Life with Type 1 Stories


The Invisible Family Member

How we wish that "divorce" was an option. How we wish that this "forced adoption" could be called off. Heck, how we wish we could sleep again for a change! But this 'family member’ is here to stay.READ MORE

Riding with T1D

When I was first learning to ride and just walking and trotting for thirty-minute periods, it wasn’t too difficult to manage my blood sugars. As the skills I was learning became more difficult and more intense, so did managing my blood sugars.READ MORE

Diabetes Distress: The Emotional Cost of Living with Chronic Illness

If you live with Type 1 diabetes or any other form of chronic illness you understand exactly what the word "distress" feels like. At times it can be so overwhelming and the lingering aftermath so great, it can seem like there is no way out.READ MORE

From Grief to Greater Than

After Hayden’s Type 1 diabetes diagnosis, the first few months were tough on all of us, but I particularly was pulled into a blackhole of anxiety, worry and depression.READ MORE

11 Nosy Questions with Your New Favorite T1D Couple

Bike Beyond's Amanda Oberski and Matt Swain fell in love on the road. This is their story. READ MORE

Between Now and a Cure

On the evening of September 10, 2009, the streets of Kampala were ablaze with political protests, and a "boda-boda" was weaving through the jam-packed traffic. My father was hauling me, his comatose son, to find urgent medical care. READ MORE

Childhood, Interrupted — Reconciling a Carefree Life with a Demanding Disease

From the minute you, or someone you love, receives diagnosis of a chronic disease, your view of the world shifts. It doesn’t take time to sink in. It starts now. The clock is reset. Your life is redefined.READ MORE

The Things People Say

I hear the same things from other parents over and over again, after this diagnosis. Please, if you have been the asker of these questions, don't feel bad. I know exactly where the question came from and I harbor no ill will.READ MORE

Celebrities Supporting the T1D Community

Raising awareness about Type 1 diabetes helps improve education about the chronic illness, dispel misinformation and aid in cure research funding. Check out who makes Beyond Type 1's list for Celebrities who Support the T1D Community.READ MORE

Cold and Diabetes – Antifreeze in the Blood?

Now that winter’s here, it’s time to explore the mysterious relationship between diabetes and cold weather. Most of the people I know who have Type 1, also have strong opinions about what cold does or doesn’t do to one’s sugars.READ MORE

Temporary Tattoos and Device Help Children Take Insulin Injections

Thomy is an insulin kit that helps children inject insulin. Both fun and innovative, it includes temporary tattoos with planetary designs to mark used injection sites. READ MORE

Self-care is Never Selfish for Parents of Kids with Diabetes

Being a parent can be one of the most rewarding – and most tiring jobs a person does. Add a child with Type 1 diabetes to the mix, and all bets are off! READ MORE

What is Diabetes Distress?

According to Dr. Lawrence Fisher, Research Director at the Behavioral Diabetes Institute (BDI), Diabetes Distress or “DD” refers to all the fears and worries that people with diabetes experience on a daily basis. Fear of complications or the fear of hypoglycemia are examples of the types of concerns that may cause DD.READ MORE

Pre-Marathon Nightmares to Amazing Race Day BGs

My family was a little surprised when I ran the idea of running the TCS New York City Marathon by them last February. Perhaps because I was not a runner, they didn’t think that anything would come out of my hasty idea. READ MORE

It Isn’t Permanent

Her mother suggested that one day Corinne may want to consider getting a tattoo in lieu of wearing a medical alert bracelet. Corinne responded that she was afraid it would hurt and before her mother could reassure her that the pain would be temporary Corinne said, “Won’t it hurt to have the tattoo removed, when there is a cure?”READ MORE

Going the Distance to Raise Awareness

No man is an island, especially when Type 1 diabetes is involved. We made history in our region with our team and we showed the world that you can’t break our spirit!READ MORE

5 Lessons from Running the 5 Boroughs with Beyond Type Run

I had the unbelievable opportunity to make my marathon debut at the largest marathon in the world, one of the six Marathon Majors, and I did it all while marking my 20th year living with Type 1 diabetes.READ MORE

I’m Not Slowing Down

The desire to make a difference came to me as soon as I was diagnosed. I promised myself that I would be stronger than diabetes. Running a half marathon has emerged as a personal challenge that would help me raise awareness and fight diabetes. READ MORE

