Type 2 Diabetes Management


A Type 2 diabetes diagnosis can be daunting, but know that you can learn ways to better manage the condition and improve your health. Don’t be discouraged! Here are some basic tips on how to manage Type 2 diabetes, so you can live a happy, healthy life.

How do I manage Type 2 diabetes?

Nutrition and diabetes

How to avoid diabetes complications

Seeing your primary physician regularly is important to monitor your progress, as well as your dentist and optometrist, and may help prevent secondary complications. As with any chronic condition, access to education and resources as well as connecting with a community are key to success.

Understanding diabetes care

Learn more about Type 2 diabetes.

Additional reading

Can Coffee Lower Your Blood Sugar Levels?

A coffee industry-funded study finds the caffeinated drink combats insulin resistance. Find out how many people in this study reduce their blood sugars by regularly drinking coffee.

Dealing with Emotions: How Diabetes Can Affect Your Mood

Having Type 2 diabetes can affect not only your physical health but also your emotional health. Getting a diagnosis of diabetes adds an emotional weight onto your shoulders which can be challenging to carry day in and day out.

Diabetes Complications — What You Need to Know

A certified diabetes educator (CDE) describes common conditions, how to treat them and how to avoid them. You can prevent complications that you are at a higher risk for with Type 2 diabetes.

I Have Diabetes. What Should I Eat?

A certified diabetes educator provides a quick guide of the foods you should eat, and why you should eat them.

Injections May Combat Diabetic Neuropathy

One common side effect of living with diabetes can be painful diabetic neuropathy, which is nerve damage in the arms, hands, legs, or feet; the condition is caused by chronically high blood sugar levels. There are limited treatment options to deal with diabetic peripheral neuropathy, or the pain it causes. A recent study has found that injections may decrease this pain.

Low Thyroid Levels Can Increase Type 2 Risk

Findings presented from a large study find significant overlap between hypothyroidism and prediabetes.

Metformin Users Risk Vitamin Deficiency

European diabetes researchers warn that many people with diabetes might be at risk of health problems because of this side effect. Are you taking Metformin?

The Sooner you Treat Diabetic Foot Ulcers the Better

A U.K. data audit finds that timing is essential to avoid amputation, and that doctors need to do a better job treating diabetic foot care.

Which Diabetes Treatment Works Best?

Metformin is the most popular Type 2 diabetes drug on the market, but there are other medications that could be better that you may not have heard of. Consider these.