Let’s Talk Lows


Editor’s Note: From June 13 – June 20 2021, Beyond Type 1 focused on hypoglycemia and severe hypoglycemia during our ‘Let’s Talk Lows’ campaign. We looked at causes, symptoms, fears and treatment options. Revisit our content using the hashtag #LetsTalkLows and share your hypoglycemia experiences with the community.

getting emergency glucagon

How to Get Emergency Glucagon: CoPay Cards & Insurance Denials

If you take insulin or a medication that can cause low blood sugar, having an emergency glucagon treatment is a must -- it could save your life. Here, we’ll look at getting insurance coverage for emergency glucagon, and available patient assistance programs to help pay for it.

Dr. Steve Edelman on Hypoglycemia + Glucagon

I think the biggest issue today is people do not have a valid prescription for it. I always have this analogy, if you have a house or an apartment and it gets robbed and they steal everything that's important to you, what do you do next? You get an alarm system on your house. And I always say that same analogy. If someone's had a bad hypo, they always have glucagon with them, but they did not have one at the time that they really needed it when they had a bad hypo. So, we have to really say, "Yeah, it can occur even if you're on CGM, especially if you're a Type 2 on insulin as well," cause that happens. And you got to have a valid glucagon kit with you, a valid meaning unexpired. These new glucagon kits last much longer. They don't expire as fast as the older ones do, so that's also helpful.

A Frightening Lack of Glucagon Access in Mexico

When I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in a public hospital — Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social (IMSS) — I did not receive much explanation about hypoglycemia. All the information I received was "have something sweet." I received no formal training regarding the 15g carb rule and no one mentioned I could face a life-or-death scenario with low glucose levels. Of course no one ever mentioned glucagon. This is an experience most of us have faced in Mexico.

Hypoglycemia Stories

Low Blood Sugars and Emotional Health

Juan Pablo is the creator of the account @diabeticjuanp on Instagram where he shares his life with Type 1 diabetes. For Juan Pablo, life with T1D is a strength. In his session, Juan Pablo spoke to us ...MORE

My 10-Year Old Can Save My Life

Anyone familiar with Type 1 Diabetes has heard the term hypo or low when discussing blood glucose levels. And, whether you are someone with T1D or someone who cares for a T1D, chances are you have bee...MORE

Hypoglycemia Confessions

I would like to say that I can limit myself to 15g of glucose, but the truth is, when I have a low bloodsugar, things get crazy.MORE

Untreatable: My Life With Chronic Sustained Lows

I know this is terrifying. I take it extremely seriously. My situation is complicated, mysterious, and in many ways dire. It’s something that I’m learning to process and handle as I grow with it.MORE

Crashing Low While Riding Up — A Chairlift Emergency

"I have been low on chairlift rides many times and I have used glucagon in an emergency twice… but I have only ever had one scary low while on a chairlift."MORE

Climbing Mountains and Surviving Lows

Michael Gaudet, a chemical engineer by trade, an avid mountaineer and senior instructor at the Colorado Mountain Club, has used glucagon numerous times.MORE

The Words We Use When Talking About Lows

Renza recounts learning about lows following her diagnosis with T1D, a scary encounter with severe hypoglycemia, and the words we use to describe hypos.MORE

Love and Lows in the Deli Line: A T1D Struggle

Suddenly, seemingly out of left field, you feel it. The sweating. The shakes. The disorientation. You need to test, and you need to test now. MORE

Hypoglycemia Resources


Emergency Glucagon: Everything You Need to Know

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Hypoglycemia and How to Treat It

It's important to know that treatment of hypoglycemia depends on the severity of hypoglycemic episode, and whether or not patient is conscious. Also, remember that recurrence of hypoglycemia is c...MORE

Why doesn’t glucagon work with alcohol?

You may have heard that glucagon is ineffective in treating low blood sugar when you're drinking. But why doesn't glucagon work with alcohol? Turns out, there are actual biological processe...MORE

Overcoming FOH: Fear of Hypoglycemia

While hypoglycemia is always a possibility and is a reality those with T1D must live with, there are ways to overcome living in constant fear.MORE

What is Hypoglycemia Unawareness?

Jordan Hoese, MD, MPH gives us the scientific lowdown on hypoglycemia unawareness and why it's crucial to understand this common diabetes complication.MORE


Let’s Talk Lows with BT1 Staff

In this causal conversation we discussed some of our scarier hypo experiences, sharing what we wish people knew about low blood sugars, and the changing the way we think about treatment options.


 Let’s Talk Lows with Dr. Anne Peters

Dr. Peters discusses some of the barriers to obtaining glucagon, when to use in an emergency situation, and how newer formulations are making it easier than ever to train loved ones how to use. 


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