Life with Type 1 Stories


Grace’s Story: Life with Down Syndrome + Type 1 Diabetes

Children with Down syndrome are at higher risk of developing type 1 diabetes. Hear Grace's story about her life with a dual diagnosis.MORE

Going the Distance with Diabetes

Just when Mackenzie thought her running career was taking off, diabetes had other plans. Read her inspiring story.MORE

Serena’s Story: 5-Year Misdiagnosis + Living With Diabetic Retinopathy

After being misdiagnosed with type 1, Serena went blind with diabetic retinopathy. Read her inspiring story!MORE

Life After Diabetes: How A Pancreas Transplant Transformed My Life and Identity

A transplant allowed this author to live without type 1 diabetes–and gave her a new perspective on her T1D and all she learned in the process.MORE

13 Tricks I Learned To Go From 0 to 26.2 Miles With Type 1 Diabetes

I’ve never run a race before; here are the things I learned on my journey to 26.2 miles.MORE
Kyle O'Reilly

Kyle O’Reilly Talks Pro Wrestling With Type 1 Diabetes

Think living with type 1 diabetes is a limiting factor? Professional wrestler Kyle O’Reilly shares how taking care of his type 1 diabetes makes him a better athlete.MORE
Living with T1D in the Middle East

How My 8-Year-Old with T1D is Changing the Stigma of Disease in the Middle East 

Nora almost died from DKA at 4 years old in Jordan—but today she is teaching her peers, community and healthcare team about T1D.MORE
A black and white photo of Jahari smiling as a teenager

Jahari Shouldn’t Have Died — How “Jesse Was Here” Helped Her Mother Grieve

After Jahari passed, her mom Sachi got help processing her grief through Jesse Was Here, started by another mom who lost her child to type 1 diabetes.MORE
hypoglycemia at 31,000 feet

Severe Hypoglycemia at 31,000 Feet

While traveling, Mariana survived both severe hypoglycemia and DKA despite the health care team that failed to care for her properly.MORE
Mom using Afrezza inhaled insulin

1 Year Later: Why I Still Love Inhaled Insulin for Type 1 Diabetes

One year ago, Ginger started using inhaled insulin to manage her type 1 diabetes. Here, she shares the impact it’s had on her day-to-day life.MORE
calling 911 for severe hypoglycemia

The First Time I Called 911 After 51 Years of Type 1 Diabetes

Lisa Stoller has lived with type 1 diabetes for over 50 years before she ever needed emergency glucagon for severe hypoglycemia.MORE
gunfight insulin parody

Face-Off at the Insulin Corral

Within an hour after eating, glucose and insulin will meet in an epic battle: The Face-Off at the Insulin Corral! MORE

Why You Should Attend Diabetes Camp—As An Adult

Spend a few days with your diabuddies on a beautiful campsite, attend speaker sessions on various topics, stay active and most importantly—have fun! MORE

A Weekend Away At Adult Diabetes Camp

Came for the adult diabetes camp, left with new friends, tips on how to bolus properly for fruit, and how to zipline across a lake!MORE
glass half full

My Diabetes Glass is Half-Full: The Power of a Positive Attitude

We all need to vent—but what happens when venting turns into constantly wallowing in misery? It might be time to change your perspective…MORE

Transgender with Diabetes: Fighting for Gender-Affirming Healthcare

“I'd like my pronouns listed before the little letter indicating what genitals I have. I want person-first language.”MORE

Mounjaro Allowed Me to Participate More in Life

Mounjaro is a new medication for treating type 2 diabetes. Read the results one patient achieved during clinical trials.MORE

How Insulin Got My Health Where it Needed to Be

Diabetes can be overwhelming, especially when managing day-to-day tasks. Insulin can help improve your quality of life.MORE
diabetes mindset reset

Blood Sugar Highs + Lows: Hitting the Mindset Reset Button

Is your approach to diabetes management working for you? Sometimes, we continue along the same path even when it isn't working...MORE
Using cequr simplicity insulin patch

Switching to an Insulin Patch After 50 Years of Injections

A 66-year-old woman who's been living with diabetes for over 50 years shares her experience using the CeQur Simplicity insulin patch.MORE

How Therapy Helped Me After My Diabetes Misdiagnosis

For T’ara Smith, the tools she learned in therapy to manage negative thoughts helped her weather big life transitions—and a misdiagnosis of type 2 diabetes.MORE
Keith Crear as a sports photojournalist with type 2 diabetes

Getting Therapy as a Man with Diabetes: “Our pride gets the best of us.”

