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VP of American Airlines to Give Beyond Type 1 a Quarter of a Million Dollars

Paul Morell - American Airline's VP of safety, regulatory compliance and environmental - will retire this year and with his 39 years with the company, will be able to elect a charity of his choice to receive the $390,000 he acquired through his service to the company. Morell has chosen to give $250,000 to Beyond Type 1 and $140,000 to Habitat for Humanity. HIs granddaughter was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of 4. "This disease has lifelong effects, not only for her but for her family as well. I truly support the work of Beyond Type 1. Their work to educate, advocate and invest in a cure [...]" says Morell.

OK! Magazine Reports on Partnership between Beyond Type 1 and J/P HRO

Los Angeles, CA - Sean Penn and Nick Jonas announced a partnership between their two nonprofits J/P HRO (Jenkins-Penn Haitian Relief Organization) and Beyond Type 1 at the Jenkins-Penn Haitian Relief Organization Gala. J/P HRO has been helping Haitian's rebuild schools and hospitals since the devastating quake in 2010. Beyond Type 1 aims to help those in Haiti with Type 1 have better access to supplies and improved management of the chronic illness.

Beyond Type 1 offers education on Type 1 diabetes/DKA

Beyond Type 1 has launched its DKA Awareness Campaign in Ohio, sending warning signs posters to all of the pediatrician offices in the state in order to help with early diagnosis of Type 1 and prevent death by misdiagnosis and DKA. Beyond Type 1's partnership with the Ohio Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics is key in its educational efforts surrounding Type 1.

Main Line Times Talks DKA

Michelle Berman, mother of Jonathan Berman, who has had Type 1 diabetes for nearly 10 years, talks to Main Line Times about the prevalence of DKA in T1D diagnosis. Working with Beyond Type 1 to spread awareness about Type 1 and the importance of early diagnosis, Berman shares her son's story. If he hadn't fainted, alerting the family that something was seriously wrong, he may not have survived DKA. Approximately 41% of children diagnosed with Type 1 are in DKA, the leading cause of dearth in children with T1D.

Diabetes Connections Talks with Victor Garber

Diabetes Connections' award-winning radio news host Stacey Simms interviews American actor Victor Garber who describes feeling like a "freak" when first diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Now, a broadway and Hollywood actor, Garber is also an advocate for diabetes awareness, working exclusively with Beyond Type 1 to help youth "not feel so alone" in diagnosis. Listen to what he has to say about food, exercise and his new diabetes technology.

Insulin Nation’s Naughty-or-Nice List of 2016

Guess who just made the "Nice" list from Insulin Nation in 2016? Beyond Type 1! Insulin Nation talks about the company leveraging social media to help spread DKA awareness in US in addition to propagating a positive message about living beyond the chronic illness of Type 1. Curious who made the "Naughty" list? Highlights #BeyondBasel

On December 3, 2016, Beyond Type 1 teamed up with Diabetes Research Foundation Institute (DRIF) to raise money for diabetes awareness. Art work was auctioned off from street artist Appleton, painter Natalie Irish and tattoo artists Darren Brass along with a signed guitar from Nick Jonas.

Nylon Magazine Covers Art Basel in Miami

Nylon magazine covers the Art Basel parties at Soho Beach House. Nick Jonas' foundation Beyond Type 1 co-hosted the #BeyondBasel fundraiser with Diabetes Research Institute Foundation (DRIF). At the same beach house was The Noir Collaboration with Rocky Barnes and Caroline Vreeland where denim designs were featured with Typoe art.

250 Guests at #BeyondBasel reported on the #BeyondBasel event in Miami, Florida this December 3, 2016, where 250 guests viewed  artwork from artists with Type 1 and sipped on the Drop wine at the Soho Beach House. Proceeds went to Diabetes Research Institute Foundation (DRIF) and Beyond Type 1.

LA Times Covers Beyond Type 1’s DKA Campaign

The LA Times interviews Beyond Type 1's global ambassador Samantha Willner and advocate Tom Karlya (Diabetes Dad) about the importance of early Type 1 diagnosis to prevent DKA. Joining Beyond Type 1 is the campaign to raise DKA awareness, these advocates are telling their personal stories. 1 in 600 children in the US are diagnosed with Type 1 and yet many are unaware of the symptoms. Educating others about the warning signs of T1D can literally save lives.

