JDRF Type One Nation Summit: Viviendo sin Límites in Spanish.


On July 31st, the JDRF Alliance – Beyond Type 1 presented the JDRF Type One Nation Summit: Viviendo sin Límites. This was the first interactive, virtual and educational symposium where Spanish-speaking families and individuals with type 1 diabetes had the opportunity to learn about the latest in research, technology and emotional health while participating with members of the diabetes community in real-time.

These are some of the sessions presented during the Summit.  If you were not able to join, you can still access the platform until August 31.

This event was made possible thanks to the support of Dexcom, main sponsor of the TypeOneNation Virtual Summit: Viviendo sin Límites.

8 Tips for Empowering and Being Empowered Women with Diabetes

In this session, Marina shared a topic that she likes to talk about both personally and professionally: women, empowerment, and diabetes.MORE

Tips to Identify Diabetes Burnout

Psychologists and diabetes educators, Julissa Rolón and René Buenfil, shared valuable information about self-care exhaustion for those who live with type 1 diabetes or are caregivers.MORE

Low Blood Sugars and Emotional Health

Juan Pablo is the creator of the account @diabeticjuanp on Instagram where he shares his life with type 1 diabetes. For Juan Pablo, life with T1D is a strength. In his session, Juan Pablo spoke to us ...MORE

Language Matters + The Diabetes Community

In this session, "Language Matters and the Diabetes Community," we learned about the impact of language and how we express ourselves in the way we accept, manage and live beyond type 1 diabe...MORE

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