Airport Security and Type 1 Diabetes

Heading on a jet plane? Then you'll need to prepare for airport security. Research your destination in order to learn specific airport security requirements, and keep in mind that a country's requirements may vary from your own if you're going abroad. Here is a basic rundown of what you can expect when passing through airport security as someone with Type 1 considerations.

A Type 1 Diabetic’s Guide to Battling Jet Lag

Jet lag is — in most cases when traveling long distances — unavoidable. The effects of drastic time zone changes can often ruin a trip if you aren’t prepared. Having Type 1 diabetes makes jet lag even trickier, factoring in the body’s unpredictable responses to being thrown off routines related to food and eating.

Navigating Amusement Parks with T1D

So it goes for any adventure that takes us away from routine and into the elements, unfamiliar territory, or in large crowds, people with Type 1 diabetes should be fully prepared and in-the-know before heading off to their favorite themed land.

Living on a Remote Island with T1D

Abby Crawford shares her experience of living with T1D on a remote island with little access to medical supplies.

Tips for Beginning Climbers with T1D

Carter Clark talks tips for climbing for first-timers with Type 1 diabetes.

Embracing My Something: Maddie’s Iceland Adventure

Maddie Aibel shares her story of traveling to Iceland and dealing with sharing her T1D with others.

Tips for Au Pairs with T1D

Erika Arff talks being an au pair while having Type 1 diabetes.

Traversing the World with T1D

Nadit knew he needed to see the world, but when he was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, challenges he had never faced before became his every day life. Conquering the diabetes learning curve and leaning on his support system allowed Nadrit to achieve the impossible.

This Mountain Top – How I Climbed Mount Kenya

Our arrival at the summit occurred after four days of trekking through humidity, searing heat, freezing cold and heavy rain. The view from the top was breath-taking.

Doing it Your Way — Packing Diabetes Supplies

They had more supplies — more duplicates in preparation for failure. Maybe twenty-two years in, I was still doing this all wrong?

Emily + Jerry the Bear Take New Zealand

Jerry is a great companion for Type 1 kids and an excellent educational tool. This is about empowering kids and sending the message that there's nothing that diabetes is going to stop kids from doing. The whole idea is to let them get out there, let them be active, because they can!

Diving with Diabetes in the Philippines

A surreal SCUBA dive in the Philippines goes awry, landing a Type 1 diabetic in the hospital on a very remote island.

Flying with Dia-Anxiety

The author shares her realization of the anxiety she overcomes on each flight with diabetes.

The Diabetes Supplies Thief

I never see the bastards coming. There are two—one driving the motorbike and the other sitting behind him. The second guy is the thief. The first is the getaway driver. Their target is a small pouch sticking about two inches out of my left cargo pocket.