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All About the Tidepool Loop Program

In Fall of 2018, Tidepool announced plans to deliver an officially supported, FDA-regulated Loop app that will be available via the App Store. They’re calling it the “Tidepool Loop”READ MORE

Research Team Delays Onset of Type 1 Diabetes in Mice

Dr. Massimo Pietropaolo and his team of experimenters at Baylor College of Medicine and the University of Michigan Medical School have determined that certain B cells may have the capacity to delay the onset of T1D.READ MORE

FDA Commissioner Makes Statement on Insulin Pricing

Today, the United States FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, M.D., released a statement detailing a handful of new guidances designed to increase competition and bring down prices across the insulin market. The changes are slated to take effect in 2020.READ MORE

Type 1 Diabetes in Ghana: A Global Community Discussion

James Mansfield details a chat facilitated by Type One Run and Diabetes Youth Care Ghana during which those in attendance were brought up to speed on the various unique challenges faced by Ghanaians with T1D. READ MORE

Dexcom Donates $25,000 to Beyond Type 1

Social media campaign #NoMoreFingerpricks raises funds and awareness for diabetes researchREAD MORE

Introducing Francine Kaufman: Newest Member of Science Advisory Council

Meet Francine Kaufman M.D., the newest member of the Beyond Type 1 Science Advisory Council! Dr. Kaufman recently spoke with Beyond Type 1 about her history of treating diabetes, her work abroad, the global diabetes landscape, and the future of T1D.READ MORE

New Study Reveals the Power of the Diabetes Online Community

You may know the power of the diabetes online community, but does your doctor? Do experts understand what it really means when community members build relationships through social media in the #DOC?READ MORE

ViaCyte Secures $80 Million in Funding to Further Cell-Based Treatment for Diabetes

ViaCyte is leading the charge in stem cell research and regenerative medicine. Their goal? Cell-based long term diabetes treatments - a “functional cure” for Type 1 diabetes. READ MORE

National Health Services To Offer Free Glucose Monitors for T1D in the UK

Beginning April 1, people with Type 1 diabetes in the UK will have the FreeStyle Libre system completely covered, ending issues with access many are currently facing.READ MORE

Meet Alexi on the Beyond Type 1 Leadership Council

Alexi is a writer, artist and actress in the Bay Area. She studied at the New School University in Manhattan as well as the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute. She has written for multiple publications and websites such as the San Francisco Chronicle and has been a regular contributor for Beyond Type 1 for many years.READ MORE

Giving Thanks For Dr. Lois Jovanovic (1947-2018)

Midwife Jessica Lynn reflects on her time spent under Dr. Lois Jovanovic's tutelage and shares what feels were her biggest contributions to the world of T1D.READ MORE

Crystal Bowersox and Brett Ryan Stewart release new single “The Stuff” to raise awareness for Type 1 diabetes

The two talented musicians operate out of Nashville and have both lived with Type 1 diabetes for most of their lives.READ MORE

Global Diabetes Non-Profit Beyond Type 1 Celebrates World Diabetes Day With Guiness World Record Attempt

Beyond Type 1 is celebrating Sir Frederick Banting’s 127th birthday on Wednesday, November 14th with a coalition of almost 50 organizations attempting to break the Guinness World Record for most contributions to an e-greeting card. READ MORE

Diabeloop Obtains CE Marking for DBLG1

Diabeloop, a French medical technology company that specializes in creating accessible innovations for the Type 1 diabetes community, has obtained CE marking for its DBLG1 System.READ MORE

California Wildfires

Hundreds of thousands evacuate as California wildfires turn deadly.READ MORE

The Deductible Problem

Over the past two decades, deductibles have been steadily rising and a greater percentage of Americans have been enrolling in high deductible health plans.READ MORE

Diabetes Patients Are Being Denied Access to Life-Changing Technology

A recent survey conducted by Dexcom and Beyond Type 1 has revealed that many people with Type 1 diabetes are unaware of continuous glucose monitoring.READ MORE

How much does it cost to produce insulin?