Asking for help is never easy—especially for a man in today’s world where mental health is often overlooked. Here, Keith shares why asking for help was worth it.MORE
Amita's close-up profile

Amita’s Story: Living with Type 1 Diabetes in Nepal

Without the Life for a Child program, Amita and her family would not be able to afford the insulin she needs to survive.MORE

(Un)doing Diabetes Stigmas and Changing Public Perception

Here, we take a look at the public perception of diabetes and the way people with diabetes treat each other.MORE
Some Kind Of (1)derful Staff

Some Kind Of (1)derful: 8 Powerful Stories About Type 1 Diabetes

The virtual “Some Kind Of (1)derful” event delivered eight powerful monologues—performed by stage and screen actors—about life with diabetes.MORE

Life for a Child Provides Families in Mexico Vital Resources for Diabetes Management

We spoke with María Elena Mota to learn how Life for a Child and the Mexican Diabetes Association work together to help young people with diabetes in need.MORE

“Insulin and Syringes are my Life Companions”—Growing up with T1D in Jalisco

Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age seven, Maria paints her life with diabetes at Life for a Child's global art contest.MORE

How to Lean in and Find the Gratitude in a Life with Type 1 Diabetes

Burnout is bound to happen when you’re managing T1D, whether it’s been a few years or 18+. Start to find acceptance despite the endless cycle.MORE

The Greatest Gift I Received When My Insulin Pump Failed Last Christmas

Miserable blood sugar levels aren’t exempt from the special days of your life. Julia Flaherty explains her experience last Christmas that ultimately led her to stop insulin pump therapy.MORE

From Coast Guard Officer to Author: How a T1D Diagnosis Changed This Man’s Path

Thomas "Buddy" Bardenwerper was diagnosed with T1D as a Coast Guard Officer. Now, he is the author of an exciting upcoming novel.MORE

Mental Health Risks Among LGBTQ Youth With Diabetes

For LGBTQ youth with type 1 diabetes, respect and acceptance can change lives. At home, at school, in the doctor's office: it all matters.MORE

What a Person with Diabetes in Mexico Wants You to Know

Karla, a nurse from Veracruz, Mexico, shares her story of living with type 1 diabetes in Mexico, and what she wants T1Ds in the US to know.MORE

Comedian Samara Suomi Embraces Diabetes on Stage

We've all heard ignorant jokes about diabetes, so what happens when a comedian with type 1 diabetes takes the stage? MORE

“Chronic Hope: Raising a Child with Chronic Illness with Grace, Courage, and Love” Book Review

In her new book, Bonnie O’Neil manages to perfectly capture what it is like raising a child with a type 1 diabetes.MORE

Putting Inhaled Insulin to the Test

I'm using Afrezza's inhaled insulin to manage my type 1 diabetes. Here's how it's going...MORE

“Rosie Becomes a Warrior” Cares for Your Child and Your Inner-Child

Advocate and creator Julia Flaherty shares the story behind “Rosie Becomes a Warrior” - a book for children navigating type 1 diabetes.MORE
man giving women a vaccine

Our Community Shares Why They Get Vaccinated Against the Flu and COVID-19

Never experienced the basic flu with type 1 diabetes? Even with high survival rates it can be dangerous and terrifying, like COVID-19.MORE
JP Qualters

Making Broadway More Accessible With JP Qualters

JP Qualters shares his experience on Broadway as a person living with type 1 diabetes and his aspirations for the theater industry.MORE

