When you make a donation to Beyond Type 1 you are investing in a better life for people living with Type 1 diabetes. Your gift has an instant and immediate impact – providing funding for a wide range of meticulously selected programs focused on education and advocacy and the most promising efforts to cure Type 1.

Our Leadership + Founding Friends cover 100% of our operational costs allowing 100% of every dollar you donate to have a powerful and direct impact. We proudly invite you to review our portfolio of initial grantees + join us today with a gift of any size. When we pool our resources we are truly changing the world and empowering people to live beyond.

About Beyond Type 1 Grants

Beyond Type 1 issues grants to the most promising efforts and programs working to educate, advocate and cure Type 1. In fall of 2015, we accepted an initial round of grant applications and began issuing those grants in December of 2015.

We review grant and partnership proposals on a rolling basis. If you are working on something, and think that Beyond Type 1 would be a good partner, send us an email and tell us a bit about you, your organization, and the work that you're doing!

If you have any questions, contact Thom Scher.

Native Programs

In addition to issuing grants to outside organizations that are doing remarkable work, we also have our own set of programs. The website in English as well as Spanish is a wonderful resource for people impacted by Type 1 diabetes. Our content looks at both mental and physical care for those impacted by Type 1 and provides inspirational stories from those who have been there. For those newly diagnosed, our First 30 Days materials provide what is essential to know in those early days, and our Type1Day1 is an uplifting short film showing how no one with T1D is alone. Whether your newly diagnosed or have been living with Type 1 for many years, our programs aim to provide both community support as well as educate globally.

Snail Mail Club – Program

Our Snail Mail Club connects T1Ds all over the world as pen pals. Currently in 50 different countries with nearly 4,000 participants aging from 1 to 80 years old, the program fosters a global community of support for those living with Type 1. With Percy as its mascot, an insulin pump toting snail, the program encourages both children and adults to share their stories. The simple exchange of letters and experiences creates lasting friendships that help ease the burden of T1D management.

The Beyond Type 1 App – Program

Together, we’re creating the largest collection of practical ideas, stories and resources for not only living, but thriving with Type 1. We're stronger together with over 12,000 members from more than 100 different countries in the Beyond Type 1 app. People can share stories, read accounts from the community, ask questions, participate in polls, troubleshoot and be a part of a collective that offers both inspiration and support. Some of the main topics we cover are burnout, parenting, stress management, being newly diagnosed, sex, drugs & rock 'n roll.

DKA Awareness Campaign

When people in the United States are diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, approximately 40% of them are in DKA, a dangerous and sometimes deadly consequence of diabetes. Beyond Type 1 is leading the charge to change that. Our DKA Awareness Campaign started with getting T1D warning signs posters and materials into 2,500 pediatric offices of Pennsylvania. That number is now over 10,000 in the states of Texas, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Ohio and California. With the help of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and parent volunteers, we plan to reach every pediatric office in the US. Spreading awareness of Type 1 symptoms can facilitate early diagnosis and save lives. The US is just the starting point for a global DKA campaign; preparing for that, we've already translated our warning signs posters into 15 different languages.



Education – Programs

Education is the key to spreading awareness and changing current misconceptions as to what Type 1 is and how it is managed. Whether your child with Type 1 wants to talk to his or her classroom or entire school, we have printed materials and a power point presentation that explains what Type 1 is, how it's treated and even which celebrities have it. We have just launched a #LivingBeyond session for Type 1 diabetes camps as well that encourages youth to embrace their diagnosis and live a healthy life with a positive outlook.

The Human Trial

The Human Trial – the documentary film being made by Lisa Hepner and Guy Mossman from Vox Pop Films follows the stem cell research and first human trial being done by biotech pioneer Viacyte, based out of San Diego, CA. Talking with the scientists, entrepreneurs and patients behind the project, Hepner and Mossman explore what it takes to get funding and FDA approval for clinical research and medical advancement for what appears to be a Type 1 diabetes cure.

Hear what Lisa has to say about the project in her interview "The Human Trial and What it Means for a Cure"

DRI – The Diabetes Research Institute Foundation

DRI – (The Diabetes Research Institute Foundation) is solely focused on a biological solution for diabetes through research and clinical trials. Recently, they are the first to have successfully transplanted healthy islet cells on the surface of the omentum.


Nightscout – is about diabetes data “in the Cloud” storage that’s then accessible to parents with Type 1 children. The story: when the technology didn’t exist, parents hacked into Dexcom’s CGM and found a way to export that data on portable devices for extended monitoring. Talk about taking action.

More about Nighscout in interview with software engineer James Wedding: "Nightscout — the Technology that Changed the World We Know"

Marjorie’s Fund

Marjorie’s Fund – Their mission is to empower Type 1 adolescents and adults in resource-poor areas by providing education, additional resources and research for understudied populations. Daily, they are increasing survival rates in the most disadvantaged populations of our world.

Get a glimpse in this interview with founder Dr. Jason Baker: A Death Sentence — Changing the Outlook of Type 1 in Developing Nations.


Tidepool – is building a secure and comprehensive platform for diabetes data; these technophiles are making diabetes management seamless. Whatever app you’re using, you’ll be able to link it to an online system (blip) that tracks BGL data. Currently, they are developing an additional application that examines the impact of food and exercise.

Beyond Type 1 talks with founder and CEO Howard Look in "Tidepool — A Comprehensive Platform for Diabetes Management"


T1International – Working on a global scale, this organization is dedicated to securing insulin and diabetes supplies for those who can’t afford it. Due to pervasive ignorance around Type 1 and the high cost of adequate medical care, many go without, suffering dire consequences. This group is all about educating and assisting organizations that are on the ground and working directly with the people who need the help most.

Read more: "T1International and Their Global T1D Mission," an interview with founder Elizabeth Rowley.

ROI – Riding on Insulin

RidingOnInsulin – is all about empowerment and community, offering action sport camps (such as skiing and snowboarding) to kids and teens with Type 1. Spanning three countries, their organization motivates youth to be active and positive while connecting with the larger Type 1 community.


ViaCyte – is the leader in regenerative medicine, researching pancreatic beta cell replacement therapy. After being implanted, the precursor cells mature into cells that secrete insulin. The end goal: total independence from insulin and better, sustained control of blood glucose levels.

To read the press release, visit here.