Study sets prices for the future of biosimilars.READ MORE


Hurricane Willa has intensified into a Category 5 in the eastern Pacific Ocean and will threaten MexicoREAD MORE

Tandem t:slim X2 Approved in Canada

The Tandem t:slim X2 has received Health Canada license with sales expected to begin in Fall 2018. Read on to learn a bit more about the product and to find out if it’s in the running for your next pump.READ MORE

$2 Million Grant to Power Bionic Pancreas Trials

The iLet Bionic Pancreas System is pocket sized device that will be worn similarly to that of an insulin pump, but only requires the patient to enter body weight, and does not require any carbohydrate counting nor the configuring of any basal or bolus rates or correction ratios.READ MORE

Abbott’s FreeStyle Libre Gains CE Mark In Europe

Earlier this month, Abbott announced that its FreeStyle Libre 2 system had secured CE Mark clearance in the European Union. The system will be launched on a rolling basis throughout Europe, starting in the coming weeks, according to the company.READ MORE

How Paige Powered Up

Off the little Seattle island of San Juan, big things are happening in philanthropy — we're seeing an entire community contribute their resources and talents to help raise awareness and funds for Type 1 diabetes, an autoimmune disease that currently has no cure.READ MORE

Tidepool Announces Plans to Create FDA-Regulated Loop

On Monday, October 8, Tidepool announced plans to deliver an officially supported, FDA-regulated Loop app, available via the App Store. READ MORE

Hurricane Michael

Hurricane Michael has 150 mph winds as it approaches Florida's panhandle. It's almost a Category 5 storm. READ MORE

Research Shows Fridges Might Be Destroying Insulin

A 16-month study has shown that 79% of insulin is kept at temperatures outside of the recommended range. Insulin stored in the fridge is at a much higher risk. READ MORE

5 Takeaways from Diabetics on the Margin

“I think it’s so important that we’re having these kinds of open discussions that people from all different cultures and identities can meet and mix and validate one another. This honestly is the first event that I’ve seen that is specifically speaking to people on the margins.”READ MORE

People Are Dying from Insulin Rationing – Even TV Dramas Are Talking About It

While TV dramas have the propensity to be — well, dramatic — the details of Abby’s story are not only accurate but also more common than one might believe.READ MORE

Beyond Type 1 Receives $300,985 Helmsley Charitable Trust Grant for DKA Awareness Campaign

Beyond Type 1 is excited to announce today that we have received a $300,985 grant from The Leona M. and Harry B Helmsley Charitable Trust to power the next phase of our DKA Awareness Campaign.READ MORE

DiaYogi Dialogues

11 conversations with game changers who teach yoga and live with diabetes.READ MORE

$10 Million Grant to ViaCyte from Gore Supports Cell-Based Treatment for Diabetes

Today, ViaCyte and W.L. Gore & Associates announced a $10 million investment by Gore into ViaCyte. This is the second multimillion dollar investment by Gore, following a first in 2017.READ MORE

The Diabetics on the Margin Event in NYC

If you’ve ever looked at the diabetes space and thought, there isn’t anybody who looks like me here!, the Diabetics on the Margin event, presented by Beyond Type 1 in partnership with Ariel Lawrence, was a major milestone geared toward changing that!READ MORE

CRISPR Therapeutics and ViaCyte’s Strategic Collaboration to Develop Gene‐Edited Stem Cell‐Derived Therapy for Diabetes

Yesterday, CRISPR Therapeutics (NASDAQ: CRSP), a biopharmaceutical company that develops transformative gene‐based medicines for serious diseases, and ViaCyte, Inc., a regenerative medicine company, announced their collaboration.READ MORE

T1D Care in the Wake of Typhoon Mangkhut

Typhoon Mangkhut has slammed the Philippines, Hong Kong and continues a destruction path across Southern China.READ MORE

Hurricane Florence

As Hurricane Florence heads toward the U.S. Southeast and Mid-Atlantic, we want to ensure everyone is prepared for the days ahead. If you live in Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina STAY INFORMED. READ MORE

Tropical Storm Gordon

Tropical Storm Gordon heads towards the northern Gulf Coast threatening AL, FL, and MS.READ MORE

Non-Invasive Glucose Monitoring in the Works at Apple?

