You know you have Type 1 when …


1. People can always find you … because you leave a trail of test strips everywhere you go.

2. You hear the word basal, you definitely don’t think of basil, the herb.

3. You’ve been asked “Are you sure can eat that?”

4. You hate math but have somehow been forced to try to be a mathematician.

5.  You get super excited when you see someone else with a CGM, pump, or meter in the wild. ONE OF MY PEOPLE!

6. You understand the occasional struggle of trying to get blood out of your finger no matter how many times you prick yourself.

7. You’ve heard someone say “You have Diabetes? But you’re not fat.”

8. You’ve had the pain of pulling yourself out of a dead sleep to treat a low.

9. A juice box has saved your life.

10. Packing for a trip is doubly as hard because you can’t forget any medications. Or back ups. Or more back ups.

11. You’ve been given a regular drink instead of diet at a restaurant and suffered the consequences.

12. You have dug through the trash trying to find the nutritional info on the package of something.

13. You’ve forgotten whether or not you’ve given your insulin or not.

14. Your lancet gets changed as frequently as a lunar eclipse.

15. You’ve become a pro at giving injections in a moving vehicle.

16. You have had one test strip left and your meter shows an error.

17. You’ve been told that you can cure your diabetes with kale or something along those lines.

18. You get all pumped up when someone knows the difference between Type 1 and Type 2.

19. You’ve given yourself insulin for something you didn’t t know the carbs of and magically end up with a perfect BG.

20. You’ve given yourself insulin for something you don’t know the carbs of and failed miserably.

21. You know how tiring it is to live with a life with a disease that is like a full time job, but it’s made you stronger than you ever thought you could be.

This post was originally published on Love, Light and Insulin.

WRITTEN BY Michelle Auerbach, POSTED , UPDATED 11/18/21

Michelle was 12 years old when she was diagnosed with T1D. Her mom is also a Type 1 diabetic. Her passion is spreading awareness for Type 1 diabetes and other invisible illnesses on social media. You'll usually find her with her sidekick rescue cat, Big, taking things day by day and fighting for an awesome future. You can find them on Instagram @ehmichelle!