My T1D Valentine


I have Wild Berry Skittles, Target brand orange-flavored glucose tabs, paleo granola bars that I made myself, individually wrapped alcohol swabs, diabetic compression socks, and this pig in case I need to make insulin.

This Valentine’s Day date with my type 1 love is gonna be off the insulin syringe!

Dating a person with type 1 diabetes can be a bit of an endocrine dance, if you know what I mean.

They may get tired and fight with everything they have to stay awake and finish binge watching West World with you but their body is exhausted from several low blood sugar episodes that day.
They may have taken too much insulin that morning and can’t wait for that brunch with your mom at 11 a.m. to eat.
They may be out of insulin and you miss that movie while you wait at the pharmacy for insurance to approve an early refill.
They may have nothing you like to eat in their house cause they have mostly protein and vegetables and bulk fruit snacks.
They may wear a device on their body that your friends stare at and whisper questions to you.
But you may pause West World and help them up to bed, making plans to watch it tomorrow.
You may stop for a mini breakfast at the corner diner before that brunch and hold their hand while they eat waffles.
You may pay out of pocket for that insulin and go to a later movie, happy they have what they need.
You may change your entire diet and workout plan to support this person and become more healthy yourself.
You may kiss that device while they sleep, thankful it’s there, praying that one day your love won’t have to work so hard to be alive.
All of that sweet stuff may happen. Just remember to keep those glucose tabs in your car while you’re at it. Dating someone with a disability, even a cool one like type 1 diabetes (T1D), requires improvisation, patience and humor.
On Valentine’s Day, be prepared for treating a low blood sugar with that heart-shaped candy or skipping that dessert altogether cause they are running a little high. No matter what the date brings, you’ll never be out of something sweet.

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WRITTEN BY Angela Wing, POSTED 01/27/17, UPDATED 10/06/22

Angela Wing lives outside Chicago and has had type 1 since 1999, age 18. She is a single mom to two teenagers, has a cat that doesn't seem to like her, performs improv weekly in Chicago, and writes her little heart out hoping to make dolla bills. While she loves fruit snacks, she really wants a cure for type 1 (T1). Until that day, she will use it as a comedic tool and excuse to get out of speeding tickets.