From a single Instagram in February 2015 to 11 web verticals, 20 social media properties, 20 grantees and 22 current native programs, Beyond Type 1 has become a global leader, amassing the largest online diabetes community in the world. Beyond Type 1 provides programs and resources that enhance the lives of those affected by Type 1, changing the landscape of diabetes management. Additionally, Beyond Type 1 has funded some of the most innovative efforts, technology and resources focused on education, advocacy as well as research and efforts paving the way to a Type 1 diabetes cure.

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Beyond Type 1 issues grants to the most promising efforts and programs working to educate, advocate and cure Type 1. We review grant and partnership proposals on a rolling basis. If you are working on something, and think that Beyond Type 1 would be a good partner, send us an email and tell us a bit about you, your organization and the work that you’re doing!

If you have any questions, contact hello@beyondtype1.org.


Beyond Type 1 is proud to partner with these incredible organizations to make the biggest impact possible, improving what it means to live with Type 1 diabetes.

AADEAmerican Association of Diabetes Educators, a multi-disciplinary professional membership organization dedicated to improving diabetes care through innovative education, management and support. Their vision is to empower diabetes educators to expand the horizons of innovative education, management and support.

DDRC – The Diabetes Disaster Response Coalition was formed to address these unique challenges and meet the acute needs of those with T1D during natural disasters.

DPAC – Diabetes Patient Advocacy Coalition, an alliance of people with diabetes, caregivers, patient advocates, health professionals, disease organizations and companies working collaboratively to promote and support public policy initiatives to improve the health of people with diabetes. Beyond Type 1 is a part of multiple “Working Groups” that are led by DPAC focused on Insulin Affordability Programs, Insulin R/N Availability, and the Congressional Diabetes Caucus.

DPC – Diabetes Policy Collaborative, a coalition of the Alliance for Patient Access, seeks to maintain access for diabetes patients and to restore the sanctity of the physician-patient relationship in diabetes care.

ECHO – Extension for Community Health Care Outcomes, a feasibility study done by Stanford Children’s Health and the University of Florida that plans for implementation of a provider-level intervention that aims to improve care access for underserved adult and pediatric communities living with Type 1 diabetes. The ECHO T1D proposal will address urgent geographic, racial and socioeconomic disparities to promote health equity and improve health outcomes within highly vulnerable populations of children and adults with T1D in California and Florida.

PPPHPartnership to Protect Patient Health, a coalition of diverse stakeholders, including patients, health care providers, researchers and caregivers, that raises awareness among policymakers and the media about the implications of “bad drug” commercials. The organization aims to protect the relationship between the patient and his or her health care provider.