This Is Type One


At Summer Slipstream 2017, the team at Connected in Motion sat down with the type 1 community to collect and share the real world struggles and hopes for the future of those living every day with type 1 diabetes. Join us in sharing the This Is Type One project and help us begin to break down the misconceptions and share the realities of living with type 1. Share your own story using #ThisIsTypeOne. See the entire collection here.

WRITTEN BY Jen Hanson, POSTED 11/10/17, UPDATED 10/19/22

Jen's early beginnings as a campfire-loving, bug-catching, mud-puddle-jumping, tree-climbing tot sparked in her a love for adventure that has been fostered and grown into a full-blown passion for everything outdoors. She has been living with diabetes almost her whole life, and when you pin her down, operates out of Toronto, Ontario. Jen is a registered kinesiologist, a certified teacher and adventure guide, specializing in outdoor and experiential diabetes education. She is the executive director of Connected in Motion and shares her time working as an elementary coordinator with children with diabetes, a faculty member with the International Diabetes Federation’s Young Leaders in Diabetes Programme and an adventure guild with ALIVE Outdoors.