Men’s Mental Health + Diabetes


Every day with diabetes is different, but our community is here to help. Follow along or add your voice to the #MenTalkHealth conversation.

Did you know men are more likely than women to be diagnosed with adult-onset type 1 diabetes? Or that people with diabetes are two to three times more likely to develop depression than people without diabetes? Despite this, men are less likely than women to seek help for mental health hurdles.

Whether you’re handling stress, diabetes distress, burnout, depression or anything else, sometimes talking to other people with diabetes who truly get it can make a big difference—connect with other guys with diabetes in the private Men’s Health group on the Beyond Type 1 Community App.

Therapy is another great way to get objective support for your mental health. Thank you to BetterHelp for offering everyone in our community two free weeks of professional online therapy. Learn more at

Find mental health support

Just Diagnosed with Diabetes? Why and How to Find Mental Health Support

Just diagnosed with diabetes? No matter how you're feeling right now, you deserve help; here's how to find it.

Mental Health Guide for Boys + Men with T1D

Living with diabetes can impact your mental health. Here’s a guide with mental health resources to get started and support.
Online Therapy Types + Options

How to Find Therapy Online

Online and telehealth options for therapy can help you personalize your mental healthcare to fit your life.

A Guide to Different Types of Therapy

Knowing the most common forms talk therapy will help you know what to expect when meeting with a therapist.

Hear from others

Men’s Perspectives: Type 1 Diabetes, Self-Care and Mental Health

Men across the Beyond Type 1 community share their perspectives on self-care, peer connections and the role emotional support plays in their type 1 diabetes management.
Keith Crear as a sports photojournalist with type 2 diabetes

Getting Therapy as a Man with Diabetes: “Our pride gets the best of us.”

Asking for help is never easy—especially for a man in today’s world where mental health is often overlooked. Here, Keith shares why asking for help was worth it.

Finding Support After a Diabetes Diagnosis: “I didn’t want to admit it was taking such a toll on me.”

“I was starting this new chapter of my life and it felt like I was getting held back” by the diagnosis, Dana says.

The Support System That Helps This FSU Baseball Player Reach His Goals

"Meeting other athletes who had type 1 diabetes and seeing what they've done made a big difference,” Jaime says.

When Adrian’s Mental Health Suffered, So Did His Diabetes Management

“When I’m mentally tired from having diabetes... it definitely affects the way I treat my diabetes day-to-day,” Adrian says.

Tackling Freshman Year with Diabetes: “I’m doing everything on my own.”

Elite tennis player Garrett Kurtz had to change the way he faced his type 1 diabetes management in college so he could stay competitive.

Musician Austin James Talks Mental Health + Diabetes Burnout

Austin James shares how integrating mental health support into his diabetes management team changed his approach to type 1 diabetes.

“Endo Anxiety” and the Visit that Changed my Mind

I mentally rehearse my Endocrinologist Visit Success Plan: The only way to avoid defeat is to beat the endocrinologist at her own game. I have to openly admit how horrible I am and then I will be immune to any criticism and insults to my ego.

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Men With Diabetes Experience Disordered Eating Too

Eating disorders are more studied and discussed in women with diabetes, but men with diabetes aren’t exempt from experiencing them.

Mental Health Care for All

Health care is a human right. That’s why affordable, accessible and equitable mental health support matters.

A Psychologist’s Perspective: Men with Diabetes Need Mental Health Care, Too

Clinical psychologist Dr. Ann Goebel-Fabbri explains how including a mental health provider who understands diabetes can strengthen your care team and help you weather stress and avoid diabetes burnout.

Mental Health Risks Among LGBTQ Youth With Diabetes

For LGBTQ youth with type 1 diabetes, respect and acceptance can change lives. At home, at school, in the doctor's office: it all matters.
anxiety in people with diabetes, man in chair with hand on his face

Anxiety in People with Type 1 & Type 2 Diabetes

Anxiety in people with diabetes may not be discussed very often, but research finds that it's very common.

Navigating Addiction While Living with Type 1 Diabetes

"Drugs have a way of making everything in your life take a backseat to them..." But what happens when Type 1 diabetes can't take a backseat?

The Impact of Insulin Rationing on Mental Health

Insulin rationing is an unfortunate reality for people with diabetes and the burden on mental health is something people with diabetes shouldn't have to bear.

Know the Signs: Eating Disorders + T1D

Having Type 1 diabetes is already difficult, and can be greatly exacerbated by an eating disorder, as Sara Mobäck discusses in this interview with BT1.

What is Diabetes Distress?

According to Dr. Lawrence Fisher, Research Director at the Behavioral Diabetes Institute (BDI), Diabetes Distress or “DD” refers to all the fears and worries that people with diabetes experience on a daily basis. Fear of complications or the fear of hypoglycemia are examples of the types of concerns that may cause DD.

Diabetes Burnout

Diabetes burnout is a state in which someone with diabetes grows tired of managing their condition, and then simply ignores it for a period of time, or worse, forever.