3 Things Every T1D Parent Should Know (That Your Endo Hasn’t Told You)

These three cornerstones are useful advice for a T1D caregiver no matter where they are in their diabetes journeyMORE
Rachael's story: diabetic retinopathy

Rachael’s Story: My Stage 4 Diabetic Retinopathy Went Undiagnosed for Years

Rachael's eye doctor missed the earlier stages of diabetic retinopathy because he wasn't doing certain tests.MORE
bethany's diabetic retinopathy story

Bethany’s Story: My Eye Started Bleeding the Day My First Child Was Born

With 40 years of type 1 diabetes under her belt, Bethany shares her experience with laser treatments for retinopathy.MORE

Why Type 1s Need to Advocate for Type 2s

Rifts exist between the T1D and T2D communities, which is why T1Ds like health coach Kelly Dawes believes more type 1s need to advocate for people with type 2. MORE

Navigating Addiction While Living with Type 1 Diabetes

"Drugs have a way of making everything in your life take a backseat to them..." But what happens when Type 1 diabetes can't take a backseat?MORE

Checking in with American Idol’s Ava August

The youngest contestant on this season of American Idol talks to Beyond Type 1 about her career and performing with T1D.MORE

More Than a Diabetic: Eritrea Mussa Khan

Eritrea Mussa Khan is the newest co-host of the podcast Diabetics Doing Things. She recently sat down with Beyond Type 1 to discuss the podcast, identity, and diabetes.MORE

The Scherb Method for Weight Loss and Activity: The T1D Gas Tank

Understanding the "T1D Gas Tank" as it relates to your total daily dose can help you not only to lean out but also to stay in greater blood sugar control.MORE

16 Years Later, Here’s What My Childhood with T1D Taught Me

When I was first diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, I remember being sent to the hospital for five days. One of the first questions I asked...MORE

Survivor’s Guilt: Losing My Brother to DKA

I should've told my sister-in-law over and over again how important it was to pay attention to his health and get him treatment immediately if he was sick. Death from DKA is preventable, and I kn...MORE

My Decision to Get Screened for T1D

Jorge Aguilar's mom has had T1D for his entire life; he explains his decision to be screened for T1D antibodies and offers advice to others who are considering being screened.MORE

It Took a Pandemic for Me to Switch to an Insulin Pump

I had considered one before, but it wasn’t until COVID-19 struck that I decided I needed to reinvestigate an insulin pump for my health.MORE

Why This Picture Makes My Mother Emotional

Esi Akyere Mali Snodgrass was thrilled to construct a Hansel and Gretel like gingerbread house, she never thought about the building's materials until now. MORE

Diabetes Doesn’t Have Me

Jasmine reflects on her journey with type 1 and how her diagnosis led to summiting Mt. Whitney with other diabetes community members.MORE

A Thank You to Diabetes

Felicia discusses how type 1 diabetes has challenged her and what she's taken from her experiences living with the disease since being diagnosed. MORE

After Years of Denial, This Man Manages His Diabetes with Insulin

When Arvind Ramaswamy was diagnosed with MODY 1 diabetes at 25 years old in 1995, he was convinced the doctors had made a mistake.MORE

Letters to Banting

Historian, Brittany McWilliams, looks to understand Dr. Banting's incredible contribution through the numerous postcards children sent to him in the early years after the discovery of insulin.MORE

At What Cost? The Impact of Diabetes on Your Budget, Part 3

We’re digging into the impact that living with Type 1 diabetes has on your money. In Part 3, one month in DC on a $67,000 annual salary.MORE

Strength Is Accepting Help for Chronic Anxiety

Kaylin Hunter used to think being strong meant refusing a life vest and fighting the T1D current and the anxiety of managing a chronic disease entirely on her own, but she now defines strength as reco...MORE

The Keto Diet Isn’t For Everyone — A T1D Perspective

Christel Oerum discusses her experience on the keto diet with type 1 diabetes. MORE

