Snail Mail Club


Announcing the Beyond Type 1 Snail Mail Club, a pen pal program for kids and teens (adults are welcome too) with Type 1 diabetes around the world. Have you ever wished you could have a T1D friend in another part of the country, or another part of the world? Us too! That’s why we created the Beyond Type 1 Snail Mail Club!

Want to give another T1D kiddo a chance to be a pen pal? Donate to our Snail Mail Program today!

Beyond Type 1 is a company built on social media and technology, but we know that good old fashioned personal connections are just as important. Our hope is that the Snail Mail Club will foster community, create lasting connections that go beyond the page, and that some of you can even meet in person one day! At a minimum, it will give you one more person on your team.

Open to anyone with Type 1 around the world. For a donation of $10.00, you or your child will receive a starter pack of Snail Mail stationary, envelopes and stickers. Scroll down to sign up!


How does it work?

  1. Fill out the below form (with a parent’s help if you are under 13)
  2. We’ll match you up with a Pen Pal based on your answers (we match participants twice a month, right after the 1st and 15th)
  3. Once matched you’ll receive an email confirmation
  4. You’ll get a Starter Kit (awesome stationery, stickers, doodle paper).
  5. Write to your pen pal!
  6. Have other questions? Check out our FAQ!
  7. If you have waited more than three weeks for your first letter, email

Join the Snail Mail Club

Buy more Snail Mail Stationery!

Have you used all your Snail Mail stationery? Looking for more? It sounds like you’re a letter writing champ! For $10, you can receive a kit of 4 more unique Snail Mail stationery cards with envelopes. It’s simple – visit and click the “Lifestyle” tab! Thank you for being part of the Snail Mail Club!

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