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The global diabetes crisis is at a tipping point, with cases projected to more than double to 1.3 billion by 2050, impacting both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. And more, 1 in 3 people who develop type 1 diabetes are tragically lost due to missed signs or lack of access to care.

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Learn the Commonly Missed Symptoms of Diabetes

These are the four primary warning signs of diabetes. If you #SeeTheSigns in yourself or anyone you know, see a health care provider right away and get a simple blood sugar check.

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  • Thirsty All the Time

    You feel dehydrated. You're unquenchably thirsty all the time and wake up at night because you need something to drink. In kids, frequently complaining about needing something to drink.

    Often falsely attributed to: Hot weather or vigorous sports and exercise.

  • The Need to Pee Too Frequently

    You feel like you're peeing all the time, even getting up at night. Children past the bed-wetting phase are at it again. Or your toddler or baby's diapers are constantly heavy.

    Often falsely attributed to: Drinking fluids to stay hydrated or a urinary tract infection.

  • You're Just Exhausted

    You're tired, your energy is low. You're unusually fatigued and not sure why. It leads to irritability and mood swings.

    Often falsely attributed to: A lack of sleep, being tired from physical activity, or a viral illness. Or, just a standard lack of energy.

  • Losing Weight and Don't Know Why

    You're losing weight but not trying to, or losing faster than you can explain. You look thinner, your clothes are too big and your appetite changes, either significantly increased or significantly decreased.

    Often falsely attributed to: Appetite changes in children or teens may be attributed to growth spurts. Weight loss may be attributed to an eating disorder, increased activity or a reduced appetite.

Other common symptoms include: blurry vision, numb or tingling hands or feet, very dry skin, cuts or sores that heal very slowly, frequent urinary tract infections, frequent yeast infections.

If you recognize these signs and symptoms, immediately see a health care provider and ask for a simple blood sugar check.

Early screening could be life-saving. Learn more about early detection resources provided by our partners at Sanofi, leading the way in diabetes care.

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Now that you've learned the early signs of diabetes, it's your turn to spread the word and save lives. Participate in our #SeeTheSigns campaign and join thousands of others to raise awareness about these often-missed symptoms. Together, we can make a difference.

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#SeeTheSigns has provided me with a great way to use my experience with DKA for good! I value being able to help others identify and diagnose diabetes. #SeeTheSigns is helping to spread awareness about DKA and safely diagnose diabetes!

—Niamh Pfaff

The #SeeTheSigns campaign has been life changing in our community. Educating schools, families and the general community and raising awareness about T1D, the message is simple enough for people to keep in their mind when at their doctor's offices.

—Samantha Merwin

Last year was a truly remarkable experience for us, especially for Maria Jose. We were thrilled to be able to effectively communicate and transmit our message, and to create awareness through our story. Knowing that we made a positive contribution to the community was incredibly fulfilling for us.

—Margarita Moncada

Educating my community about the warning signs of type 1 diabetes is part of my way of supporting and working on behalf of the diabetes community. Our voices can make a difference and save lives.

—Tanya Hernández

Hi! 👋 My name is Matt and as an ambassador for the #SeeTheSigns campaign I've had friends reach out to let me know they have spoken to their doctor after seeing my posts. I'm proud to know my and Beyond Type 1's efforts have made an immediate impact in my community.

—Matt Williams

I've really enjoyed getting to participate in the #SeeTheSigns program! So many people simply don't know the facts about T1D, and I love being able to do my part in educating those around me by wearing my #SeeTheSigns t-shirt and sharing on my socials. Awareness can change everything!

—Isabella Scappaticci

My grandson had all the signs and we didn't know what was wrong with him. Being able to educate others will prevent them from a traumatic diagnosis like we had. Let's save lives; we can all educate.

—María Zapata

Why #SeeTheSigns? Our daughter was diagnosed with T1D at age 13. In the 2nd largest school district in North Dakota, she was involved in many sports, she was around others constantly, and NONE OF US knew or noticed the signs. As the Lead Ambassador for ND, I used this opportunity to raise awareness in schools, which are the communication centers for many of our rural communities.

—Danielle Johnson

I think the #SeeTheSigns Ambassador program is so important to show current thriving type one diabetics advocating and educating others. When I was first diagnosed, we had no idea of the symptoms, come to find out I had them all. Raising awareness through this program helps minimize the chances of a DKA diagnosis and maximize the chances of catching it early. I love being able to show other kids that you can still live your life and chase your dreams!

—Avery Stansbury

I know from first-hand experience how the #SeeTheSigns program can save lives! Since being an ambassador, I have had 3 close friends whose children were diagnosed before DKA because they remembered seeing my posts with the warning signs. Beyond Type 1 does an amazing job of providing all the materials we need to really get the message out to our communities.

—Amy Josefy

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Diabetes diagnoses are often missed.

1 in 3 people with type 1 diabetes don't survive (T1D Index). Nearly half of those with prediabetes or type 2 diabetes are unaware, risking serious health complications (CDC).

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About 90% of people with type 1 diabetes have no family history of the disease. Treatment to delay the disease exists.

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