Texas DKA Campaign


Thank you for participating in our Type 1 Diabetes Education and Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA) Prevention Campaign within Texas. The campaign, in partnership with the Texas Pediatrics Society (the Texas Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics), launched in November, 2016. You should have recently received a packet with an introductory letter from TPS (you can see a digital version of that HERE), Warning Signs Posters (in English and Spanish), a larger wall cling-on version of the English poster, a parent handout for interested patients (that you can photocopy in your offices), and a survey card (which you can also fill out online HERE). Below, you will find downloadable black & white versions of these posters, posters in a variety of other languages, audio files that you can download and use on your office on-hold systems, resources for newly diagnosed T1D patients, and a warning signs video.

If you need more materials, have questions, or want to share your feedback, please email us at hello@beyondtype1.org.

Primary Posters

Warning Signs Poster (b/w) (color)

Parent Handout (b/w)

Other Resources

Here you will find our Warning Signs poster translated into a variety of languages, as well as a page that you can direct newly diagnosed T1D patients to.

Available Languages: Arabic, Bengali, Cantonese, Catalan, French, German, Haitian-Creole, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, MandarinPortuguese, Russian, SpanishTagalogUrdu, Vietnamese, and  Welsh
First 30 Days Resource Page

Audio Files

Download these files for use with your office’s on-hold system. The file, which features acclaimed actor and Type 1 diabetic Victor Garber, is available as a 15s and a 30s file.

Victor Garber Audio: 30s | 15s

Video PSA

Download this PSA, featuring acclaimed actor and Type 1 diabetic Victor Garber, for use in your office or to share with staff & patients.

Click HERE to download