As they say, there’s no real rulebook for parenting — you mostly make it up as you go, learn from your mistakes (or the mistakes of your parents) and just hope for the best. At the beginning, there are the feelings of joy, elation and the recognition that life will never be the same again. It’s as they say, words alone cannot truly describe what it’s like to become a parent — it’s ineffable, that moment you realize that you’re responsible for this little wonder — and excitement abounds at the newness of it all.

Then there’s the commitment, endurance and fear with all the small and big triumphs along the way as you struggle to “get it right.” Add Type 1 into the mix, and you have a whole other level of commitment, endurance and fear. But you keep at it, and you keep trying, because that’s the only option. Your love is the only answer.

Whether you are a parent to a Type 1(s) or a Type 1 who is a parent or looking to become one, we’ve got a story for you. We’ve also sprinkled in a little advice, but as you may have guessed, trial and error governs most. Enjoy!