Who Do You Love?


“Who Do You Love?” is back! During the month of February, our #LiveBeyond Instagram campaign will transform to feature Type 1s alongside the people we love.

A best friend or family member, your doctor or school nurse, a scientist working for a cure. Who helps care for you? Who makes your journey with Type 1 just a bit easier? Who lightens your load, keeps you healthy, watches over you at night — you have until January 20 to tell us: Who Do You Love?



  • Check out the samples above — your photo should include you and the person you love — with space for us to write on the photo.
  • Send a plain image, no need to photoshop or apply filters!
  • Shoot your photo in front of a blank wall or open sky — we need to have space to write on the photo.
  • It seems obvious, we know, but the image must be in focus + at least 660 pixels tall by 660 pixels wide.


  • You must have Type 1 diabetes.
  • Include all information requested.
  • For location, please send city, state and country.
  • If there are two T1D’s, please include both diagnosis dates.
  • For your statement, tell us how this person helps you in your journey with Type 1, aim for 4-5 sentences.
  • If you are submitting for a child, have them tell their story in their own words even if it is stream of consciousness or simple.
  • Follow us on at least one platform: @beyondtype1 on Instagram + Twitter and Beyond Type 1 on Facebook

While we cannot feature everyone who submits, we will ensure that you’re included — so give us your best effort and your authentic voice! By submitting, you agree to become a member of the Beyond Type 1 community, and are encouraged to share your post on your social media platforms, letting others to join our efforts.