Medtronic’s Guardian Connect CGM + Limited Availability


Look out—there’s a new CGM in town!

In March of this year, the FDA approved Medtronic’s Guardian Connect mobile Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM). Also approved was the Guardian Connect App which pairs to the CGM, and is compatible with Apple iOS devices. Medtronic’s Guardian Connect mobile system will begin a “soft” launch during this month through July with a wider release in the fall.

The system has been available outside of the US since 2016.

Similar to the other Continuous Glucose Monitors on the market today, the Guardian Connect can be worn on the arm or the abdomen. The sensor can last for up to one week, and it requires a two-hour calibration period. Manual blood sugar checks (fingersticks) are required for occasional calibrations.

What separates the Guardian Connect from the other CGM systems such as the Dexcom and Freestyle Libre, is the system’s lack of receiver. Blood Glucose graphs are sent directly to your iOS device. Medtronic’s new system is considered a “standalone” CGM, as it does not send data to a paired insulin pump.

The Medtronic MiniMed 670G pump does use the same sensor as the new CGM, however, a Bluetooth feature has not been established yet for the pump.

Meet the Guardian Connect’s Unique Features:

Predictive Alerts

  • The Guardian Connect’s predictive alerts feature notifies users of a predicted low or high blood sugar up to 60 minutes in advance.
  • Alerts will pop up on the user’s phone, similar to a text message.

Remote Monitoring Alerts

  • Family and friends can be alerted of a low or high blood sugar from afar using a web app or via text message.
  • Loved ones can also see complete graph data through the app.

Sugar.IQ App

  • The new IBM Watson developed app will connect use CGM data and other inputted health information to generate tips, tricks and insights for the user to take into account.
  • This will include high and low patterns as it relates to exercise timing and foods regularly consumed, which will allow for the user to consider making adjustments as needed.
  • The app will also have the option to enter particular foods or meals to follow their typical blood glucose responses and trends for each one.

CareLink Software

  • CareLink Personal therapy management software uploads Guardian Connect data, so users can tailor and monitor their treatment plans with their doctors.


  • Medtronic’s specialized onboarding program, “StartRight,” helps users learn and transition to their new Guardian Connect system.

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