9 Awkward Moments Only A T1D Gets

Having Type 1 can be a pain in the a** — it can also just be plain awkward. If you’re a T1D, you know what we mean.
1. When someone asks why you have a pager.
2. Apologizing to your significant other for what you said when you were low.
3. Getting undressed at the end of the day and finding test strips hiding underneath.


4. The looks you get when you’re sipping a juicebox at the bar.


5. Disconnecting your pump but trying to remain seductive *in the bedroom.*


6. Always being the person who wants to order food when you’re out with friends.


7. Taking “hangry” to a whole new level when you’re low.


8. When your friends ask you to carry their things – because you ALWAYS have a bag.


9. When you meet someone else with Type 1 and they just *get you.*

Dana Howe

Dana has a Masters degree in Health Communication from Tufts University and studied biology and community health as an undergraduate. Her public health interests are inspired and informed by living with Type 1 diabetes since being diagnosed in 2002. Aside from working in health and T1D, she’s skiing, biking, hiking or cooking elaborate breakfasts. Dana is the Social Media Manager at Beyond Type 1. Follow her on Twitter @daneyhowie or Instagram @danahowe.