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Welcome to Beyond Type 1’s School Resources page!

From this page, you can navigate to our extensive resource pages for students of all grade levels, touching personal stories written about type 1 diabetes at school and downloadable forms from a 504 plan and a diabetes alert dog description to posters that describe what type 1 is. Transferring care to the classroom for younger type 1 children or knowing your rights as a young adult doesn’t have to be daunting! Beyond Type 1 will help you pass with flying colors.

Download a School Presentation of Teaching Type 1 to Others.

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School Resources

Elementary/Primary School with Type 1 Diabetes

Sending a child with T1D off to school can be one of the more anxiety-filled situations a parent or caregiver will face. It is up to you to educate them, and we've got all the tools to help you! ...MORE

High/Secondary School with Type 1 Diabetes

Welcome to High School! Whether you enter high school with T1D or are diagnosed along the way—it’s just rough. High school is challenging enough without the added physical and mental burden of a c...MORE

College/University with Type 1 Diabetes

College is awesome, but whether you’ve been recently diagnosed or have had diabetes for years, navigating college life with T1D will require extra precautions.MORE

What is a 504 Plan?

A 504 Plan ensures that no student with any sort of disability is discriminated against, and is given the same education as every other student, all the while being provided a safe space to manage the...MORE

A Coach’s Guide to Type 1 Diabetes

As a coach, you want to push each member of your team. Don’t see type 1 as a roadblock; see type 1 as a challenge that your athlete takes on everyday. Here is what you should know about type 1 diabe...MORE

A Teacher’s Guide to Kids with Type 1 Diabetes

Being a teacher comes with the responsibility of taking care of 20-30 children on a daily basis. In your career, you may have a student with Type 1 diabetes in your class. Although you may feel overwh...MORE


Education Presentations

Made possible by Gvoke, our education presentations have everything you and your loved ones need to educate others about type 1 diabetes confidently and help others understand life with T1D a bit more...MORE

Marina and the Microscope

This children's book designed to inspire, educate, and build understanding for all kids with diabetes, was made possible through the JDRF - Beyond Type 1 Alliance, in partnership with ADCMORE