On Thursday, August 23rd, Apple filed a patent for what looks like non-invasive glucose monitoring technology. Is the tech giant (finally) developing non-invasive glucose monitoring technology? Here’s what that might look like.READ MORE

Introducing Jesse Was Here – a letter to the Type 1 community

A message from CEO + Co-Founder Sarah Lucas about our newest program Jesse Was Here - supporting those navigating life after a Type 1 death.READ MORE

Hurricane Lane in Hawaii

Hawaii is being threatened by Hurricane Lane the biggest weather threat to Hawaii in decades. We understand this is a stressful and scary situation, that is why want to help. READ MORE

Dexcom Acquires TypeZero Technologies, Including inControl Algorithm

Dexcom announced today that it has acquired TypeZero Technologies, Inc. or "TypeZero". Most notably, this acquisition includes the inControl technology developed to automatically adjust and regulate the delivery of insulin.READ MORE

What are SGLT-1 and SLGT-2 Inhibitors for Type 1 Diabetes?

The study conclusions found that Lexicon combined with optimized insulin therapy was associated with sustained A1C reduction, weight loss, lowered insulin doses, fewer episodes of severe hypoglycemia and improved patient-reported outcomes.READ MORE

Ring Around the Courtroom: The Wait for U.S. Biosimilar Insulins

In general, biosimilar medicines are priced lower than the original product from which they are based. Drug price history suggests that at least two generics are needed on the market to lower costs in a meaningful way. If we look at biosimilar insulins, there does appear to be hope for decreased prices, but not as much as some may believe.READ MORE

Ready-To-Use Glucagon Rescue Pen

Xeris Pharmaceuticals announced this week that the company has filed an NDA (new drug application) to the FDA for its Glucagon Rescue Pen.READ MORE

The Insulin Patch and Who Will Bring it to Market

CeQur, a company that develops and sells simple insulin delivery devices primarily for those with Type 2, has recently bought the Calibra insulin delivery patch from Johnson & Johnson. READ MORE

The Future of OpenAPS with Dana Lewis

Beyond Type 1 recently sat down with Dana Lewis, who shared with us how the OpenAPS system has changed her life. Her diabetes journey is fascinating, and Dana gave us a behind-the-scenes look at the technology that can seem almost too good to be true.READ MORE

DugalDiabetes – A Decision Support App for Individualized Mealtime Insulin Dosing

DugalDiabetes is a decision support app focused on mealtime insulin dosing that is customized to you and your experience.READ MORE

Research for Better Management + Cure of Type 1 diabetes

Research to cure and treat Type 1 mostly fits into five areas: 1) beta cell health and regeneration, 2) immunotherapy, 3) replacement beta cells, 4) device/technology innovation and 5) medications for glucose management.READ MORE

Can ATG Delay the Onset of Type 1?

On June 25, 2018, TrialNet announced some promising primary findings from the first year of their two year study on ATG and GCSF. These primary findings suggest that “low dose ATG preserved beta cell function and improved insulin production.”READ MORE

Tortoise vs the Hare – Islet Transplantation vs Technology

The race to find a more effective and non-evasive, injection-free therapy for patients with Type 1 diabetes involves many players. The remaining question is not when, but who is going to win: the tortoise or the hare?READ MORE

Immunotherapy for Type 1 Diabetes

“For a long time, everybody thought that Type 1 would be cured by immunosuppression,” said The Faustman Lab’s Dr. Denise L. Faustman, M.D., Ph.D., but the past 30 years of discovery “have proven that immunostimulation is what’s needed.”READ MORE

Northern California Wildfire Help

We know that during these kinds of emergencies mandatory evacuations are in order and you have very little time to prepare. We want to share information about how to help or receive help if you have been affected by the wildfires.READ MORE

Lilly Files for FDA Approval of Nasal Glucagon

Eli Lilly and Company has submitted a New Drug Application (NDA) to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and an EU Marketing Authorization Application (MAA) to the European Medicines Agency (EMA) for nasal glucagon. If the drug receives approval, it will be the first dry powder nasal spray on market to treat severe hypoglycemia.READ MORE

