Ready, Set, Vote #DropTheVote


Election Day in the United States is November 3, 2020.

Ready to cast your vote? Make a plan to vote with this guide to voting for the diabetes community + read up on the power of the diabetes vote. Use #DropTheVote on social to share your voting stories and why voting is important to you and your family, especially as people impacted by diabetes.

Voting Resources:

How to Vote – A Guide for the Diabetes Community

How can we ensure that future laws and protections will help, not harm, all those in the United States impacted by diabetes? By learning about candidates who will decide our healthcare future and then...MORE

The Power of the Diabetes Vote

Over 34 million Americans and their families are impacted by diabetes. Those more than 34 million votes add up, and every individual vote is important. Click above to find out how your vote can make ...MORE

All About State-Based Insulin Price Cap Laws

While we advocate for federal actions on insulin pricing, state based insulin price cap laws are leading the charge. MORE

Downloadable Social Graphics:

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