Diabetes + Exercise


Editor’s Note: Consult your doctor before engaging in a new exercise regimen. Exercising with type 1 diabetes can lead to potentially dangerous swings in your blood sugar levels.

Exercising with type 1 diabetes is complicated. The type of exercise, time of day, length of your workout, types of insulin, pump vs. injections, the last time you ate, etc. are some of the many variables that determine how it will affect your blood sugar.

But regular exercise is also an important part of managing type 1 diabetes and your general health, so learning how to make it part of your routine is worth the effort.

The primary risks of physical activity for the athlete with type 1 diabetes (T1D) are essentially two:

To prepare for hypoglycemia, keep at least 15 to 20 grams of fast-acting carbohydrates on hand at all times.  Aerobic exercise, such as jogging, tends to drive blood glucose down depending on how much insulin is already active in your bloodstream. Learning how to adjust insulin doses and time your exercise accordingly can significantly reduce your risk of hypoglycemia during and after exercise.

Certain high-intensity or anaerobic exercises, such as weight lifting or sprinting, can increase blood sugar levels. Learning how to adjust insulin doses and time your exercise accordingly can significantly reduce your risk of hyperglycemia during and after exercise.

Here, we offer a variety of resources to help you manage your blood sugar around different types of exercise and different methods of controlling the many variables that make it complicated.

Get Started

Start Working out with T1D

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exercising with type 1 diabetes

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Manage the Highs + Lows



Glucagon raises your blood sugar (treating hypoglycemia) while insulin lowers it (treating hyperglycemia or preventing it when taken before eating).MORE

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Don’t Crash: How to Manage Exercise Lows

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Anticipate the Rise: How to Manage Exercise Induced Highs

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endurance exercise with closed loop pump

Tips: Endurance Exercise with a Closed-Loop Pump

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dehydration and your blood sugar

How Dehydration Can Spike Your Blood Sugar

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How to Adjust Your Insulin Rates for Endurance Training

How to Adjust Your Insulin Rates for Endurance Training

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Reach Your Goals

How to Reach Your Body Goals without Obsessing over Weight

As a personal trainer, and especially as a personal trainer who specializes in helping people living with diabetes reach their fitness goals, I always recommend a strength building fitness plan over a...MORE

How to Build Muscle with Diabetes

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endurance exercise and weight-gain

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Dive Deeper

The 5 Go-To Yoga Practices That Saved My Life

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Swimming and T1D

Whether swimming for recreation or competitively, at the pool or beach, it's important to keep some things in mind while managing type 1 in the water. MORE

Riding On Insulin – Tips for Skiing and Snowboarding with T1D

ROI puts on ski and snowboard camps for kids with T1D (and their siblings) across America, Canada and even New Zealand.MORE

Yoga for People with Diabetes

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Yoga for Diabetes

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The T1D Guide to Running Your First Marathon

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Personal Stories

Here, you’ll find a huge variety of personal stories on managing blood sugar levels during exercise from people living with Type 1 diabetes.

Baseball & Football

Kendall Simmons and His T1D Diagnosis in the NFL

Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes two years into his pro career, former NFL defensive lineman Kendall Simmons went on to win the Super Bowl.MORE

Talking T1D with Sam Fuld: Major League Baseball Player and Dad

When asked about managing his routine while on the road vs. at home, Sam stresses that every day is different no matter where he is. "If I’m playing and I’m 0 for 4 and I get no action in the...MORE


Top Irish Cyclist Diagnosed with Type 1

After consulting with my healthcare provider on a diabetes management plan, including nutrition and exercise, I went home from the hospital and went cycling. After that, I decided I wasn’t going to ...MORE

Type 1 Training Tips from a National Champion Cyclist

One of my biggest goals is to represent my country and Team Novo Nordisk in the 2020 Olympics Games. Not only would it be the pinnacle of my athletic career, but it would also be an incredible platfor...MORE

I went from “I can’t walk” to “I’m cycling to Paris”

Two days into taking insulin with no clue of what was to come next, I signed up for a three-day event cycling from London to Paris in September 2016. At the time I had lost significant weight, had no ...MORE

