November is Diabetes Awareness Month, and our #TheDropSpotted campaign is back with a new theme: this year, we’re challenging ourselves to learn about types of diabetes different from our own so we can better advocate for one another. While our diseases and experiences are different, we face some of the same challenges, and there’s a lot we can learn from each other. We’re stronger when we stand together. 

Members of the community are asked to post photos wearing the iconic Beyond Type 1 Drop Hat or our new 2 Powerful Hat, or simply use #TheDropSpotted in posts sharing something about their diabetes experience. This year, our sister platform Beyond Type 2 will also participate in #TheDropSpotted—and type 1s who share their stories are invited to express their support for type 2s, commit to ending diabetes stigma, or simply signal-boost the stories of community members living with type 2. We’ll share selected #TheDropSpotted posts on our Instagram page.

Stigma against any form of diabetes hurts all people with diabetes. Let’s show the world what diabetes really looks like.

Ready to do your part this? Do this 👇

1. Get your drop

There are a few ways to rock the drop: you can purchase the Drop Hat, or our new 2Powerful Hat, download this transparent graphic to add to any photo yourself, or use one of the shareable graphics below.

2. Share

Post your #TheDropSpotted photo to your personal social media accounts. Make sure to use the hashtag! Share something about your life with diabetes you wish your friends, family, coworkers, or classmates understood.

Prompts: How many times per day do you think about your blood sugar levels? How has diabetes impacted you mentally? If you have family members with type 2, how do you connect, communicate with, or advocate for them?

3. Pass it on

Ask your friends and family to support #TheDropSpotted by sharing in your honor for Diabetes Awareness Month! 

Awareness-Raising Shareables

Looking for something to share? Start with any of these graphics and tell your friends and family something they may not know about your life with type 1 diabetes. Use #TheDropSpotted so we can amplify your message and thank you for helping to raise awareness! Click on the image to get the full-resolution graphic.

Bonus: share this guide to type 1 diabetes to help anyone understand T1D quickly.

#TheDropSpotted Partner

Thank you to our Diabetes Awareness Month partner Jiggy for being committed to educating and raising awareness about what it means to live with diabetes, creating a custom puzzle that gives back to Beyond Type 1. Thank you for supporting #TheDropSpotted and the diabetes community this Diabetes Awareness Month.

#TheDropSpotted Community