What I Wish People Knew About Type 3c Diabetes

Most people I converse with have never heard of my type, and that’s okay. Since my diagnosis, I have found a passion for educating the general public and the diabetes community about type 3c and wha...MORE

Going Virtual: The Future of Diabetes Care

Ashlyn Mills talks to Beyond Type 1 about her experience with seeing an endocrinologist virtually through DreaMed Diabetes. MORE

From Coping to Healing (And Everything in Between) — An Interview with Michelle Bauer

Michelle Bauer sits down with Beyond Type 1 to discuss her newest book, Jesse Was Here (More Lasagna, Please): Feeding the Soul of a Grieving Mother. MORE

A Second Questionable Pancreas

Collie talks about what it was like to raise a son with type 1 diabetes and then get diagnosed with type 1 herself.MORE

Diabetes and Reality TV, with Marcus LaCour from Say I Do

Netflix's "Say I Do" is a reality show about surprise dream weddings, but its first episode showcased something we don't often see in reality TV - Type 1 diabetes.MORE

Seeing the Signs + Learning to Thrive with T1D

Eoin Costelloe (Insuleoin) talks about his type 1 diagnosis and how he learned to thrive in his new life as a T1D.MORE

Q&A with T1D Musician Austin James

Austin James sits down with Beyond Type 1 to discuss his experiences with type 1 diabetes and music.MORE

Watch Type 1 Diabetes on Netflix

When was the last time you saw a positive portrayal of diabetes on screen? Our critic considers two Netflix shows featuring people with type 1 diabetes.MORE

At What Cost? The Impact of Diabetes on Your Budget, Part 2

In this series, we’re digging into the impact that living with diabetes has on your money. This time, one month in London, Ontario on a $17,537 salary.MORE

Incorporating a Latinx Lens for Mental Health During COVID-19

To explore and learn more about disparities and the way our mental health is being addressed nowadays, I spoke with Rosalie Aguilar, project coordinator for the Salud America! program at University of...MORE

How Coming Out Helped Me Accept My T1D Diagnosis

There is a feeling of isolation — that once I ‘disclose’ who I am I will forever be ‘branded’ by others. But coming out had prepared me for this journey.   MORE

Brec Bassinger of ‘Stargirl’ Talks CGMs, Superheroes, and Acting

On the newest episode of Diabetes Connections, host Stacey Simms talks to Brec Bassinger – the star of CW's 'Stargirl.'MORE

Lauren Cox: The First Player with Type 1 Diabetes in the WNBA

Lauren Cox was drafted third overall in the 2020 WNBA draft and is the first ever professional women’s basketball player with type 1 diabetes.MORE

Celebrating the First Commercial Pilot with Type 1 Diabetes

This Spring, Pietro Marsala made history as the very first insulin-dependent pilot to be approved by the Federal Aviation Administration to fly commerciallyMORE

How can we be better allies?

How can white people with diabetes use our experiences with advocacy to be better advocates for Black people in the United States?MORE

At What Cost? The Impact of Diabetes on Your Budget, Part 1

In this new series, we’re digging into the impact that living with type 1 diabetes has on your money. First up, one month in Pembroke, New Hampshire on a $44,000 salary, with type 1 diabetes.MORE

Protect Your Loved Ones: A Husband’s Perspective on T1D and COVID-19

Jorge opens up about how he came to realize the seriousness of COVID-19 and the steps he is taking to protect his family.MORE

Get Help From Home: What Coronavirus Can Teach Us About Telehealth

Telehealth is an untapped resource that could prove helpful in lightening the load when it comes to providing necessary healthcare in the midst of COVID-19 and beyond.MORE

The Power in Numbers:’s Affordable Insulin For All Movement

As insulin prices continue to increase in the United States, is equipping those affected with the tools to speak out.MORE

Mental Health + Coping with COVID-19

Dr. Mark Heyman, PhD, CDE shares some insight into good practices in the midst of concerns about coronavirus and its impact on mental health.MORE

