Dexcom G7 Now Integrated with T:slim X2


On December 7, 2023, Tandem Diabetes Care launched updated software and announced that its automated insulin delivery (AID) system, the t:slim x2 will now be fully integrated with Dexcom’s newest continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) system, the G7. 

This is the first insulin pump system with Control IQ technology to fully integrate with Dexcom’s newest CGM. 

Commitment to continued improvement of AID systems

AID systems are key to tight blood sugar control. Utilizing CGM technology, these insulin pump devices can make automatic insulin basal and bolusing adjustments without user input. 

These adjustments are made based on blood sugar level readings directly from the CGM. 

Many AID systems are available today, but none have utilized Dexcom’s newest CGM system, the G7. 

The Tandem and Dexcom partnership has just entered its 10th year, and with this latest update, more than 300,000 current t:slim X2 users will be able to integrate Dexcom’s newest technology into their AID systems. 

This updated software and launch shows Tandem’s commitment to continued improvement of their AID system and to improving the lives of people with diabetes. 

Improvements for people with diabetes in detail

This update means that people will be able to spend more time in a closed loop, with the shorter CGM warm-up period (30 minutes down from two hours for the G6 system), and experience better blood sugar levels as a result.

Additionally, the G7 is 60 percent smaller than the Dexcom G6, and it offers a range of new features for users, including being more accurate, discreet, and reliable. 

The G7 also now offers a 12-hour grace period to replace a sensor after the 10-day wear has expired, to give users more flexibility. 

CGMs help improve blood sugar levels and A1C without increasing hypoglycemic events

Additionally, CGMs show trend lines, which can help you predict future blood sugar level changes, plan meals, and exercise accordingly. Once you notice patterns, you can adjust your medications to stay on top of your management even more. 

The Dexcom G7 also comes equipped with low and high-blood sugar alarms that alert users when their blood sugar levels are heading in a dangerous direction—well before a medical emergency.


Tandem Diabetes will email users instructions for all in-warranty t:slim X2 systems in the United States with the option to add the new feature without charge via a remote software update. 

For new customers in the US, t:slim X2 insulin pumps with the pre-downloaded updated software are now being shipped nationwide. 

Outside of the US, a planned t:slim X2 with Dexcom G7 integration launch is expected in early 2024.

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