5 Reasons to Get Screened for Type 1 Diabetes

If you have a relative with Type 1 diabetes, you may be at higher risk of developing the disease, making it imperative that you get screened. The Pathway to Prevention Study is a free and simple blood test that determines your risk of developing Type 1 diabetes before symptoms occur. READ MORE

TEDDY STUDY – Researching the Causes of Type 1 diabetes

Researchers are studying a group of nearly 9,000 children from four countries from birth to 15 years old who are at an elevated risk for Type 1 diabetes.READ MORE

Can an Antihypertensive Drug Preserve Beta Cell Function in Early Type 1 diabetes?

A study published this week in Nature reported that an FDA-approved antihypertensive drug, verapamil, might slow the progression of beta cell destruction at Type 1 diabetes onset.READ MORE

Why Beyond Type 1 Matters: An Interview With Nick Jonas

Jonas explains why Beyond Type 1 is a whole new brand of philanthropy, saying, "I think traditionally the internet has been used as an educational tool for many diseases and things of that nature, but in regards to Type 1 diabetes (T1D), this is the first time social media has really been a defining factor in the outreach and the presence of a non-profit."READ MORE

2018 Abbott Dash to the Finish Line 5K

Join Type One Run for the 2018 Abbott Dash to the Finish Line 5k in New York City on November 3, 2018! At the Abbott Dash to the Finish Line 5K, you’ll be a part of the world-famous TCS New York City Marathon. READ MORE

Supermodel Bambi Talks Type 1 Diabetes

Bambi, 26-year-old Australian model who has been living with Type 1 diabetes for more than half her life caught up with Lauren Bongiorno, a Beyond Type 1 Global Ambassador for a recent Facebook broadcast.READ MORE

T1D Advocate Justin Wright on Living Boldly

Justin Wright, aspiring model, advocate and winner of the Kansas City Dream Factory Award, talks about what T1D advocacy means to him and how he plans on making a difference. READ MORE

Quincy the Koala Gets a Dexcom G6 CGM

Quincy, a koala with Type 1 diabetes who lives in the San Diego Zoo, just got a Dexcom G6 CGM.READ MORE

New Finding Could Improve Depression Treatment in T1D

A new study, recently published in Endocrine Connection, examined the relationship between Type 1 diabetes, depression, and neuroinflammatory responses in the body. The research, titled “Depression in type 1 diabetes was associated with high levels of circulating galectin-3,” was conducted by clinicians at Sweden’s Lund University.READ MORE

Guatemala Disaster Relief

On Sunday, June 3, 2018, the Volcán de Fuego in Guatemala began its eruptive phase. Located approximately 50 kilometers from the Guatemalan capital, the volcano has affected primarily Sacatepéquez, Escuintla and Chimaltenango. READ MORE

Omnipod DASH System from Insulet Receives FDA Clearance

Omnipod DASH(TM) Insulin Management System has received 510(K) clearance from the FDA. This clearance allows Insulet to commercialize this product in the United States, though Insulet has announced that it will begin roll-out through a limited market launch. Full market release is estimated to begin in early 2019 in the United States.READ MORE

Beyond Type 1’s Meet Up in NYC – Join the Community

Beyond Type 1 creates opportunities for the diabetes community to connect in all kinds of ways: through the Beyond Type 1 app, on social media, and in real life. Whether you’ve been living with diabetes for 2.5 months or 25 years, there’s something about being in the company of other people who get it.READ MORE

New iLet Bionic Pancreas System Begins Clinical Trial Testing

Beta Bionics has officially received IDE approval from the FDA to begin a clinical trial, testing the new iLet Bionic Pancreas System.READ MORE

Gut Health Possibly the Key to Type 1 Diabetes Prevention

Recently, a research team from the University of Queensland in Australia began a trial centered around the relationship between the changes in gut microbiota and Type 1 diabetes diagnoses, and whether these findings could help prevent Type 1 diabetes in the future.READ MORE


NEW YORK, NY, MAY 24, 2018 – For the second year, Beyond Type 1 has been named an Official Charity Partner of the 2018 TCS New York City Marathon, fielding a team of 21 runners from 6 countries. Each of the runners, aged 19 to 66, lives with Type 1 diabetes.READ MORE

Inside the Lilly Diabetes Blogger Summit

This month, a special team within Lilly Diabetes hosted a small group of diabetes bloggers from around the country to participate in a 2-day summit at their new innovation center in Cambridge, Massachusetts.READ MORE

The Low-Carb Diet — The Answer to Managing Type 1 Diabetes?