What the World Showed our Team Bike Beyond

This summer Bike Beyond showed the world we could do anything as Type 1 diabetics. Now they need your help and your voice.READ MORE

To Love, Honor and Cherish

Our promise to “love, honor, and cherish” was tested just two months after we officially started our lives together. Diabetes hits the person and everyone they love. Some relationships deal with it from day one. Others, like my spouse and I, are ambushed midstream.READ MORE

Navigating Wellness Trends with Type 1 Diabetes

If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Cultivating a truly “well” body takes time and effort, much like tending to a garden. READ MORE

My Relationship to Food has Forever Changed

It seems like in an instant I went from a sugar-cereal-eating, corner-piece-of-the-cake-loving child to a cautious carb-counting 20-something machine.READ MORE

What Makes Me a Runner

The thing about running is that everyone laces up their shoes with their own fingers, and mine just happen to be callused. Running is about more than the discomfort. Running is about more than the miles. Running is about more than me. READ MORE

Running My Race

Having Type 1 diabetes has taught me is that it is important to keep running, and keep going even if things get tough. I am inspired by my Beyond Type Run teammates, who like me, continue to run their race fiercely and passionately without letting Type 1 slow them down.READ MORE

5 Reasons Why I Love to Hate Running

Have I completely lost my mind? Sometimes I think so as I’m forcing my fatigued body to push through those double-digit runs over the weekend when I’m supposed to be resting from a taxing workweek. Part of this insanity is what pushes me toward that finish line on November 5th.READ MORE

Journey to Marathon

Running is for you and you only. It is whatever you want to make it — whether you run to compete, push yourself, inspire others, deal with stress, be healthy, finish, or to prove something to yourself.READ MORE

How I Learned to Love my Body

For the first time in my life, I was okay listening to my body. I listened to it when it was in pain, or when it told me it needed a day off. READ MORE

Beyond Type Run: Catching up with Chewey

When I first started, I had no goal in mind. I’m not just running for Type 1, I’m running for all the types. Now I'm just gonna keep going — I don't have an end number of races in mind for this year. READ MORE

T1D Cardiologist Balances Life with Marathon Running

Running a marathon would usually be an exceptional experience to write about however in this case I am one of a team of athletes with Type 1 diabetes training for the 2017 TCS New York City Marathon.READ MORE

Seeking Comfort in a Birthday Diaversary

As people get older, they tend to dread their birthdays. My birthday is a reminder of the day my life changed forever.READ MORE

A Diagnosis Timeline: Why T1D Awareness Matters

At no time had I ever been informed about Type 1 diabetes. It was not on my radar. In my opinion, this is a huge failing and it must be addressed. Why are pediatricians not warning us of the signs and symptoms? Why is it not in the red book?READ MORE

Insurance Changes and Harsh Realities

A few weeks ago, my insurance was solid, my supplies were world class, and my entire paycheck wasn’t needed to have access to such. Now, I sit in a totally different reality.READ MORE

How Type 1 Diabetes prepared me for Marathon Training

How Type 1 Diabetes prepared me for marathon training: From gross glucose tablets to finding your tribe, life with diabetes gave me a running start in the mental training for 26.2 miles.  READ MORE

Dear Little Purple Pancreas

I found myself in my educator’s office for pump training for you, my Minimed 530G. I dreaded the moment of connecting to you.READ MORE

The Power of Community

When we face a diabetes diagnosis, one of the best ways to cope with it is by recognizing that the diabetes online community (DOC) is eager and willing to be there for you.READ MORE

More Than Just a Monologue

Mindy is self-publishing a memoir about growing up with chronic illness and the importance of mental health. This is an excerpt. READ MORE

Wandering Alone

Reflecting on the power of taking on solo expeditions while managing Type 1 diabetes. Conquering fear is always the first step in going at it alone — for anybody, not just us insulin-dependents.READ MORE

You know you have Type 1 when …

Have Type 1 diabetes? Then you'll get it. Here are 21 ways you know you have Type 1.READ MORE

Why I’m Running

I am running the TCS New York City marathon because it’s time to educate. It’s time to spread awareness of not only what having T1D means, but also what it doesn’t mean.READ MORE