Fox 34 News Profiles

LUBBOCK, Texas - Fox 34 News profiles the Abernathy family and their daughter Myatt who has Type 1 diabetes. The family is helping Beyond Type 1 raise awareness about DKA misdiagnosis in Texas. On November 28, 2016, Myatt hosted a fundraiser "Lawyers versus Doctors" - a charity basketball game at Lubbock Christian School to help spread awareness and raise funds for Beyond Type 1.

Media Planet Highlights Beyond Type 1’s Initiatives

Media Planet reports on Beyond Type 1's mission to start a new dialogue around living well with Type 1 diabetes and thriving today. Raising awareness is also a big focus for the nonprofit in DKA prevention in order to save lives in misdiagnosis. "We want to create a safety net under every child that goes into a pediatrician's office," says CEO Sarah Lucas. As many as 38% of cases are misdiagnosed. Beyond Type 1 aims to change that.

Channel PHL17 Reports on Beyond Type 1 DKA Campaign

Channel PHL17 reports on the work of advocate Michelle Berman in Beyond Type 1's DKA Campaign to prevent misdiagnosis of Type 1 diabetes. Beyond Type 1 is teaming up with the American Academy of Pediatrics to help spread awareness, starting in Pennsylvania and continuing on to every state in the U.S. Berman's son, John, was diagnosed with Type 1 at 7 years old, is now 16. Especially with flu season approaching, Type 1 diabetes symptoms can be mistaken for common seasonal ailments that simply linger. That mistake can and has proven fatal for some.

Beyond Type 1 Rings the NASDAQ Bell with The Insulet Corporation for National Diabetes Awareness Month

BILLERICA, Mass. - The Insulet Corporation rings the NASDAQ Stock Market Closing Bell on November 1, 2016 to celebrate the National Diabetes Awareness Month. The company is the leader in tubeless insulin pump technology with its Omnipod® Insulin Management System (Omnipod System). Dr. Trang Ly, Insulet's VP and Medical Director, will preside over the ceremony with CEO Sarah Lucas who have joined forces in a DKA awareness campaign to prevent the misdiagnosis of Type 1 diabetes. A poll from T1D Exchange shows that 41% of those diagnosed with Type 1 are in DKA, a life-threatening state that if let untreated can lead to coma and death.

Diabetes Dad Rooting for Beyond Type 1 to Win Revlon Challenge

Diabetes Dad, Tom Karlya, is helping Beyond Type 1 win the Revlon LOVE IS ON challenge by spreading the word. One of the initiatives on Beyond Type 1's plate this year is DKA awareness and preventing death from undiagnosed Type 1 diabetes. Should Beyond Type 1 win additional monies form the challenge, it will go to support this campaign. Children shouldn't still be dying from undiagnosed T1D in the US, and Beyond Type 1 aims to change that.

Healthline Endorses Revlon’s LOVE IS ON Charity Campaign for the Type 1 Community

Healthline talks to Beyond Type 1 Partnerships and Community Manager, Mary Lucas, about the Revlon LOVE IS ON Challenge and how Beyond Type 1 is in the top tier of charities to win bonus money such as a million extra dollars. This prize would not only help continue the incredible programs of Beyond Type 1 but would also provide unbelievable press and resources to the entire Type 1 community. The charity ends October 26, 2015, so if you haven't donated yet, do so!

Kerri Sparling from Six Until Me Discusses Revlon LOVE IS ON Campaign

Kerri Sparling, well-known blogger of Six Until Me, talks about the Revlon LOVE IS On Campaign with Partnerships and Community Manager, Mary Lucas, and how winning a $1 MM match from Revlon will make a huge difference in the Type 1 community and for the amazing local as well as global initiatives of Beyond Type 1.

Scott Benner of Juicebox Podcast Talks to Mary Lucas about Advocacy

Beyond Type 1's Partnerships and Community Manager, Mary Lucas, is featured on Juicebox, a Type 1 diabetes podcast run by Scott Benner, parent of a child with T1D. Scott is a writer and stay-at-home dad who is interviewing people in the Type 1 community who are making a difference in a big way. Listen to Benner and Mary discuss advocacy and the success of Beyond Type 1.