Cycling Cross-Country: T1D and Tubeless

Ultimately I selected the Omnipod based on the fact that it was waterproof (no need to “un-plug”) and, since I could basically wear it anywhere, I wouldn’t need to clip it on my swimsuit or worr...MORE

Transform Your Passion Into Character

David Lozano is a cyclist on Team Novo Nordisk, the first all diabetes professional cycling team.MORE

Life is Not a Problem to be Solved, it’s a Reality to Experience

Emanuel Mini is the first and only Latin American cyclist on Team Novo Nordisk, the first all diabetes professional cycling team.MORE


The Toughest Footrace on Earth

On March 11, 2016, Roddy Riddle, ultra-marathon runner from Scotland with Type 1 diabetes, will embark on the toughest race in the world and most certainly of his life — the 6633 Ultra Marathon of t...MORE

5 Tips for Running with Type 1 Diabetes

Running with diabetes hasn't always been pretty. It's been trial and error every single day. Within 10 days of my diagnosis, I had all the technology available to assist with diabetes manage...MORE

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Twenty years after her diagnosis, Stephanie Kahn is readying to run a half marathon and a full marathon in the same year. While her training is readying her body, it's her mind she feels shifting...MORE

How I Learned to Love my Body

For the first time in my life, I was okay listening to my body. I listened to it when it was in pain, or when it told me it needed a day off. MORE

T1D Cardiologist Balances Life with Marathon Running

Running a marathon would usually be an exceptional experience to write about however in this case I am one of a team of athletes with Type 1 diabetes training for the 2017 TCS New York City Marathon.MORE

My Race to the Finish Line: I’m an Ironman with Type 1

My only goal was to finish for all type 1s. I was chasing the biggest athletic dream of my life, and I wanted type 1s to chase their own.MORE

Weight lifting

Bolus and Barbells—Heavy Weight Champion Inspires

With very little training, Rodney competed at 210 pounds and won second place in the deadlift and first place in the bench press. He discovered that he truly enjoyed competing, and all the training an...MORE

Party Animal Turned Physique Competitor

I've been a person with type 1 diabetes for 18 years, which has had its ups and downs. My control over the last six years has been good due to exercise and nutrition education, but it wasn't...MORE

Type 1 Powerlifter Redefines “Disability”

As far as personal fitness accomplishments, Chris currently holds four state records for powerlifting, and is on track to become a pro Powerlifter. "I can deadlift 606 pounds which is almost 3.5 ...MORE

Dance & Gymnastics

What It’s Like To Be a Ballerina with Type 1

I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes during my sophomore year of high school, which was the biggest year for my dance career so far.MORE

Dancing in the Macy’s Day Parade

Herald Square was not meant to be a stage. It felt strange; instead of being surrounded by spotlights and curtains, I was standing in the middle of New York City, in nothing but a dance costume.MORE

A Gymnast Superstar Lands on Her Feet

Gymnastics, just like diabetes management, requires hard work, commitment and perseverance. Gymnastics is my life and everyday I work through tough times until I reach the top. That’s what makes a c...MORE


The 5 Go-To Yoga Practices That Saved My Life

I discovered that Yoga is more than a good stretch. It’s a tree with many branches, each limb a path back to harmony and balance, a way to mitigate stress.MORE

M is for Meditation

Have you ever wondered what all the fuss is about with meditation? Or have you told yourself you’re too busy to give it a try? Well I’ll let you on in on a secret.MORE

Striving for a Personal Best

When I joined my first Facebook group, I tried to remember my yoga training. But it was hard. Just like balancing on one leg is near impossible so is managing diabetes. MORE

Surfing + Swimming

Swimming On Insulin

A few weeks ago I wrote a letter called “Dear Diabetes.” An incredibly positive response followed that story and lots of people asked about my diabetes management during practices and meets. Hopef...MORE

T1D Swimming Champs

Swimming the length of a pool can be a daunting task for just about anybody. Try being a 6-year-old, summoning the courage and strength to swim as many as 20 laps a day.MORE

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