Diabetes Management


What is diabetes management?

Diabetes management is about how lifestyle, daily routine and technology can affect blood glucose levels of someone with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. Keeping blood glucose levels in range greatly improves the health of someone with diabetes and prevents long-term complications or short-term risks that come with blood sugars out of range.

Diabetes can affect every part of the body and blood sugar control is dependent on many varying factors such as environment, stress and hormones. There is no one formula that works for everyone and so through trial and error, along with the application of new technology, those with Type 1 can have improved diabetes management.

Learn the many devices and tools available today for people with diabetes. Become well-versed in the basics of diabetes care that includes how to administer insulin and what is an A1C test. Discover what affects your blood sugar control on a daily basis, how to better manage and teach others about what having Type 1 is really like.

When it comes to diabetes management there’s a lot to consider in terms of equipment. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the varying gadgets and manufacturers; it’s time consuming to keep up with the newest technology and medical advancements. Beyond Type 1 is searching out what tools are available and asking what people think of them — we have guides and feedback from other Type 1s that will help you make more informed decisions in your care. We’re also talking to the leading developers of cutting-edge equipment and platforms that make the day-to-day management of this disease easier and more efficient. We’re looking forward to the ground-breaking innovators in science to learn about the possibilities of a cure. Here’s the pulse on the biotech world and what it means for Type 1.

The Basics

Insulin + Equipment

Teaching Type 1 to Others

Your Body


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