The JDRF – Beyond Type 1 Alliance


About the JDRF—Beyond Type 1 Alliance

The JDRF—Beyond Type 1 Alliance provides greater support for those impacted by type 1 diabetes (T1D) by tapping into the combined power of JDRF, the leading global organization funding type 1 diabetic (T1D) research, and Beyond Type 1, the organization with the largest online community of any diabetes nonprofit.

The work of the Alliance centers around three core pillars: community programs, advocacy, and communications + education.

Community Programs

JDRF Programs supported by the JDRF – Beyond Type 1 Alliance:

Online Diabetes Support Team

The Online Diabetes Support Team (ODST) is made up of compassionate volunteers who know firsthand the ever-changing demands of living with type 1 diabetes (T1D).MORE

Type One Nation Summits

Single-day, education-based events hosted by JDRF chapters throughout the country designed to provide information for people of all ages and stages of T1D and their loved ones.MORE

Young Adult Conference

The Young Adults Conference provides the opportunity to establish confidence with your T1D, find the support you need, and build a network of lifelong friends. MORE

JDRF’s Children’s Congress: Finding A Cure For Type 1 Diabetes

Learn more about JDRF, its mission behind the biannual Children’s Congress and the impact of this year's event.MORE

Beyond Type 1 Programs supported by the JDRF – Beyond Type 1 Alliance:

Type One Run

Type One Run is a grassroots movement of ordinary people dedicated to building support, community, and awareness for those affected by type 1 diabetes through running.MORE

Snail Mail Club

Snail Mail Club is a pen pal program for kids and teens (adults are welcome too) with type 1 diabetes around the world.MORE

Jesse Was Here

Jesse Was Here provides resources, support and tools for those navigating life after a loved one's type 1 death. MORE


When it comes to making policy change, our voices are stronger when we raise them together.


Learn more about the advocacy efforts we are working on together to improve the lives of people with T1D. MORE

The Special Diabetes Program: What It Is and How You Can Help

U.S. health centers can receive $150 million per year for type 1 diabetes research; you can influence whether or not they receive this vital funding.MORE

Communications + Education

We’re working together to provide the best resources for the type 1 diabetes (T1D) community.

When you come across articles, stories and news that the Beyond Type 1 and JDRF teams have worked together to create, you’ll see the Alliance logo.

COVID-19 + Diabetes

The global outbreak of the novel coronavirus has added new challenges, fears, and uncertainties for people living with diabetes, but we have a simple goal: tap into the power of the global diabetes co...MORE

Type 1 Diabetes Research

Through the JDRF – Beyond Type 1 Alliance, Beyond Type 1 has partnered with JDRF—the world’s biggest nonprofit funder of type 1 diabetes research —to educate our community on the impor...MORE

Marina and the Microscope

This children's book designed to inspire, educate, and build understanding for all kids with diabetes, was made possible through the JDRF - Beyond Type 1 Alliance, in partnership with ADCMORE
Screening my children for T1D

This is Why I Screen My Children for Type 1 Diabetes

You can now catch type 1 diabetes months or even *years* before symptoms of the disease show up. Plus, new treatments are on the way to even delay T1D.MORE

Read the official announcement of the JDRF—Beyond Type 1 Alliance here.

WRITTEN BY BT1 Editorial Team, POSTED 02/03/20, UPDATED 08/04/23

This piece was authored collaboratively by the Beyond Type 1 Editorial Team.