pros and cons, and it is up to the person with Type 1 and his or her doctor to decide what will work best.

Insulin Pump Rundown

Choosing an insulin pump doesn’t have to be an overwhelming process. Should you go with a more traditional pump where you can monitor your insulin levels directly? Are you looking for a model that works with a BGM monitor and allows you to administer insulin via a remote?

New iLet Bionic Pancreas System Begins Clinical Trial Testing

Beta Bionics has officially received IDE approval from the FDA to begin a clinical trial, testing the new iLet Bionic Pancreas System.

Is folic acid a trigger for Type 1 diabetes?

The folate cycle is a cellular process that helps the body maintain a strong immune system. A recent study by two Diabetes Research Institute scientists explored an unexpected relationship between this micronutrient and autoimmune conditions — specifically, diabetes.

DRIFcan and the Edmonton Protocol for Type 1 Diabetes Cure Research

Beyond Type 1 had the pleasure of talking to Melanie Hibbard, the Executive Director of DRIFCan. DRIFCan, or Diabetes Research Institute Foundation Canada, was established in 2005 and their mission is to directly fund cure-based diabetes.

Comparing the Dexcom G6 to the G5

Communications Manager Dana Howe test drives the recently FDA approved Dexcom G6 as compared to a Dexcom G5.

Button Error – What You Must Know about Flying with a MiniMed 600 Series

Suddenly, my insulin pump Minimed 640 G had an alert displayed: "Stuck Button"

What’s New at Tidepool?

Want to know what's new at Tidepool? Get the scoop from Tidepool’s Community Manager Christopher Snider.

Who will profit from the cure for Type 1 diabetes?

Lilly announced an investment in a cell encapsulation technology. I have questions for the companies that hold our lives in their hands.

Dexcom CEO Kevin Sayer Explains G6

Beyond Type 1 got to sit down with Dexcom CEO Kevin Sayer to find out how the launch of G6 will change the face of diabetes care as we know it.

FDA Approves Dexcom G6

The FDA approved the Dexcom G6 continuous glucose monitor system, the first iCGM to be used integrated with other compatible medical devices and electronic interfaces.

Learn about Looping: The Do-it-Yourself Artificial Pancreas

Loop is an iOS app (Apple only) that connects a continuous glucose monitor and a compatible insulin pump to your phone to bring automated insulin adjustments. Learn what looping is all about!

Melissa Lee Talks DIY Closed Loop System

I am an early adopter of the DIY automated insulin delivery system and was the 20th person in the world (by my best count) to jump into using it , which I've now used for two years.

Closing the loop – The System that’s Changing Diabetes Management

Closed Loop Insulin Delivery: a system that works to mimic the human pancreas by using real time CGM data to determine when it should or shouldn’t make adjustments to the wearers basal insulin delivery. It is a concept that has been around since the early 2000s but which has seen its greatest strides towards actuality in the past two years.

Australia’s HBF Will No Longer Carry Insulin Pumps in Basic Policy

AUSTRALIA - Starting July 1, 2018, HBF, West Australia's biggest insurer, will no longer cover insulin pumps in its basic policy. That could mean a premium increase of up to $8,000 a year.