The Beyond Type 1 Fan Club


Welcome to The FAN CLUB – recognizing each and every generous donor who contributes on a recurring basis to Beyond Type 1. The size of the donations varies – from just $1 per month to any amount you choose.

The regular support generated by the Fan Club has a direct and immediate impact across the Type 1 community, allowing Beyond Type 1 to launch new programs (like our app, Jerry the Bear, the Snail Mail Club, or the global DKA awareness campaign) alongside issuing grants to the most promising education, advocacy and cure research. Check out our Portfolio for details.

We are BEYOND grateful for every gift and to every individual and family that has joined the Fan Club. To join this amazing crew that is quite literally fueling the work of Beyond Type 1, sign up to make a recurring donation today. You’re in great company.

Beyond Type 1 is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization, under charitable ID #47-3336640.

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Beth Beals

Angela Calfee
Xochitl Carias
Carol Chaligne
Nancy Chand
Kevin Cole
Chris Conn
Moya Cook

Kevin Crumpler
Eva do Couto Davis
Darlene Dombroski
Hilary Doyle
Kay Dreher
Susan Edwards
Mary Ellison

F to K
Sara Farr-Newman
Alea Feeley
Jim Felton
Celeste Fleetwood
Cassandra Freeland
Joli Giacalone
Erin Gibbs Henry

Katherine Grinstead
Ysa Hammond
Daniele Hargenrader
Sarah Hargrave
Chloe Hendrick
Manny Hernandez
Marni Hodder

Hilary Hodgman
Melissa Holloway
Sue Hyde
Meha Iyer
Dawn Jackson
Sara Jensen
Mary Kangas
Kelly Kroeper
Richard Kruiswyk

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George Ladd
Nancy Lambert
Stacy Latocha Newelt
Dylan Lechleidner
Neda Lozanova
Kate Lucas
Cristina Lucas
Sarah Lucas
Conor Lunny

Derek Maclellan
Maureen Mahoney
Melinda Marron
Bridget Martinho
Elizabeth Maxon
Haley McAllister
Kari McManus
Catherine McMindes

Layne Meloy
Roscely Mesa
Dawn Mifsud
Melinda Morales
Anne Newman
Elaine Nichols
Lesley Nilsson

Kaylea Notarthomas
Amanda Oberski
Sue Parkin
Ellen Phillips
Katie Piazza-Lesley
Olivia Polischeck
Roslynn Reese
Roz Ritter

S to Z
Andre Saenz
Rachel Saunders
Elaine Seiler
Lynn Sojak
Amanda Sorenson
Mark Tarro

Hanna Taylor
Karen Thielens
Tony Velasquez
Nicole Videla
Delores Warnes
Teresa Wasenius
Billie Sue Wozniak
Bridget Woznica


Just $1 per month (or more) helps keep Beyond Type 1’s resources and programs free for everyone. If you’re able, please make a recurring donation today + join the Beyond Type 1 FAN CLUB!