8 Reasons T1D Camp is Better as an Adult

WRITTEN BY: Heather Gomez

Editor’s Note: Registration is now OPEN for 2019 Slipstreams presented by Beyond Type 1 with Connected in Motion. Yep – real-life diabetes camp for adults. Sign up now for weekends in Maine, Colorado, Southern California, and Ontario!


The memories I made as a kid at summer camp are some of my favourites, and I would bet that almost everyone who has ever attended camp would agree with me. If you went to diabetes camp as a kid, you definitely know what I’m talking about! Wouldn’t it be great to relive those moments we all loved so much?

What if I told you that camp for grown-ups is a real thing … and that camp is even better as an adult? True story, and it’s what we at Connected in Motion call a “Slipstream Weekend”.

Read on to find out why Connected in Motion thinks you will love diabetes camp even more now than you did when you were ten!

1. Campfire stories get more epic with age.

Join in with your hilarious stories of dia-disasters that only other T1s can fully appreciate (let’s be honest, we’ve all got one). And if you want to tell a scary story, you won’t have to worry about scaring the cabin of 5 year olds!

2. No finger-poking strangers in the night.

No one will interrupt your beauty sleep for a 2 a.m. blood sugar check, we know you’ve got your own routine covered! But as for your cabin mates, we can’t promise someone’s beeping CGM won’t wake you in the middle of the night.

3. Be your own camp counselor.

This is every camper’s dream come true — no counselors! Go ahead, eat three servings of dessert, leave your wet towel on your pillow, wear the same socks three days in a row (or…maybe not). We won’t say a word.

4. Classy food combinations.

Prepare yourself for hearty, healthy, delicious meals at the dining hall. Enjoy a cold beer with your s’more for the ultimate upgrade to the classic campfire snack. And did we mention the wine and cheese welcome reception?

5. Lights out curfew? What’s that?

Stay up all night telling ghost stories and planning cabin raids, just like you always wanted to as a kid! There’s no bedtime at grown-up camp. Or…go to bed early for a change and savour the peace and quiet.

6. Staying in touch with your camp BFFs is easy.

Cell phone? Social media accounts? Drivers license? Some key benefits of the adult world allow you to keep connected with the awesome new friends from you meet, so you won’t have to wait a whole year to catch up with them again.

7. BYOM (Bring Your Own Meter)

There’s no “one-size-fits-all” mentality here. Use whatever diabetes tools you love, whenever you need to!

8. Register like an adult, play like a kid.

Finally, you won’t have to beg your parents to sign your permission forms for camp! But once you’ve registered yourself, leave the “adulting” responsibilities behind and live like your 9-year-old self for the weekend.

Trust us, the camp experience is just like wine, it gets better with age!

If you want to join us at an upcoming Slipstream Weekend, sign up here. Early Bird registration ($25 off) still available for some camps!

Heather Gomez

Heather is the Community Outreach Coordinator at Connected in Motion, and has had T1D for almost 12 years. Her first introduction to the T1D community in Canada was at a CIM-organized mud run, not too long after being diagnosed. She lives in Ontario, Canada and loves long hikes, the East Coast, orange cats, and McDonald’s coffee. Heather had good practice giving insulin injections before being diagnosed, since her cat actually did have diabetes.