Over 130 million women give birth each year and for women with Type 1 diabetes, while the risks and challenges are of course magnified, the reality is that you can successfully navigate the before and after phases of pregnancy. At Beyond Type 1 you’ll find resources for each stage of your pregnancy and what risks you may face along the way.

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The Type 1 Diabetes Think Tank Network has created a Type 1 Diabetes & Pregnancy Web Series to address questions from women with Type 1 looking to get pregnant and have a healthy delivery. Consulting experts in the field, Host Deanna Palazzo, walks us through each trimester as well as care after birth.

  1. Introduction. 
  2. Pre-pregnancy. Host Deanna Palazzo interviews endocrinologist Dr. Julia Lowe and nurse/diabetes educator Fiona Thompson-Hutchison on topics relating to pre-pregnancy. These questions include whether it is common for women with Type 1 to have babies, the chance of the baby developing Type 1, and why it’s so important to work toward getting an HbA1c under 7%.
  3. First trimester. Host Deanna Palazzo interviews nurse/diabetes educator Barbara Cleave and endocrinologist Dr. Denice Feig to get their thoughts on the first trimester. Topics covered include what are pregnancy symptoms vs. diabetes symptoms, how shifting blood glucose levels affect the fetus, and managing the variable insulin ratios that are needed.
  4. Second trimester. Deanna Palazzo interviews endocrinologist Dr. Julia Lowe and obstetrician Dr. Howard Berger to learn more about the second trimester. Topics being discussed include weight gain, the impact (or lack thereof!) of a “brief episode of cake”, gestational diabetes tests, and more!
  5. Third trimester. Deanna interviews endocrinologist Dr. Julia Lowe and obstetrician Dr. Howard Berger to learn more about the third trimester and delivery. Topics being discussed include the changes to blood glucose levels during labour, the potential for NICU visits, just what ‘shoulder dystocia’ can mean, and more!
  6. Post birth. Deanna interviews nurse and diabetes educator Fiona Thompson-Hutchison and endocrinologist Dr. Denice Feig about what happens after the baby is born. Topics being discussed include blood glucose and breast milk, personal safety, and what to be aware of in this final stage of pregnancy.



Having a community of women with Type 1 diabetes who understands the ups and downs of pregnancy is invaluable. Join the “Beyond the Bump” group for pregnant T1D women on the Beyond Type 1 app for additional support.