I Nearly Died from DKA

While my dad was shoveling my grandma's driveway, back at home, my mom had lifted me over a baby gate in the kitchen and watched my eyes roll back into my head. READ MORE

10 Things That Can Spike Your Blood Sugar

Even when you keep a close eye on your BGL, the unexpected can affect it. Here is our list of 10 things that you might not have realized affect your blood sugar.READ MORE

A Runner’s Guide to T1D

Twenty years after her diagnosis, Stephanie Kahn is readying to run a half marathon and a full marathon in the same year. While her training is readying her body, it's her mind she feels shifting as she finally comes to terms with talking openly about T1D.READ MORE

34 Years Later: Reflecting on Faith and Support

In today's technology age, I have a support group larger than I ever imagined, filled with people with Type 1 from all over the world. READ MORE

5 Tips for Running with Type 1 Diabetes

Running with diabetes hasn't always been pretty. It's been trial and error every single day. Within 10 days of my diagnosis, I had all the technology available to assist with diabetes management. READ MORE

Strength Is Accepting Help

Kaylin Hunter used to think being strong meant refusing a life vest and fighting the T1D current and the anxiety of managing a chronic disease entirely on her own, but she now defines strength as recognizing the need for help and accepting it.READ MORE

Diving with Diabetes in the Philippines

A surreal SCUBA dive in the Philippines goes awry, landing a Type 1 diabetic in the hospital on a very remote island.READ MORE

8 Reasons T1D Camp is Better as an Adult

Who says camp is only for kids? Find out about “diabetes camp for adults” and why we know you will love the camp experience even more as a grown-up!READ MORE

It’s No Longer Just a Needle Game

After her body started resisting injected insulin, Ginger Gault knew she needed a change. After switching to Afrezza, an inhaled insulin, her life has taken an entirely new direction. READ MORE

How to Answer “Why Me?”

Cole Eller was diagnosed with T1D when he was one. His mother spent four years waiting for the day he would ask why. Together they’re exploring the answer to that question by educating others. READ MORE

Agustín and the Uninvited Guest

Uruguay - On April 27, 2015, we received an uninvited guest who has now become a friend and lives with us at home.READ MORE

Some Things Are Meant to Be

Heather spent her first 12 years with T1D searching for meaning in the chaos of Type 1. When her little sister was diagnosed last year, she found that meaning.READ MORE

I Freaking LOVE My Diabetes!

Having Type 1 diabetes has forced me to find the silver linings, not only in the management of my disease, but across all aspects of my life. READ MORE

Advice for Life, Five Years at a Time

There was no way our little girl would ever feel different or excluded because of a disease she did not choose.READ MORE

Ariana, My Brave Princess

As a mother, I felt something was just not right but I truly never thought it was something this wrong. I started reading, and it all indicated “diabetes,” something inconceivable in my mind.READ MORE

Flying with Dia-Anxiety

The author shares her realization of the anxiety she overcomes on each flight with diabetes.READ MORE

A Double Success Story in T1D Pregnancy

Over a year of IVF treatment had the best possible outcome for Katie Solovey: twin boys! READ MORE

Growing up with T1D

T1D presents different challenges at different stages of life. Here's advice for managing T1D as one comes into young adulthood.READ MORE

Their Journey Became Our Journey

After traveling to Brooklyn to see the Bike Beyond riders off, Samantha Merwin and her son, Logan, were so swept up in the journey that they altered their summer plans to meet the riders at the finish line. READ MORE

How to Be a Supportive Partner: Advice from a Type 1’s Wife

A Type 1 Wife shares her journey toward supporting her partner in the best way possible. READ MORE

Type 1 Poetry: I Used To Sleep

Andrea Mourad creates original art and poetry that reflect the day-to-day demands of Type 1 diabetes.READ MORE

Poked & Pinned: An Artist’s Journey

The Poked & Pinned photo series mimics ritual, transforming rarely-seen acts into ones that must be seen.READ MORE

Living My Dream as a College Athlete

I have been playing baseball for sixteen years now. I started playing way before being diagnosed with Type one diabetes, and have continued to play baseball still today as a Type one diabetic on an insulin pump.READ MORE