The American Academy of Pediatrics has released a groundbreaking paper this May about the potential benefits of managing Type 1 Diabetes with a low-carb diet.READ MORE

The Dire Reality of having Type 1 Diabetes in Venezuela

People with Type 1 diabetes in Venezuela are experiencing one of the worst moments in history. They don’t have blood glucose test strips; they can only get insulin at no-cost at hospitals, if they get it at all. And very few can afford insulin from pharmacies when it is in stock.READ MORE

Medtronic’s Guardian Connect CGM + Limited Availability

Medtronic’s Guardian Connect mobile system will begin a “soft” launch during this month through July with a wider release in the fall.READ MORE

DRIFcan and the Edmonton Protocol for Type 1 Diabetes Cure Research

Beyond Type 1 had the pleasure of talking to Melanie Hibbard, the Executive Director of DRIFCan. DRIFCan, or Diabetes Research Institute Foundation Canada, was established in 2005 and their mission is to directly fund cure-based diabetes.READ MORE

Comparing the Dexcom G6 to the G5

Communications Manager Dana Howe test drives the recently FDA approved Dexcom G6 as compared to a Dexcom G5.READ MORE

CDC Reports Rise in DKA Hospitalizations in the United States – What’s behind this change?

You don’t have to be a statistics wizard to see the correlation between the cost of insulin, healthcare coverage, and DKA hospitalizations. Reversing the recent rise reported by the CDC means tackling not just awareness, but access as well. READ MORE

Sebastián Uprimny at the Winter Olympics

A few months since that first conversation, Sebastián announced that with great pride he would be one of the athletes who would represent his country Colombia in Winter Olympics hosted in South Korea.READ MORE

What’s New at Tidepool?

Want to know what's new at Tidepool? Get the scoop from Tidepool’s Community Manager Christopher Snider.READ MORE

Rule by Intimidation: The Contract Keeping Pharmacists Quiet

What pharmacists can't tell you about prescription drug prices and why.READ MORE

Broadway Star Taylor Louderman and Sister Talk T1D

Beyond Type 1 got to chat with Broadway star Taylor Louderman and her sister about the Type 1 diabetes diagnosis that changed their family. More, we learned what it means to be a sibling of someone with Type 1 and how you can be supportive through the trials and tribulations of this chronic condition.READ MORE

Learn about Looping: The Do-it-Yourself Artificial Pancreas

Loop is an iOS app (Apple only) that connects a continuous glucose monitor and a compatible insulin pump to your phone to bring automated insulin adjustments. Learn what looping is all about!READ MORE

Diabetes and Workplace Discrimination

Workplace diabetes discrimination comes in many forms. Hear this T1Ds incredible story of what she faced at work and what rights she learned she had.READ MORE

Who will profit from the cure for Type 1 diabetes?

Lilly announced an investment in a cell encapsulation technology. I have questions for the companies that hold our lives in their hands.READ MORE

Lilly Invests in Cell Encapsulation Technology

Today, Eli Lilly and Company announced an investment partnership with Sigilon - an upfront payment of $63 million and up to $410 million more as the Sigilon’s research hits development and commercialization milestones. READ MORE

Dexcom CEO Kevin Sayer Explains G6

Beyond Type 1 got to sit down with Dexcom CEO Kevin Sayer to find out how the launch of G6 will change the face of diabetes care as we know it.READ MORE

Getting To Know Ryan Reed

Growing up in Bakersfield California, racing was like a part of the DNA of the tight-knit Reed household.  When most kids were learning to ride a tricycle, Ryan Reed, like his grandfather and father, was racing, and Sundays were for NASCAR.READ MORE

