Who Do You Love?


Thank you for submitting to Who Do You Love! Submissions have now closed. To submit to the #LiveBeyond campaign click here.

“Who Do You Love?” is back by popular demand for the third year in a row! During the month of February 2019, our #LivingBeyond Instagram campaign will take a hiatus as we feature Type 1s and the people they love.

A best friend or family member, your doctor or school nurse, a scientist working for a cure. Who helps care for you? Who makes your journey with Type 1 just a bit easier? Who lightens your load, keeps you healthy, watches over you at night — you have until January 19 to tell us: Who Do You Love?


  • Check out the samples above — your photo should include you (the Type 1) and the person you love — with space for us to write on the photo.
  • Send a plain image, no need to photoshop or apply filters!
  • Shoot your photo in front of a blank wall or open sky — we need to have space to write on the photo.
  • It seems obvious, we know, but the image must be in focus + at least 660 pixels tall by 660 pixels wide.


  • You must have Type 1 diabetes.
  • Include all information requested.
  • For location, please send city, state and country.
  • If there are two T1D’s, please include both diagnosis dates.
  • For your statement, tell us how this person helps you in your journey with Type 1, aim for 4-5 sentences.
  • If you are submitting for a child, have them tell their story in their own words even if that is stream of consciousness or in simple form.
  • Follow us on at least one platform: @beyondtype1 on Instagram + Twitter and Beyond Type 1 on Facebook

While we cannot feature everyone who submits, we will ensure that you’re included — so give us your best effort and your authentic voice! By submitting, you become an official ambassador, agree to share your post on your social media platforms and encourage others to join our efforts.