Meet 2023 Diabetes Scholar Madison M


Beyond Type 1 is honored to highlight the 2023 Class of Diabetes Scholars, which make up our future doctors, nurses, policymakers, educators, pilots, athletes and more! 

Read this Q+A to get to know more about one of our 24 recipients this year and Madison’s aspirations and hopes for college.

What are you most looking forward to in college?

College is a new and exciting step in my life and I am most looking forward to making new experiences, meeting new people and gaining more independence. Being a part of a D1 track team will create new family and friends. 

I will be living on my own three hours away from my parents and twin brother who have been such a big part of my diabetic journey. This change will be hard but healthy, as it will force me to branch out and trust others to support me. 

How are you preparing yourself and your diabetes management for college?

Over the past year, I’ve taken 100% control with managing my type 1 diabetes. I bring in people when I need assistance, such as with changing my Dexcom sensor. But overall, I manage it at school, on the track and field and with friends. 

Developing relationships and having open communication with my teachers, counselor and track coach has been essential in helping me reach my goals academically and on the track. I’ve found that planning and preparing ahead of time for activities and exams allows me to better manage my diabetes. 

What advice do you have for future BT1 Scholars?

Even though diabetes is a big part of our lives, don’t let it define you. Continue pursuing your passions. Stay involved in things that you enjoy. Live your life. 

Yes, there will be some ups and downs along the way, but what I’ve found is that you aren’t alone on your type 1 diabetes journey. There are people and resources available to help you succeed! 

Everyday I say the words: I have faith in my abilities. This little phrase helps me realize my confidence in myself to help me push through tough times. 

We’re all very excited for these bright Scholars, so make sure to learn more about the rest of the class of 2023.

WRITTEN BY BT1 Editorial Team, POSTED 06/06/23, UPDATED 06/06/23

This piece was authored collaboratively by the Beyond Type 1 Editorial Team.