Beyond Type 1’s DKA Awareness Campaign Mentioned in Goop

Goop, a lifestyle publication started by superstar Gwyneth Paltrow, has highlighted Beyond  Type 1 and their mission to prevent DKA diagnosis and death for those who have undiagnosed Type 1 diabetes. The article details DKA symptoms that are often mistake for flu or strep throat, resulting in a potentially life-threatening situation. Spreading the word about what Type 1 diabetes is and what it's symptoms are will help prevent countless deaths from misdiagnosis that are happening daily around the world. Beyond Type 1 plans to launch a major DKA awareness campaign in the fall of 2016.  

Business Insider Investigates Surge in Insulin Pricing

Beyond Type 1 CEO Sarah Lucas discusses the recent spike in insulin costs and the issue of access to this life-saving medication in Business Insider. Although the drug has been around for 93 years, it can cost a family more than a mortgage payment to get it. Read as to why this is happening and how families are forced to cope.

Beyond Type 1 Ambassador Meets Nick Jonas

CLEVELAND, OH. Beyond Type 1 Ambassador Isabella Dooley who will soon be 6 years old met Nick Jonas on his Future Now tour with Demi Lovato. Isabella has had Type 1 diabetes for nearly 4 years and her parents are on the Leadership Counsel of Beyond Type 1. The meet and greet was also accompanied by Isabella's siblings, Mia and Max, who are also ambassadors for the new nonprofit.

Nick Jonas in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Nick Jonas visits Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on his Future Now tour with long-time friend Demi Lovato. He's teamed up with Sun Life Financial, which has provided him opportunities to meet children who also have diabetes and talk to them about their experiences. Sun Life Financial is looking to to increase education around Type 1 and 2 diabetes.

Nick Jonas Chats with Canadian Mag Lou Lou

At Montreal’s Bell Centre, Lou Lou fashion magazine went backstage to talk with Nick about his tour with Demi Lovato and his philanthropic efforts with Beyond Type 1. Nick explains the goals of his charity and his partnership with Sun Life Financial to help raise awareness around both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. He also talks fashion (of course!) and how his performance style is evolving.

Sun Life Financial Partners with Nick Jonas

The Life Insurer, Sun Life Financial, along with the CDA and JDRF Quebec are joining Jonas to inspire people with diabetes to live beyond diagnosis. In addition to educational outreach, they are encouraging their members to do early screenings for Type 2. Members of the CDA and JDRF Quebec will get to meet Jonas in Canada while he's touring with Demi Lovato.

Charity Ball Game with Nick Jonas in Brooklyn, NYC

Brooklyn, NY - PIX11 interviews Nick Jonas about being one of four captains for the charity game of ROC Nation in NYC where proceeds will be going to Beyond Type 1 among other charities on July 21st in Barcley's Center.

The Faces of Diabetes Reviews the BT1 App

Edward Fieder, Executive Director at The Faces of Diabetes, reviewed Beyond Type 1's new app that is connecting those affected by Type 1 all over the world. He's an expert on T1D apps, having reviewed many, and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to use. He mentions that it is also integral in helping with mental health issues that come with chronic illness management by its capacity to build a vast online community.

Event: ROCNATION Summer Classic Charity Basketball Game

The Roc Nation Summer Classic began as a single game in 2014, benefiting CC Sabathia’s PitCCh In Foundation and Robinson Cano’s RC22 Foundation. This year, the foundations are joining forces with Miguel Cotto’s Fundacion El Angel and Nick Jonas’s Beyond Type 1 for the second official Roc Nation Summer Classic. Sabathia, Cano, Cotto and Jonas will serve as captains to celebrity basketball teams in a tournament-style competition. All proceeds from the event will serve to equally benefit the four affiliated foundations. The Summer Classic doesn’t stop at a basketball tournament though. There will also be a dunk showdown, silent auction and much more.

Mary Lucas Interviewed by Daniele Hargenrader — The Diabetes Dominator

Mary Lucas, our incredible community manager at Beyond Type 1, talks diabetes shop with Daniele Hargenrader: what it means to be prepared for diabetes care, the love of her Dexcom, how her community inspires her daily and what Beyond Type 1 is doing in terms of pushing the envelope on mental health issues in the diabetes community.

Nick Jonas Takes a Pie to the Face on Ellen DeGeneres Show for Beyond Type 1

Nick Jonas squares off against unexpected guest Joe Jonas on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. Taking a pie to the face garnered more than laughs though — it earned him a check for $10,000, written out to Beyond Type 1. You rock, Nick!