Backpacking 101: Tips from the Experts at Connected in Motion

At Connected in Motion, we love connecting people around adventure. We love the intense sense of community created by a group of people exploring the edge of their comfort zones and leaping into the unknown.READ MORE

Out of Insulin in Turkey

Trying to explain what T1D is to people in the USA is often challenging, but I never imagined how hard it would be to explain what T1D is to a doctor who was not familiar with it, in a language I was not fluent in.READ MORE

My Drug Overdose and Shocking Diagnosis

My friend was panicked as she thought I drank too much, but there were two problems working against me that night: 1) I was having a drug overdose and 2) I was an undiagnosed Type 1 diabetic. READ MORE

Finding the Calm Beyond

A new mom’s journey with autoimmune diseases forces her to find new levels of calm, resiliency and strength.READ MORE

Dealing with a School Lockdown and Type 1

Josette Soto has worked hard to ensure her daughter is safe and safely protected while at school. Here's her take and her tips around parental back-to-school preparation. READ MORE

12 (More) Things Only a T1D Parent Understands

There are somethings that only a T1D parent understands. Beyond Type 1 knows exactly what you mean ... again.READ MORE

Allow Life – Beyond the Diagnosis

I recall watching my daughter struggle for air in her half-conscious state. Her breathing was slow and hoarse, and she was no longer responding to outside stimulation. READ MORE

Diagnosed with Type 1 at Age 57

Laying there on the stretcher, I told the doctor that I knew I was bitten by a mosquito and probably had the Chikungunya virus. He looked at me and said my sugar level was 750 and I was in DKA. READ MORE

Speed Demons: T1D Triumphs at the Soap Box Track

When Lily Randolph received a sudden T1D diagnosis, her and her dad turned to soap box derby racing to reclaim normalcy in their lives. They haven’t stopped winning yet. READ MORE

T1D and Parental Guilt: A Parent’s Response

In a response to my daughter’s reflection on her Type 1 diabetes diagnosis and parental guilt, I share a parent’s deepest motivation in helping their child: love.READ MORE

Dancing For Diabetes

Living with an invisible, misunderstood, and deadly disease is challenging. Finding support through community helps. Dancing for Diabetes, a central Florida nonprofit, is doing just that. READ MORE

The Caregiving Conversation

How do you go about preparing for your T1D child to be cared for in academic or social situations where you won't be present? It’s all about building caregiver confidence. READ MORE

The Diabetes Supplies Thief

I never see the bastards coming. There are two—one driving the motorbike and the other sitting behind him. The second guy is the thief. The first is the getaway driver. Their target is a small pouch sticking about two inches out of my left cargo pocket.READ MORE

Our Impossible Diagnosis

The doctors told us it would get easier, but after years of struggles and half a dozen hospital admissions, we had to start asking different questions. The answer was Brittle Diabetes.READ MORE

Finding My Thumbs Up

Even worse is being hyper-or-hypoglycemic during physical activity lends a whole new meaning of fighting through adversity. What angered me the most, was diabetes would sometimes defeat me, where I would have to miss part of practice due to my glucose levels and not having control over my body.READ MORE

Jungle Type 1 Diabetes — A Day in the Life

As the photographer for an off-the-grid sustainability institute in a Panamanian jungle, my life is not super easy to explain. Having Type 1 out here is just another interesting addition to the mix. READ MORE

Letters to Banting

These excerpts "Letterthought to Federick Banting" are from Rachel Morgan's debut poetry collection, Honey & Blood, Blood & Honey. READ MORE

9 Awkward Moments Only A T1D Gets

Having Type 1 can be a pain in the a** — it can also just be plain awkward. If you're a T1D, you know what we mean.READ MORE

The Sibling

It is said that when a child is diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes it is like the whole family is "diagnosed" with T1D. How true that is. No one in our family of four has been shielded from the impact of this incurable, high maintenance, autoimmune disease.READ MORE

Havana Nights and CGMs

Leary of using a CGM system, Audrey Brown agreed to try the technology in order to travel to Cuba as part of a high school trip. The decision, she found, was the right one. READ MORE

Ugandan T1D Warrior Turned Change-maker

When I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes (T1D) at age 19, I felt my life had hit a dead end and I would never amount to anything in life.READ MORE