Gary Forbes: Besting Diabetes on the Basketball Court

Rob Howe interviewed Gary Forbes, a former NBA player with type 1 diabetes, who still plays professionally overseas.MORE

Diagnosis + Diabulimia: QiQi’s Journey

Eating disorders aren't discussed much in the diabetes world. Qiana shares her story about diabulimia to normalize the discussion about eating disorders. MORE

How to Choose an Endo

Choosing the right endocrinologist to fit your lifestyle is not always an easy task, but don't be afraid to look around and advocate for yourself.MORE

Non-Binary + T1D: The World of Cpunk

Sterling reflects on finding the cpunk community and how open others were to embracing their diabetes and non-binary identity.MORE

Not a Choice: Being Type 1 + Transgender

O.C. talks about the similarities of living with both Type 1 diabetes and being transgender, and the unexpected hope that lies in realizing those.MORE

Mommy Beeps: Parenting as a Type 1

Kim reflects on interactions with her sons and the difficulties of explaining chronic illness to young ones, which is what led to her writing the children's book, "Mommy Beeps."MORE

Becoming Whole Again: Type 1, Technology + Resilience

Guneet Kaur created a multimedia zine (pronounced "zeen") to tell the story of her life with diabetes and celiac, and the impact her culture and community has had.MORE

Invincible: The T1D App for Teaching Caregivers

Bob Weishar, founder of Invincible, saw the need to teach non-healthcare personnel at schools all about T1D and how to best support their students.MORE

Is Sharing Diabetes Numbers Online Harmful?

In the newest episode of Diabetes Connections, Stacey takes time to personally reflect on our society's need to share everything – and why this might be detrimental when it comes to diabetes nu...MORE

Life with T1D: A Gamer’s Take

DJ is a content creator living with type 1 diabetes. In his spare time, he hosts video game streams and has connected with a number of other T1Ds as a result.MORE

Marathon Running + T1D: A True Balancing Act

On the newest episode of Diabetes Connections, Stacey talks to Mike Greenberg, a member of the Beyond Type Run 2019 Marathon Team. Michael discusses completing his first marathon, his love of comic bo...MORE

Watch SWEET YOYO – A Short Film About Type 1 Diabetes

After two years of winning awards at international festivals, Sweet Yoyo, a short film about a child with type 1 Diabetes, is now available streaming online for the first time ever.MORE

The T1D Guide to Running Your First Marathon

So, you have T1D and you want to run a marathon? You’re in luck! Alexi just did and shares her tips and tricks.MORE

Coping with Fear of Hypoglycemia

This panel features opinions from a psychologist, CDE and patient regarding fears of hypoglycemia and ways they can be assuaged -- one of which involves having tools at your disposal. MORE

The World’s Worst Diabetes Mom: A Book Review

Stacey Simms has recently added a new title to her repertoire: author. Stacey’s new book, "The World’s Worst Diabetes Mom" is available now.MORE

Accepting My Body + The Challenges That Come With It

Bike across the country? Sure. Raise five thousand dollars? Got it. Manage your blood sugar while doing so? Yikes.MORE

Tips for Managing T1D in the Workplace

Erika Szumel lends her five ways to help manage type 1 in the workplace, and they might not be what you think.MORE

Practice, Practice, Practice: Music, Marathons + T1D

2019 Beyond Type Run team member Emma Plehal talks about practice as it pertains to music, running, and T1D - and the common threads that all three share.MORE

How To Prevent Lows During Exercise With Exercise Itself

Dr. Sheri Colberg shares her ways to prevent lows during exercise using specific exercises to do so. She has compiled these methods using research + athlete experiences.MORE

Gearing Up for 26.2

What we learned from training for a marathon with Type 1 diabetesMORE

T1D Greatest Hits Playlist

The playlist is here. Get your groove on and have fun with these type 1 tunes. MORE

Taking the Blame and Shame Out of Complications

Most people living with diabetes will remember conversations they’ve had with healthcare professionals about diabetes-related complications, and often, those memories aren’t especially positive.MORE