The Tandem Mobi is Now Available


World’s Smallest Automated-Insulin-Delivery System Lets People With Diabetes Experience the Benefits of Control-IQ Technology

On February 13, 2024, Tandem Diabetes Care announced it had begun taking orders and shipping the Tandem Mobi.

Approved for insulin-requiring people with diabetes—aged six and older—the Tandem Mobi is a new way to experience the benefits of Control-IQ technology.

What the Tandem Mobi Means For People With Diabetes

The Control-IQ advanced, hybrid, closed-loop automated-insulin-delivery feature:

  • Predicts and helps prevent high and low blood sugar, and
  • Has demonstrated improved time in range throughout the day and night in numerous controlled clinical trials and real-world studies.

“This tiny, wearable pump exceeded the expectations of users from an early-access program, and we are thrilled to begin offering this exciting new technology to more people in the diabetes community,” said John Sheridan, president and chief executive officer of Tandem Diabetes Care.

Sheridan adds that—with the launch of the Tandem Mobi—Tandem Diabetes Care is executing on its strategy to offer a differentiated portfolio of durable insulin pumps, providing choice, along with new options in wearability.

What Are Tandem Mobi System Features?

  • Small – Less than half the size of the t:slim X2 insulin pump, and small enough to fit in the coin pocket of a pair of jeans.
  • Discrete and Comfortable – Can be clipped to clothing, or worn on the skin/body with a lightweight adhesive sleeve (sold separately).
  • Infusion-Set Options – Compatible with all existing Tandem-branded infusion sets manufactured by Convatec, including a new 5-inch-tubing option made just for Tandem Mobi.
    • Infusion sets allow users to temporarily disconnect from their pump for convenience, and provide the flexibility of more than 30 mix-and-match infusion-site and tubing-length combinations.
  • Tandem Mobi Mobile App – Full iOS mobile control through a user’s compatible iPhone5.
  • Sensor Compatibility – Compatible with the Dexcom G6 Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) System.
    • Additional CGM sensor integrations are planned, including Dexcom G7 in the second quarter of 2024, followed by integration with the Abbott FreeStyle Libre 3 sensor.
  • Control-IQ Technology – Uses values from a Dexcom G6 CGM to predict glucose levels 30 minutes ahead and automatically adjust insulin—if needed—to help prevent highs and lows. Tandem Mobi’s Control-IQ technology:
    • Utilizes compatible CGM sensor readings to predict blood-sugar levels 30 minutes ahead of time.
    • Adjusts insulin delivery every five minutes to help prevent both high- and low-blood-sugar levels.
    • Delivers automatic correction boluses of insulin for up to an hour to help prevent high blood sugars.
      • Tandem Mobi users will still manually bolus for snacks and meals.
  • Clear 200-unit cartridge – Allows users to see their remaining insulin level.
  • Water-Resistant – The pump is water-resistant to a depth of 8 feet (2.4 meters) for up to 2 hours (IP28 rating).
  • Flexible Pump Control – The Tandem Mobi system has a physical button that allows users to deliver a bolus of insulin without their iPhone.
  • Advanced Technology – Uses modern wireless charging and is capable of remote software updates.

What is Tandem Mobi’s Availability in the United States?

Tandem Mobi orders will be processed on a first come/first served basis, with initial shipments to users who meet specific eligibility requirements—including use of the Dexcom G6 CGM to access automated-insulin-delivery features.

The Tandem Customer Care team is available now to help determine the eligibility and potential timing of pump shipments for customers.

If you have insulin-requiring diabetes, and would like to start the ordering process, go to

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WRITTEN BY Daniel Trecroci, POSTED 02/14/24, UPDATED 03/05/24

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