Sam Talbot’s Tips, Tricks + Snack Suggestions for Better Sleep


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Though it’s often overlooked, food and overall diet can be an absolutely crucial tool in bettering sleep and forging healthy habits. Beyond Type 1 co-founder and chef Sam Talbot shares a few of his quick tips and anecdotes for making the most out of snacking situations and what specific tools are most helpful to him for maintaining a healthy routine and getting the most out of every night of rest. Read on + maybe add some of these to your day-to-day!

What’s a good late-night snack that doesn’t mess with overnight blood sugar levels? 

Nori seaweed snacks are a great way to get a snack without a raise in blood glucose levels. I also love organic turkey jerky, some yogurt with cacao, roasted nuts and seeds, or dried sulphur-free fruit.

Do you change the timing of when you eat to get better sleep? Some people find earlier dinners to be helpful, especially if it’s a big meal.

Definitely. An early dinner time means better sleep for me—period. If I can digest my food for at least four to five hours prior to sleep, that’s the money spot for me. But it’s not like I can eat dinner at 3:30 pm, so it’s definitely a balance!

A few cups of chamomile tea also help me set the mood and calm my mind as well. Or even warm water with a touch of mint and lemon works wonders for me.

What’s your biggest challenge with sleep and Type 1 diabetes? Highs? Lows? The stresses of constant, hectic traveling?

Similar to what I said before, one of my biggest challenges right now is trying to eat an earlier dinner. If I eat dinner around 6 p.m., by the time I go to sleep, I feel like the blood sugars in my dinner have been processed and by 9 p.m. or 10 p.m. things have seemed to even back out. If I’m traveling or working, dinners and schedules change daily. But we manage because we are prepared as individuals living with type 1. One my favorite tricks is to drink some magnesium (like the CALM drink). That peaceful state of mind helps settle my blood glucose levels as well.

What other tools, routines, or habits have you found to improve your sleep?

Working out and getting exercise definitely improve my sleep. Those days that I miss out on moving around, I’m restless!

Meditation twice a day for me is also crucial. I definitely notice a deeper, more sustained sleep after. I also worry a lot less when I wear my Guardian™ Connect continuous glucose monitor (CGM).

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WRITTEN BY Sam Talbot, POSTED 03/12/20, UPDATED 11/18/22

Beyond Type 1 co-founder Sam Talbot was diagnosed with type 1 at the age of 12. A star in the culinary world, he has turned his love for food into an innovative career, opening several restaurants and participating in Season 2 of Top Chef, where he was named “Fan Favorite.” He serves as a role model to adults and children alike by applying his “all-natural” style of cooking to every recipe.