T1D and Parental Guilt: A Child’s Reflection

I’m here to explore parental guilt from my shoes: the child for whom the parents felt guilt. One emergency room visit and many doctors’ appointments later and my parent’s seemingly “happy and healthy” 17-year-old was diagnosed with T1D and Celiac Disease. READ MORE

Traveling with My T1D Girlfriend

Unable to find a go-to web site or travel blog for specific guidance when travelling with T1D or with a T1D friend, Bradley Williams and his partner, Cazzy, decided the start their own. READ MORE

Embracing the Unknown and Beyond with T1D

From scuba diving with sharks, eating my way through Italy, mountaineering in Canada, volunteering at an animal shelter in Nepal (where I also survived the earthquake), rock climbing, and now cycling across America with Team Bike Beyond.READ MORE

Understanding the Honeymoon Phase in Type 1 Diabetes

The Honeymoon Phase, or “Honeymoon Period,” which can last for as long as a year, occurs when the body makes a partial recovery from its autoimmune attack. READ MORE

How One Endocrinologist Ended My Doctor Dread

Changing doctors can be a dreadful experience for a T1D patient, but finding the perfect endocrinologist is well worth the time and anxiety. READ MORE

Fighting T1D on the Steps of Capitol Hill

Every other year the American Diabetes Association calls on Congress to address the diabetes epidemic in America as diabetes advocates flock to Washington to be heard. READ MORE

It Feels like Drowning — A Diagnosis Story

Breathing under water is impossible, but I feel like I have to try anyway. I am more than a diagnosis and a lousy pancreas. I have found strength I never knew existed. My feet can’t reach the bottom of the water, and my fingers won’t stretch far enough to emerge on top. READ MORE

Diabetes Took Away My Childhood — A Teen’s Perspective

I don't hate diabetes for the finger pricks and injections; they aren't nice but they are bearable. I HATE diabetes for taking away my childhood.READ MORE

My Mother Saved My Life

I often hear in the news stories about young people who passed away from how they describe it: “complications from diabetes.” It sends chills down my spine thinking, “that could have been me.” No matter how many gifts I give my mother, I will never be able to repay her for saving my life.READ MORE

4 Reasons Why T1Ds Make the Best Friends

Whether you are our parent, sibling, friend or main squeeze, we know we can sometimes be … difficult. But honestly? We are the best kind of people to have in your life. Here are just a few reasons why your life is more awesome because of your T1D.READ MORE

Graduating with Type 1 Diabetes

Senior (or 4th) year is ending and as you finish finals and perhaps consider college or employment, there's the graduation ceremony itself to also consider.READ MORE

One Voice To Best Serve Our Students

A year ago, our school district in Cypress, Texas, couldn’t tell us the number of T1D students enrolled. Now we know there are 530 students with Type 1 diabetes in our district, and those kids are recognized as being “insulin dependent” by school staff. That's what can happen when T1D families get organized and get unified.READ MORE

Type 1 and Pregnancy — Uncharted Territory

I realized that stellar as they were, the specialized medical fields spoke completely different languages. As a CDE, I returned to work in obstetrics, now exclusively with women who have diabetes. I wrote the guidelines for diabetes in pregnancy used in the public hospital system of NYC.READ MORE

I Survived an Insulin Overdose

Sitting there crashing but unable to speak, I could see my life. Not in imagery but in thoughts. Scared and knowing what I had done, I faced my mortality. READ MORE

What you should know about being a mom to a T1D Teen

I began hyperventilating. I wanted nothing else than to collapse on the floor and cry into my hands. I probably would have, but I looked up and saw Sam staring at me. “What are we going to do?” He asked. At that moment, I knew couldn’t let him see me fall apart.READ MORE

T1D Diagnosis During Residency

My T1D diagnosis taught me that I have to take care of myself so that I can continue to take care of other people. Learning how to manage T1D during intern year is a challenge — I thought it might be easier for me because I’m a doctor (albeit, a new doctor), but it’s really not!READ MORE

Climbing Mount Kenya

I am the first British Type 1 diabetic to trek this mountain for Diabetes UK. This is a great privilege but brings in added risks, as we have limited examples to follow in terms of diabetes management, as every mountain and trek is different.READ MORE