Nick Jonas and Sarah Lucas Talk to InStyle for World Health Day

This year, World Health Day is dedicated to diabetes (Type 1 and Type 2), and co-founders of Beyond Type 1, Nick Jonas and Sarah Lucas, are helping to spread awareness about the disease. The nonprofit, created just last year, aims to educate others and also ensure a better future for those living with Type 1. Currently, 422 million people have diabetes, and yet it isn't common knowledge what the differences even are between types. CEO Sarah Lucas explains that while the organization improves the lives today of those with the illness, it also is "working to ensure a cure is on its way tomorrow."

Chef Sam Talbot Talks with Diabetes Connection

Founder and Chef Sam Talbot talks to Stacey Simms from Diabetes Connection about his diabetes advocacy work in Nicaragua and his new cook book that emphasizes clean living and eating. Listen to the podcast!

Gentry Magazine Profiles Beyond Type 1 – A New Age Nonprofit

Making Gentry's Top 50 Philanthropist list of 2016 for San Francisco, the Peninsula and Silicon Valley, Beyond Type 1 founders discuss how their approach is tech-savvy, start-up in nature and unique from what has been done before.

Victor Garber Mentors Youth with Type 1

Victor Garber talks to People magazine about lifting the stigma of Type 1 diabetes for children. Supporting Beyond Type 1 in its efforts to reach youth and give them a platform to ask questions, Garber emphasizes the importance of finding a community with which to identify.

For more from Garber on Type 1 and his advocacy, pick up this week's issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands this Friday

Victor Garber Tells The DX about Gratitude and How it Makes for a Happy Life

From meditation and good food to appreciating work and laughter with friends, Victor shares how he keeps healthy and happy, how he likes to indulge and what heroism and advocacy mean to him. He's lived with Type 1 for over 50 years, and still refuses to let Type 1 define him.

Nick Gives Diabetic Lifestyle a Glimpse into his T1D Life

Fresh off the press from Diabetic Lifestyle! Find out what Nick Jonas has to say about his diagnosis, Beyond Type 1 and being a pop icon. Incredibly humble and candid, there's no wonder everyone has a dia-crush on him!

A Sweet Life – The Diabetes Magazine Looks at Our Brand

Melissa Lee from A Sweet Life - the Diabetes Magazine talked with CEO Sarah Lucas about the Beyond Type 1 brand and how it's standing out from the crowd. Find out why Beyond Type 1 is less pharma-looking and more sexy-chic. It's beyond the glossy Instagram campaign!

How Nick Jonas Is Shattering The Stigma Around Type 1 Diabetes

"I feared sharing the story at first but knew that I would actually feel a lot of support and that it was important that I be transparent about it. I think anytime you open yourself up and you just get more real about things that affect your life, it helps you to connect more with your fans and really gives you something to be passionate about." - Nick Jonas

Victor Garber on the Juicebox Podcast

Its not often that someone is this willing to speak so open and honestly about their life with diabetes. I'm genuinely grateful for Victor's willingness to be transparent about his journey with type 1. It doesn't matter if you are a person living with the disease or someone just hoping to hear about his work on Legends... Victor Garber's kindness and desire for people to learn from his life overflow in this episode - I think you'll love hearing what he had to say, I certainly loved speaking with him!

San Juan Journal

Henry Jensen, age 8, brought the idea to raise the money to the FHES student council, with the initial goal of raising $500 to contribute to Beyond Type 1's overall fundraising goal of $1 million to go towards Type 1 diabetes research and education. Henry was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 2013 at age 5.

Diabetes Connection with Stacey Simms

Beyond Type 1 got quite a buzz when they launched earlier this year with their “Living Beyond” Instagram campaign and “The Drop Spotted” on social media. Stacey talks with CEO Sarah Lucas about the ideas behind Beyond Type 1, and finds out how celebrities with diabetes like Sam Talbot and Nick Jonas became co-founders. Sarah’s daughter, Mary, is the community manager of Beyond Type 1. She shares her story and talks about what the community means to her.

