Beyond Type 1 Launches in Five New Languages to Better Serve the Global Diabetes Community


Beyond Type 1 is now live in Dutch, French, German, Italian and Swedish

San Carlos, CA, February 13, 2020Beyond Type 1, a global diabetes nonprofit, announced today the launch of websites in Dutch, French, German, Italian and Swedish. The multi-language expansion serving the type 1 diabetes community is made possible with support from partners Dexcom and Insulet.

In addition to translating relevant resources from Beyond Type 1’s existing library, the new sites house a growing collection of unique content for the distinct communities they serve. This includes both personal stories and resources for people living with type 1 diabetes, created for and by the community. Today’s announcement represents the organization’s latest step in serving the global diabetes community with web platforms available in multiple languages. Beyond Type 1 launched in 2015 in English, then launched Beyond Type 1 en Español in 2017. 

Mariana Gomez, senior manager of emerging markets at Beyond Type 1, said, “As we’ve experienced firsthand from our work building Beyond Type 1 en Español, language is far too often a barrier that keeps individuals from accessing resources and connecting with a community that can make a difference in their life with diabetes. We know that we’re already connecting with audiences throughout Europe and the world, and are excited to expand on these efforts by making our content available in new languages.” 

The launch of Dutch, French, German, Italian and Swedish websites represents the next step in  Beyond Type 1’s efforts to better serve the global diabetes community. 

Beyond Type 1 CEO Thom Scher said, “We’re thrilled to bring the magic of Beyond Type 1 to so many new people around the world with today’s launch. Beyond Type 1 looks forward to supporting the diabetes community in Europe, partnering with organizations and advocates already doing important work, and building on our efforts in coming months and years. We’re very excited about the direction this new step takes us as an organization.”

DJ Cass, group VP of International, Insulet commented, “We are delighted to partner with Beyond Type 1 to support greater accessibility to their impressive resource library and localized content across multiple countries in Europe. Beyond Type 1 is doing incredible work to connect and support the global community of people living with diabetes and Insulet is very proud to share their mission to enable many more to benefit from the inspirational peer support and resources offered by their platforms.”

“The world we live in is becoming increasingly borderless, and the diabetes community is no exception,” said Erik Bjorkman, Dexcom general manager and vice president for EMEA. “We have numerous patients and work with various healthcare practitioners in the Netherlands, France, Germany, Italy and Sweden, and access to information is critical. We are thrilled to see Beyond Type 1 expand their reach to better support the diabetes community across Europe.”

Beyond Type 1 is also adding an International Committee to its Leadership Council, a group of volunteers who act in an advisory capacity to the board of directors and staff. The International Committee will work to identify partners, advocates and opportunities for future growth outside of the United States. 

Read this announcement and explore Beyond Type 1 in: Dutch, French, German, Italian and Swedish

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