DiaYogi Dialogues

11 conversations with game changers who teach yoga and live with diabetes.

Striving for a Personal Best

When I joined my first Facebook group, I tried to remember my yoga training. But it was hard. Just like balancing on one leg is near impossible so is managing diabetes.

Diabetes Distress: The Emotional Cost of Living with Chronic Illness

If you live with Type 1 diabetes or any other form of chronic illness you understand exactly what the word "distress" feels like. At times it can be so overwhelming and the lingering aftermath so great, it can seem like there is no way out.

Yoga for Diabetes

The word yoga means wholeness, completeness. Instead of seeing myself as incomplete, yoga has taught me that no matter what happens to my body, the one looking out through the eyes (the experiencer) can never be incomplete.

Diabetes and Fear

My initial response to my diagnosis was to deny that I had diabetes. The theory being: what doesn't exist can’t hurt me. It took time and courage to realize that the only thing standing in the way of me accepting my condition was fear.

Yoga for People with Diabetes

While I didn’t start yoga to help me manage my diabetes better, every day my practice helps me do just that. Here are three ways yoga helps you conquer your diabetes, off the mat.

Guilty As Charged

There is a feeling I used to have when I was about 15. Back then I wasn’t old enough to understand what it was. All I knew was that when I had it, I felt awful. Like something about me wasn’t quite right and there was nothing anyone could do to fix it. It happened when I looked at myself in the mirror and just after I’d eaten. My body was wrong and I was wrong too.

Rising Above Diabetes with Yoga

The one tool that has helped me to rise above self doubt and judgment is my yoga practice. Yoga doesn’t understand criticism and abhors comparison. The word yoga means completeness. Being already complete, what can you do to be better or stronger or more of anything?

Take to the Skies!

Flying is tough on the body and tough on diabetes. The body gets cramped, circulation slows, dehydration sets in and sleep doesn't come easy. In my experience all these factors create oxidative stress which raises blood glucose levels.

All You Need is Yoga

I can still remember the first time I stepped onto my yoga mat after my diagnosis. I was in shock. A yoga teacher for half my life and now this. I didn’t know what to do let alone what to think and I was afraid.

The 5 Go-to Yoga Practices that Saved my Life

I discovered that Yoga is more than a good stretch. It’s a tree with many branches, each limb a path back to harmony and balance, a way to mitigate stress.