13 Questions with Beyond Type Run Marathoner Romain Ballet


Editor’s Note: Romain was a member of Beyond Type Run‘s 2018 TCS New York City Marathon Team sponsored by Dexcom and Insulet, makers of the tubeless Omnipod Insulin Management System. Learn more about the 2019 Beyond Type Run team here.

Meet Romain—postdoctoral scholar,  immune cells lover, professional day dreamer and a beyond-his-own-limits explorer. 

What inspired you to join the team?

1- A unique adventure to share with other type 1’s for the first time in my life.

2- Running my first marathon in NYC—the most iconic one!

What’s in your diabetes management toolkit?

My T:slim, Dexcom G6 connected to my iPhone and Apple watch. The  Dexcom Clarity App to analyze my data. Lots of exercising.

I never go on a run without …

Gels, my Dexcom (and therefore my iPhone/watch)

What is your favorite low snack on a run?

My Gu gels—salted watermelon, mandarin orange, chocolate outrage and vanilla bean.

What is your pump it up running song?

I have quite a few, I can’t put only ONE! Here is a short list: “Surface to Air”—Django Django, “No easy way out”—Robert Tepper, “Inachevés”—Casseurs Flowters, “Intro”—The XX, “Sweet dreams”—Eurythmics

What has been your most helpful tool as you’ve trained?

Dexcom G5/G6 (sometimes my legs too 😉 )

What has been the biggest training hurdle?

Finding the mental resources to start training again after my Ironman training earlier this year.

What is your most embarrassing running moment?

An urgent need to go to the bathroom with no options around me! Heeeelp!

The injury I’m currently nursing is . . .

1- By far #1, shin splints on my right leg!

2- Hamstring on my left leg.

3- Nail bed injuries, a lot of them!

If you could go on a run with any type 1 diabetic (T1D) hero who would it be?

Scott Feighner on the 2018 Beyond Type Run team.

How do you treat yourself / recover after a long run?

I stretch! then I eat… a lot! Then, I take one or two days easy (no run or short easy runs) to recover.

What are you most nervous about the day of the marathon?

Staying in a good blood glucose (BG) range… trying not to get low during the race.

How are you going to celebrate at the end of the race?

Hugging all my teammates, one after each other and getting everyone’s feedback and race stories around a nice and relaxing drink!

To learn more about the 2019 TCS New York City Marathon Beyond Type Run team click here.