Event: Monster Cycle

On November 14, Monster Cycle instructor and Type 1 Dia-badass Liz Van Voorhis organized “Diabetes Day” at the studio. A portion of proceeds from all of Saturday’s cycling classes were donated to Beyond Type 1, as were all proceeds from the silent auction. Monster Cycle also accepted and matched all donations made that day in studio!


Another one of their campaigns is “The Drop Spotted” campaign. Celebrities have been seen wearing their signature black hat with white blood drop, such as Sierra Sandison of #showmeyourpump fame. The “Drop” hat can be ordered from their website and then you can share a photo tagging it with @beyondtype1 and #TheDropSpotted.


Nick Jonas, our podcast guest, will be joining us, to talk about a new diabetes site for people living with type 1 diabetes. He is a singer/songwriter, patient advocate and a person living with Type 1 diabetes. He is one of 5 founders for BeyondType1; a nonprofit committed to donating 100% of your contributions to education, advocacy and curing type 1 diabetes.

If you would like to support and donate to BeyondType1; know that 100 % of your contribution will support their mission in educating the diabetes community and looking for a cure for type 1 diabetes.

With help from friends and family, Jonas figured out how to adapt to T1D, an autoimmune disease affecting at least 1.25 million Americans.

That wasn’t easy at first, especially for Jonas, a self-described independent person who had to learn to rely on others to make sure he stayed healthy and his insulin in check. “My go-to advice is to just trust in your family and friends,” he adds.

One of Jonas’ biggest obstacles upon his diagnoses was understanding his body and learning how to stay healthy, especially with a hectic schedule. He counts on a continuous glucose monitor and insulin pump to stay on top of his condition. “These are life changing tools that I literally and figuratively keep in my back pocket,” he says of the devices, which simplify his disease management.


Beyond Type 1 was founded by Sarah Lucas and Juliet De Baubigny, both of whom have a child diagnosed with type 1 diabetes; with musician Nick Jonas and celebrity chef Sam Talbot, who were themselves diagnosed with the disease at an early age. One of the great things about this organization is that the founders and their associates have enough money to cover operational costs, thereby allowing 100% of donations to go toward helping diabetes sufferers and finding a cure.

Chef Sam Talbot talks to Lifescript

Now, life is much sweeter for the 37-year-old chef, who just launched two restaurants with a third (Southern comfort food) in the works, and is giving back to children and others afflicted with the condition through a new online partnership with fellow heartthrob and type-1er singer Nick Jonas.

We sat down with Talbot to find out his secrets to eating well with diabetes, learn about his favorite sugar substitute (it’s not what you think!) and how he’s raising $1 million for a cure.


Co-founder Sam Talbot hosted a cocktail party on November 11, 2015 at VINCE in New York city! Famous DJ Mia Moretti spun for the night, and neighborhood friends shopped with 20% of purchase proceeds going to Beyond Type 1. From November 12-15 Vince stores in California, Florida and New York offered shoppers who mentioned Beyond Type 1 a discount, while also providing a percentage of proceeds to Beyond Type 1 as well.


Nick Jonas, Juliet de Baubigny, Sarah Lucas and Sam Talbot celebrated the launch of BEYOND TYPE 1 alongside high profile friends including Wilmer Valderrama in The Battery, San Francisco.

How Two Broadway Veterans Helped The Flash Become One of the Best Family Dramas on Television

And the kids are rubbing off on Garber, too; he’s recently joined social media, both in order to keep up with his new fan base and to promote his work with the diabetes charity Beyond Type 1. “My friends are shocked,” Garber says. His role in the organization echoes his on-screen persona. Garber, who developed Type 1 diabetes when he was 12, says he hopes to “support people and young children who feel like their life is over, because of it, because it’s a very traumatic thing to happen.”

16 Celebs Who Have Been Open About Medical & Health Conditions

Sometimes, it is easy to think of celebrities as being immune to terrible things that happen to the rest of us. After all, they are rich and famous and put on a pedestal in the public eye, and it seems like they have everything at their disposal. But this doesn't change the fact that they are human like everyone else, and thus, they are susceptible to very human issues. One of those issues is medical conditions, both mental and physical. Some celebrities have been open about having medical and health conditions, which is an important thing as it makes fans going through similar situations feel like they're not alone.

