The Beyond Type 1 Family Council


Beyond Type 1 is excited to introduce the brand-new Family Council—a group of families all impacted by type 1 diabetes. The Family Council will join Beyond Type 1’s Leadership—the addition of these amazing folks ensures that everything we do at Beyond Type 1 is founded in the things affecting our community. These parent advocates and family members help us take on big issues, design future programs or events and serve our followers better. We believe in the power of our community—the passionate individuals on the Family Council fuel our fire and advise on the ways we can make a real difference.

We are incredibly proud and happy to have such a fantastic group of families as the founders of this powerful and fearless Family Council. Some of whom you might already know, all of whom have been working tirelessly for the type 1 diabetes community already. Click on their names below to get to know them better!

Meet the founding families: 

The Aibel Family

Life changed for the Aibel Family on November 6, 2016, when their 12-year-old daughter Maddie was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Suddenly, they entered a world they knew nothing about—insulin (two types!), needles (two kinds!), monitors, test strips, ketone strips, alcohol wipes, sharps containers and more.


The Brzozowski Family

Type 1 diabetes was not a stranger to the Brzozowski Family when their daughter, Vivian, was diagnosed on January 24, 2016 at 2 years of age. Jerry (a.k.a. Daddy) has been living beyond the disease since April of 1996.


The Clark Family

To say it was a shock would be an understatement. Like many others, we had little knowledge of this disease and no family history. From the moment of diagnosis we were determined to let Jeanmarie know that she would Live Beyond this diagnosis, and she is doing just that.


The Dooley Family

“We are excited to be part of the BT1 Family Council because we believe strongly in the work that Beyond Type 1 has done, and continues to do, to raise awareness about this disease. As part of the Beyond Type 1 Family Council we hope to encourage and inspire others to live beyond every day!”

The Felton Family

“We want to spread awareness and hope, awareness about the day-to-day realities of what living with type 1 looks like and hope to newly diagnosed families that there is a positive way forward to a long and healthy life for their kids.”


The Hinds Family

“To be part of this council is important because diabetes is such an invisible disease; the media and non-T1D people are so misinformed. And I used to be that person, too! I want our disease to have a face and a name not just be linked to misinformation. Spreading awareness, educating others and seeking a cure is the perfect trifecta and I’m blessed to be a small piece of the big movement.”


The Johnson Family

“Type 1 diabetes (T1D) is such a unique experience for everyone involved. Everyone who has it has a different experience and it affects everyone who is close to it differently. Even though each situation is unique, we can all learn something from each other, or at least gain something from knowing others are living wonderful lives with a similar difficult situation. We hope to shine a light on how people can understand and see how we positively deal with T1D in our marriage.”


The Jones Family

The Jones family has raised money for multiple charitable causes including the Revlon Million Dollar Challenge and Beyond Type 1 Power Up Challenge. As a BT1 Ambassador, Elladia uses her platform as a model and actress to inspire and encourage others. In September 2016, she had the opportunity to walk the red carpet at Miss America to represent Beyond Type 1.


The Kanderski Family

“Beyond Type 1 has proven to be a remarkable, relatable and welcoming organization. Everyone we’ve spoken to and worked with has been warm and encouraging, and they are effortlessly personable. With BT1, it feels like home. We have been a part of some amazing opportunities the past few years with the nonprofit, which in turn helps us advocate for others on a local level. We’re proud to be a part of something that we hold close to our hearts. Like Ethan said, “It’s like being on the front lines with people who ‘get it’.”

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