FDA Approves Dexcom G6

The FDA approved the Dexcom G6 continuous glucose monitor system, the first iCGM to be used integrated with other compatible medical devices and electronic interfaces.READ MORE

NASCAR Driver Ryan Reed Joins Beyond Type 1 Global Ambassador Council

April 9, 2018 - NASCAR driver Ryan Reed, is the newest member of the Beyond Type 1 Global Ambassador Council of Beyond Type 1, a global nonprofit organization focusing on education, advocacy and curing Type 1 diabetes.READ MORE

Closing the loop – The System that’s Changing Diabetes Management

Closed Loop Insulin Delivery: a system that works to mimic the human pancreas by using real time CGM data to determine when it should or shouldn’t make adjustments to the wearers basal insulin delivery. It is a concept that has been around since the early 2000s but which has seen its greatest strides towards actuality in the past two years.READ MORE

Data and Diabnext

The sheer quantity of information surrounding diabetes can be overwhelming. Diabnext offers a solution to data management while working toward a better quality of life for people with all types of diabetes.READ MORE

Melissa Lee Talks DIY Closed Loop System

I am an early adopter of the DIY automated insulin delivery system and was the 20th person in the world (by my best count) to jump into using it , which I've now used for two years.READ MORE

Australia’s HBF Will No Longer Carry Insulin Pumps in Basic Policy

AUSTRALIA - Starting July 1, 2018, HBF, West Australia's biggest insurer, will no longer cover insulin pumps in its basic policy. That could mean a premium increase of up to $8,000 a year. READ MORE

Medtronic’s Guardian Connect CGM Gets FDA Approval

Medtronic's Guardian Connect continuous glucose monitoring system (CGM) gets FDA approval. The company is decribing it as "the first smart standalone CGM system to help people with diabetes stay ahead of high and low glucose events."READ MORE

UnitedHealthcare Now Covers Omnipod

For UnitedHealthcare plan participants will have in-network coverage for Omnipod System starting April 1, 2018READ MORE

Unspeakably Wonderful – The Untold Story of Insulin

The Unspeakably Wonderful feature film in development looks at how it was possible that two men who despised each other, Fred Banting and John Macleod, were able to make the medical breakthrough of insulin. READ MORE

Former Facebook Engineer Dies of Undiagnosed Type 1 Diabetes

On September 26, 2017, former software engineer at Facebook, Michael Cohen, died suddenly at the age of 25 from undiagnosed Type 1 diabetes. READ MORE

Emergency Prescription Bill Passed in Pennsylvania

Created after the tragic loss of a Type 1 diabetic in Ohio, a new law in Pennsylvania has eliminated a dangerous loophole in the state’s emergency prescription refill law.READ MORE

Where are all the generic insulins hiding?

Merck's Lusduna Nexvue biosimilar basal insulin product is one step closer to being available for public use in the United States. Delays in launch are due to an outstanding patent infringement lawsuit between Merck and Sanofi.READ MORE

Beauty and the Beast Star Kickstarts Unlikely Teen Comic Book

A comic book series like The KINETIX will give kids the opportunity to see and read about fictional characters like themselves, and empower and motivate them to aspire to do great things in their lives — not despite a medical diagnosis, but because of it!READ MORE

Treating Type 1 diabetes without Insurance – The #OverTheCounterT1DChallenge

Losing your insurance should never be a death sentence. Rob Howe challenges himself to take only R and N insulin, available over-the-counter for less than $100/month. READ MORE

EMTs Not Allowed to Administer Glucagon

A new paper co-authored by Joslin’s CMO Robert A. Gabbay, MD, PhD finds administration of life-saving medicine not in scope of practice for EMTs.READ MORE

Companion Medical InPen

The FDA recently approved the smart insulin pen, which is designed to be paired with an Apple iOS app. A first in the U.S., the InPen, which can be re-used for up to one year and works with Humalog or Novalog insulin cartridges, uses Bluetooth to deliver digitized data and, perhaps most important, user convenience.READ MORE