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Beyond Type 1 recently announced Innovation Grant recipients—AKA Instigators of Changeand we’re ready to get to work! Stay tuned for how we plan to transform communities together, and read more about us in the news!!!

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It's Time to Go Beyond!

Together, we can meet diabetes-community members where they live, work, play, pray and learn.

We can elevate solutions to address critical problems that need to be solved.

  1. Many people do not receive an accurate and timely diabetes diagnosis.
  2. Many people who are diagnosed never receive vital management education, connection or encouragement.

For people with diabetes, significant disparities exist in access to care and health outcomes.

Diabetes Self-Management Courses are greatly underutilized and often inaccessible.

In the U.S.,
less than 5%

of Medicare beneficiaries with diabetes and 6.8% of privately insured people with diagnosed diabetes have used Diabetes Self Management Education and Support services.

The burden of diabetes and its complications is

disproportionately larger

for racial/ethnic minority groups, low-income individuals and rural residents.

45% of the people with diabetes

in underserved communities do not visit a diabetes clinic within 1 year of their diagnosis.

Beyond Barriers

Beyond Barriers is Beyond Type 1’s diabetes health-equity program. Beyond Barriers brings resources, education and programs to underserved and minority communities.

Beyond Barriers elevates innovation through:

  • Investment in partner organizations who are working to improve outcomes for the diabetes community in innovative ways that improve access to care, support and resources needed to thrive with diabetes.
  • Beyond Barriers will provide our partners financial support, educational resources and technical support to increase early diabetes diagnosis through warning-sign awareness and screening, improve access to care and enhance community education.
Beyond Barriers recipient winners with Beyond Type 1 staff

Through Beyond Barriers, we can help your org:

  • Accelerate and expand innovative community-based solutions to improve diabetes health outcomes
  • Promote early diabetes diagnosis and support
  • Prevent unnecessary complications and death
  • Increase access to peer support and community-based resources to thrive with diabetes
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To live a full and healthy life, people with diabetes in underserved communities must have fair and equal opportunity—and access.

A diabetes diagnosis doesn’t always lead to optimal education, resources, programs, connection and encouragement.

Break down barriers and transform healthcare equity in your community!

Applications for 2024 are now closed, but stay tuned for exciting announcements from our Instigators of Change!

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