9 Bad Diabetes Photos


Let’s face it—there’s a lot of bad diabetes information on the internet. Diabetes stock photography seems to be an especially cringe-worthy corner. Enjoy these nine images that made us say “WTF.” We don’t know who thought these were a good idea. Next time, ask a person with diabetes!

1. Not sure what this person is injecting but, ahem, it doesn’t seem like insulin.


2. Maybe I’ll just stick this strip into the charge port of my iPhone and see what happens?


3. 118! Better eat this…unpeeled orange?


4. That just looks painful.


5. This person is about to experience a strip error.


6. 001! You should get that checked out. (We know it’s counting down…but still..why?)


7. When your glucometer and a donut make you jump for joy!


8. We thought meters were pretty self explanatory, but now we’re not so sure.


9. Ah, yes. Always good to test your blood sugar while surrounded by healthy fruits and vegetables. Missing the crucial test strip, too.

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