EVENT: November 1st Launch Party

At The Battery in San Francisco, Co-Founders Juliet de Baubigny, Nick Jonas, Sarah Lucas and Sam Talbot joined friends and supporters to celebrate the launch of Beyond Type 1. High profile guests including Wilmer Valderrama, Brian Boitano, Jonathan Tucker, Vanessa Getty and Trevor Traina came together to raise awareness and funds for the cause.

$1 Million Dollar Digital Campaign

On Nov. 1, Beyond Type 1 is launching what it calls the "$1 Million Dollar Digital Campaign," which runs through World Diabetes Day on Nov. 14. During this time, the org promises that 100% of every dollar donated to Beyond Type 1 will go directly to the most promising efforts and programs working to educate, advocate and cure Type 1.


"I'm just a face for young people to say, 'You're not alone and you can achieve what you want to achieve,' " says Garber, who also notes that it is an erratic disease that can have very serious complications. "That's really what I feel very strongly about, you are not defined by Type 1 diabetes."


This is very recent for me, but Sarah Lucas is the woman who contacted me about it, with Nick Jonas and some other people, they are trying to educate people on Type 1 diabetes, and I was diagnosed when I was 12 years old, so that was a long time ago. I’ve lived with it my whole life, obviously, and it’s very different from Type 2 diabetes, which is what people think of as diabetes, like “just don’t eat that” — but it’s way more complicated.

The DX Diabetes Dish: Sam Talbot

Sam Talbot is a chef, author, philanthropist and television personality based in Brooklyn, N.Y.  Diagnosed at a young age with type 1 diabetes, Sam lives every hour with a deep understanding of the impact of food on life and life on food. This unique perspective has been the driving force behind his projects and has put him at the forefront of the Sustainable Living movement, seeking to break down walls between the way we eat and the way we live.

Event: Made in America 2015

Beyond Type 1 was set up in the Cause Village at the Made in America Festival, September 5-6 of 2015 in Philadelphia, thanks to co-founder, Nick Jonas! We had a photo-booth, gave out hats & bracelets and raised awareness about Beyond Type 1 and Type 1 diabetes.

Avenue Magazine

Stylish kids dressed in Stella McCartney, Young Versace, Fendi, and Eleven Paris strutted down a Bridgehampton runway on Thursday, August 27, at a charity fashion show to celebrate the launch of luxury childrenswear e-commerce site, Petit Maison Chic. The event, which benefited Beyond Type 1 (a non-profit organization dedicated to diabetes awareness) was hosted by Claudine and Raphael DeNiro, David Rosenberg, and Petit Maison Chic founder Lana Winters-Tomczak.


The who's who of the Hamptons gathered for an afternoon of food, fun and fashion to celebrate the launch of the premier e-commerce site for luxury children’s wear, Petit Maison Chic, with a charity fashion show benefitting Beyond Type 1. The event was hosted by Claudine and Raphael DeNiro, David Rosenberg and Petit Maison Chic founder Lana Winters-Tomczak.

EVENT: Petit Maison Chic, Hamptons 2015

On August 27, 2015, Claudine DeNiro hosted the launch of Petit Maison Chic, a luxury children's clothing line, with a children's fashion show benefitting Beyond Type 1. During the event, co-founder Sam Talbot spoke about the importance of Type 1 diabetes research and advocacy, and Claudine's daughter Ella asked the audience to help fund a cure. After the initial children's fashion set, a second runway set featured kids walking the runway with signs that showcased T1D facts.


Instagram isn't exactly known as a hotbed of positivity or support -- but the moms and their sons behind the adorable "blood sugar bromance" have proved that this app can provide much more than just selfies and brunch photoshoots.


We recently spoke with Sarah Lucas, one of three co-founders of a new non-profit organization called Beyond Type 1 that aims to raise awareness for type 1 diabetes.


The official Instagram account of Beyond Type 1, here you will see faces and quotes of patients of varying ages. Not only are the photos on @beyondtype1 inspirational, but you can also see how diverse the type 1 community really is and know that you’re not alone. Follow to join this community, and learn how you may even be able to feature your own story.


In an emotional statement, Nick Jonas cites one of many ignorant questions people ask him about having type 1 diabetes, a chronic autoimmune condition with no known cause or cure. Widespread misconceptions about the disease — which many conflate with type 2 diabetes — is just one of the reasons that Jonas is teaming up with former Top Chef contestant Sam Talbot, who also has type 1, and others to launch Beyond Type 1…