Beyond Type 1 x Aidbox


Turn your e-mail signature into a tool for advocacy and fundraising for Type 1 diabetes. 

Beyond Type 1 is proud to be launch partner for Aidbox – a Swedish-founded digital marketing and social giving technology that will allow everyone with an email address to give back to charity. Aidbox is an email signature technology that leverages partnerships between nonprofits and businesses to create a brand-new fundraising mechanism. 

What does it look like? When you go to you will choose from two options to add to your e-mail signature:

“Our goal at Aidbox is to raise awareness and funds for our charity partners by creating a symbiotic relationship between nonprofits and businesses. Aidbox will also give anyone with an email address the ability to become a philanthropist – no matter what time or money constraints they might be facing,” said Aidbox Founder & CEO Daniel Lundh. “As an Aidbox user, you will become an ambassador for charity and make an impact for free with a technology you’re already using everyday: your email.”

Ready to start Aidboxing for Beyond Type 1? Go sign up! Or read more about the Aidbox x Beyond Type 1 launch on Fast Company.